C-netizens Abuzz with Fan Bing Bing and Leon Lai’s Horseback Sexy Times for C-movie Lady of the Dynasty

I love sharing pop culture from Asia when it dovetails perfectly in what I blog about and happens to be too hilarious not to share the lulz. The film gods smiled down on Chinese entertainment this week with the arrival of the biggest and brand spanking new Chinese buzz word of the summer so far in Horse Shaking (马震 ma zhen), a play on the Chinese slang for having sex in a car called Car Shaking (车震 che zhen). When I read the headlines I almost spit out my coffee, and then gleeful chortled along with everyone else.

When the final movie trailer was released this week for A-list Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing‘s big summer period movie Lady of the Dynasty, about the life of one of China’s four historical beauties Yang Guifei, all anyone could talk about is the scene in the trailer where her male lead Leon Lai‘s Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty has a fight and sex make up moment with his beloved Consort Yang. On the back of a thundering horse. It must be seen to be believed so check out all the handy gifs below. Bonus points for getting this past by the Chinese censors when Fan Bing Bing’s boobs all but caused a national hand-wringing crisis in C-drama Empress of China. Continue reading

White Vengeance with Leon Lai, Feng Shao Feng, and Crystal Liu Readies for Premiere with Kick-ass Trailer

Dayum, this movie looks goooooood. The upcoming period political-war-intrigue C-movie White Vengeance (Chinese title 鴻門宴 which translates as The Banquet at Hong Gate) finally released it’s official trailer (complete with official English subs, woo hoo) leading up to it’s end … Continue reading