White Vengeance with Leon Lai, Feng Shao Feng, and Crystal Liu Readies for Premiere with Kick-ass Trailer

Dayum, this movie looks goooooood. The upcoming period political-war-intrigue C-movie White Vengeance (Chinese title 鴻門宴 which translates as The Banquet at Hong Gate) finally released it’s official trailer (complete with official English subs, woo hoo) leading up to it’s end of November premiere. Starring Leon Lai as famed warlord General Liu Bang, Feng Shao Feng as his best friend-turned-rival also warlord General Xiang Yu, Crystal Liu in the history’s pretty wallflower role of Consort Yu, and Jordan Chan as Fan Kuai, plus loads of well known C-actors, this movie centers around the events leading up to the purported famed Banquet at Hong Gate which played a pivotal role in the Chu-Han Contention in Chinese history. Western Chu was led by Xiang Yu, while the Han leader was Liu Bang. Since the following dynasty was the Han Dynasty, it’s pretty clear who won the tussle. Like I said, the movie looks awesome cakes (check out trailer and stills below), and for some reason Feng Shao Feng as Xiang Yu is totally making me see him in a new light. Yummy. Continue reading