Period C-drama In Blossom with Ju Jing Yi and Liu Xue Yi Reportedly to Air Drop Next Week on Youku

So this isn’t a big budget C-drama but is what I call mid-budget but these always have a shot at being a surprise small hit. Youku will reportedly air drop with zero promos the period C-drama In Blossom starring Ju Jing Yi and Liu Xue Yi next week, or maybe even a few days earlier than that. There have been a few posters and stills here and there released since the drama was filmed last year in 2023 so this drama hasn’t been on the shelf for long and feels like it’s one of those projects Youku will air hoping to recoup costs if not generate some buzz. Both leads have stable fan bases and after what Ju Jing Yi went through with the billing fight in her last drama Sword and Fairy I’m rooting for her to have a drama air smoothly and go do some promos with her male lead to support it.

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Xianxia C-drama Love Never Fails Reportedly Gets Broadcast Permit Meaning Yuan Bing Yan May Not be Cancelled After Her Tax Scandal

First all, not all tax scandals are equal but most recent C-ent tax scandals have all been pretty big deal with equally big deal consequences. But it looks like C-actress Yuan Bing Yan may escape the cancellation of death for … Continue reading