C-netizens Abuzz with Fan Bing Bing and Leon Lai’s Horseback Sexy Times for C-movie Lady of the Dynasty

I love sharing pop culture from Asia when it dovetails perfectly in what I blog about and happens to be too hilarious not to share the lulz. The film gods smiled down on Chinese entertainment this week with the arrival of the biggest and brand spanking new Chinese buzz word of the summer so far in Horse Shaking (马震 ma zhen), a play on the Chinese slang for having sex in a car called Car Shaking (车震 che zhen). When I read the headlines I almost spit out my coffee, and then gleeful chortled along with everyone else.

When the final movie trailer was released this week for A-list Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing‘s big summer period movie Lady of the Dynasty, about the life of one of China’s four historical beauties Yang Guifei, all anyone could talk about is the scene in the trailer where her male lead Leon Lai‘s Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty has a fight and sex make up moment with his beloved Consort Yang. On the back of a thundering horse. It must be seen to be believed so check out all the handy gifs below. Bonus points for getting this past by the Chinese censors when Fan Bing Bing’s boobs all but caused a national hand-wringing crisis in C-drama Empress of China.

Even funnier than all the memes sprouting up around the anatomically painful and acrobatically improbably Horse Shaking cinematic license is the response from Fan Bing Bing’s real life boyfriend C-actor Li Chen – when asked what he thought about Horse Shaking (ma zhen), he asked “Who is Mr. Ma Zhen?” LOL, since the phrase could be the name of a guy with the surname Ma. He later added that Ma Zhen could be his little brother as he is Bull Shaking (牛震 niu zhen), a play on his own nickname as the Big Black Bull and a super non-subtle staking the claim on his lovely girlfriend.


C-netizens Abuzz with Fan Bing Bing and Leon Lai’s Horseback Sexy Times for C-movie Lady of the Dynasty — 16 Comments

  1. I am totally surprised to see wu zun as one of the actor in the poster…haven’t been updated about him for a long time…so he’s the second male lead here? Leon lai…i used to love watching him in dramas when he was still young..his most memorable drama for me would be THE BREAKING POINT ….he looks so different right now..i don’t know why but fan bing bing looks a bit like ha ji won in that horse riding scebe.

  2. This is not sexy??? This doesn’t look sexy at all and she doesn’t look comfortable with it at all from those gifs.

  3. Agreed. With the king tearing some of her clothes off, this scene appears much more like a rape than consensual sex.:-/

  4. Forget about the rape part- won’t the actors become dizzy? I mean Lee Jun Ki had a horse riding accident and this was not even with a passenger.

    Wow, the poor actors. But have to say, I died laughing.

  5. i watched queen of china (just few episodes) since it like waiting for forever for subs. i just knew about fan bing bing since i dont follow china drama but what i must say, she is very very beautiful. is it her natural face? wow a pretty face with a talent, thats y she is known among the best actress in China. even i dun follow her drama n movie, but i found her to be very beautiful..

  6. Not suprising, most Fan Bing Bing’s films….having same….! Saying YES or NO….her SEX scenes(men on top…? It depends on…..! But..NO..NO!
    Nowaday, more and more…..FORGETING ‘original beauty faces’ of Asian!

  7. waaaaahh.. but the idea of ML On the back of a thundering horse is really something. did people in that era do it?? haha.. sorry for my stupid question but im kinda curious.. poor that girl. the gif looks sexy tho. real life? emm.. painful i guess.

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