Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran Meet Cute as Game Avatars in First Movie Trailer for Love O2O

A month after the television airing of the C-drama adaptation of One Smile is Very Alluring starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, the movie version hits the big screens on August 20th as the summer movie season starts to wind down. The movie version has the English title Love O2O with Jin Bo Ran and Angelababy as the leads, swapping up things after Jin Bo Ran and Zheng Shuang played the OTP in Love Through a Millennium, the C-drama version of Queen In Hyun’s Man. While the drama released a super romantic and cheesy cute first teaser with the two leads flirting in the rain, the movie’s first trailer played up the gaming aspect of the story, showing how the leads connect as their game avatars before falling for each other in real life. The movie actually looks effortlessly charming to me, and for whatever reason Angelababy and Jin Bo Ran have very good chemistry which goes a long way to sell a college romance. Continue reading