K-drama Grandma Kim Ji Young Passes Away From Cancer

There’s truly sad news to report today from K-ent as veteran actress and everyone’s favorite drama grandmother Kim Ji Young succumbed to cancer after a two year battle. Her family announced the passing at the age of 78 after an acting career that started in 1965. Even if international fans never knew her name she must be face that everyone who loves K-dramas would recognize. Her most memorable Hallyu drama roles include being Rain‘s grandma in Full House and her most recent role was guest starring in Let’s Fight Ghost last year in 2016. I’m so saddened by her passing but hope that it was peaceful and she lived a full and happy life as her acting career certainly left a mark on the world that will last beyond her death.


K-drama Grandma Kim Ji Young Passes Away From Cancer — 11 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m so shocked by this news! I am so sadden for the loss of this wonderful actress and her family and all the fans of kdramas. I know my mom will be very sad, too, because my mom thought Kim Jiyoung was hilarious in Full House. Rest in peace, halmoni! <3 <3 <3

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