Veteran Actor Kim Young Gun, Father of Ha Jung Woo, Sued by Girlfriend 39 Years Younger for Forcing Her to Have An Abortion

Dang, talk about spicy tea being spilled. Veteran Korean actor Kim Young Gun who at the hearty age of 76 years old will become a dad again. His girlfriend of 13 years together who is herself 39 years younger than Kim Young Gun, this week sued the actor for forcing her to have an abortion, and I don’t mean dragging her to the clinic physically but mentally pressuring her. She is due in November 2021 and does not want to abort the baby, having been with Kim Young Gun since she was 25 years old and now feels like she is ready to have a baby and being with him for 13 years. Kim Young Gun reportedly does not want the baby seeing as he is 76 years old and does not feel like he can provide the time to raise the child, but has now agreed to financially care for the baby and the baby mama going forward. His agency refuted the forced abortion claims and admitted Kim Young Gun was hesitant about being a dad again, but once he came clean to his two sons top actor Ha Jung Woo and director Cha Hyun Woo their response that this was a good news and happy event then he got their blessing and will welcome the arrival of the newborn with positivity.

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