2017 Brand Awards Selects Top CF Stars Including Gong Yoo, BTS, and PD Na Young Suk Among Others

The Korean Advertising Association has weighed in again for it’s annual awards for the entertainers that were the most popular, i.e. helped sell the most goodies to ravenous consumers. The 2017 Korean Brand Awards will be going to boy group BTS for the singer category, variety PD Na Young Suk of Three Meals a Day, 1 Day 2 Nights, and Journey to the West in the director category, Gong Yoo in the male actor group, Lee Yu Ri in the female actress category, and screenwriter Kim Eun Hee of Signal for the screenwriters.

Gong Yoo and PD Na’s wins are to be expected and I don’t follow idols so I don’t know if BTS is the biggest group this year but I honestly get them all confused especially the B named ones including BtoB and Block B and B1A4. Lee Yu Ri was huge in 2014 after Come! Jang Bori but must be doing well this year with Father is Strange, and Kim Eun Hee’s win over Kim Eun Sook must make many dramas fans happy as Kim Eun Hee’s works are generally more critically acclaimed that Kim Eun Sook’s mass style.


2017 Brand Awards Selects Top CF Stars Including Gong Yoo, BTS, and PD Na Young Suk Among Others — 10 Comments

  1. BTS is incredibly popular, which is astonishing because they only debuted in 2013. Earlier this year, they even won a Billboard Music Award – the first in history for a kpop group. I’m very impressed by such a humble group of youngsters.

    • It’s not a surprise for a Kpop idol group to be at their peak of popularity 3-4 years after debut. The average life span for a decent idol group is around 7-8 years. Way to see how long their popularity can last. Just think about 2NE1 as an example!!!!!!! Being super popular doesn’t exempt a group from undesirable disband.

    • Oh, they’re definitely already big considering being a group coming from a non-Big3 company ~ they’ve already won some Daesangs, a Billboard, and have a massive social media & international fan base.. They are at their peak so to speak, but even other groups from non-Big3 companies debuted before them have not reached what they have now. That’s a very impressive feat imo and I heard SKorea only sat up and noticed them late last year~ 2017 is definitely their year. As for disbanding, only time will tell for sure

      • BTS’ achievement is not merely reached through their own sweat and talents. You can’t deny those big names of predecessors such as DBSK, Super Junior, Shinee, Girls Generation, 2NE1, Big Bang, EXO, and even other popular groups under smaller agencies such as Beast, INFINITE, Sistar, and VIXX have paved a successful path for a breakout group like BTS and made their idol career easier than their predecessors. BTS’ huge fandom is built upon existing Kpop fans for other groups such as Big Bang, BAP, EXO, and INFINITE etc and then spread. They step on their Kpop senior’s shoulders to build up the huge fame garnered through different generations of Kpop community, and in particular thanks to viral reaction vids created by popular Youtube channels that spread the names of younger groups including BTS and TWICE etc.

        Disclaimer: I’m an active Kpopper but not a fan of those popular groups under big 3, just stating some facts lest new kpop fans may overlook other idol groups’ contribution, take their biases’ popularity for granted, and exaggerate their talents and achievement.

      • BTS – bangtan – may not be the only huge group this year but the committee handling the awards must have also considered aspects like how the group’s behavior. BTS has shown exemplary behavior that a lot of the netizens are slowly noticing and appreciating. their fan base is also solidly strong.

        I agree with drama2017 that the new groups are enjoying easier success and recognition due to the past groups efforts.

  2. I didn’t see much of Gong Yoo when I visited Korea last month. All I saw are so many CF featuring Park Bo Gum . So it came as a surprise that I saw his name here instead of PBG.

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