Character Posters of Tang Yan in Xianxia C-drama A Moment But Forever Opposite Liu Xue Yi

So I had no clue C-actress Tang Yan was coming back with a drama until I saw the Chinese Valentine’s Day posters for A Moment But Forever. She was one of the A-listers prior to her getting married and having a baby and not doing an acting project since The Legend of Xiao Chuo in 2020. Her acting has always been mid for me but she definitely has a style and vibe unique to her. For A Moment But Forever, her male lead is Liu Xue Yi with a supporting cast of Guo Xiaoting and Wang Hong Yi so not exactly a S-level production but with less expectation and more established leads hopefully it’s a xianxia story that doesn’t rely on too much magic and fate to deliver a strong central romance.

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Xianxia C-drama Love Never Fails Reportedly Gets Broadcast Permit Meaning Yuan Bing Yan May Not be Cancelled After Her Tax Scandal

First all, not all tax scandals are equal but most recent C-ent tax scandals have all been pretty big deal with equally big deal consequences. But it looks like C-actress Yuan Bing Yan may escape the cancellation of death for … Continue reading