Suzy in Talks for Netflix K-drama The Girl Downstairs Adapted from Popular Webtoon About an Idol and a College Student Romance

Is Suzy just playing herself here, heh! If so then there is plenty to look forward to for sure. Suzy is in talks for the Netflix drama The Girl Downstairs, which is adapted from a popular Naver webtoon titled Lee Du Na. The titular Lee Du Na is the center spot of an idol group who suddenly retires and started attending university. She moves into a shared house with that the male lead, a college student, lives in. She’s described as beautiful and charismatic with a unique personality and the male lead is a first year engineering student. The rest of the cast rounds out with other students around them and the webtoon writer mentioned that she’s into Choi Woo Shik lately so it’s unclear if that’s the male lead image she’s going for. The drama will be directed by the PD of Crash Landing on You and Romance is a Bonus Book.

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