China Central Television Calls Out C-actress Yuan Bing Yan by Name in Recent Article Discussing the Celebrity Tax Misconduct

So earlier chatter after the Yuan Bing Yan tax scandal in 2022 was that it was her company that she was a director in which was fined for tax evasion (around $150,000 USD) and not her personally, so she would likely be able to comeback. Then earlier in 2023 this year it was reported that her drama Love Never Fails with Liu Xue Yi would be airing later this year, leading credence that she was NOT cancelled. But after the Song Zu Er tax scandal two weeks ago which had amounts over $6 million USD, the tax authorities are reportedly undergoing another industry audit of celebs so this topic is front and center. China Central Television CCTV the official voice of the government had a news article on its website this week discussing the tax evasions and how it worked, calling out now cancelled stars Deng Lun and top web seller Viya by name for how they created fake companies and businesses and put their personal earnings through the entities to pay lower tazes. Both Deng Lun and Viya are mega cancelled. The article then named Yuan Bing Yan by name saying her tax scandal was having the company reimburse her personally for nonexistent expenses as a company employee and then the money was moved to her personal account. C-ent is now saying Yuan Bing Yan’s so-called hope for comeback has evaporated with this CCTV callout of her by name with more egregious tax cheats. She also has another drama The Emperor’s Love with Wallace Chung that will likely not air.

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Xianxia C-drama Love Never Fails Reportedly Gets Broadcast Permit Meaning Yuan Bing Yan May Not be Cancelled After Her Tax Scandal

First all, not all tax scandals are equal but most recent C-ent tax scandals have all been pretty big deal with equally big deal consequences. But it looks like C-actress Yuan Bing Yan may escape the cancellation of death for … Continue reading