Lee Yu Ri Tells Lies of Lies to Become the Stepmother to Her Own Daughter in New Channel A Drama with Yeon Jung Hoon

My takeaways from the posters, stills, and synopsis for upcoming Channel A melodrama Lie of Lies is that it’s like a prison sentence in and of itself to marry into a chaebol family and lies beget more lies. K-actress Lee Yu Ri turns to the dark side for her own flesh and blood in Lies of Lies, playing a mother who has everything go wrong. She married a chaebol heir and is wrongly accused of killing him, and after coming out of prison she finds her daughter adopted by Yeon Jung Hoon‘s character who is dying of a terminal illness. She lies to become his wife so that she can become the stepmother to her own daughter. Talked about f*%ked up, and one wonders why these people cannot discuss these issues and find a mutually agreeable solution?! Anyways, this will be the second drama in a row following tvN drama Flower of Evil where one parent is lying up the wazoo. Those two poor kids, sigh, good for drama viewing, terrible for childhood development.

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