Photogenic Cast and Sea Breeze Background for First Hospital Ship Drama Poster

I have solid if uninspiring hopes for upcoming MBC medical drama Hospital Ship, one that rises and falls but never falls through the hopeless trap door just yet. Unfortunately the dings are the cast members other than female lead Ha Ji Won along with medical dramas not being MBC’s forte, that would be where SBS has a nice foothold. But then I think, it’s not that hard to do a decent medical genre tale of growth and bonding as doctors in the field, and in this case doctors in the ocean. Male lead Kang Min Hyuk can either be wholly miscast in believability as a doctor and Ha Ji Won’s potential love interest, or he can turn the incongruity to his benefit and surprise us all. The first drama poster is out and is nicely framed with the doctor leads perched against the railing of their hospital ship, a moment of quiet time bonding. Continue reading