First Official Drama Stills for Red Sky Featuring Kim Yoo Jung as the Titular Joseon Painter Hong Chun Gi

SBS released the first official drama stills for upcoming sageuk romance Red Sky (Lovers of the Red Sky or Hong Chun Gi) this week and the first drop is of female lead Kim Yoo Jung in two different looks. She’s dressed as a Joseon woman in one look where she is painting and the other look is that of the official uniform of the Joseon era painter. Her character is named Hong Chun Gi which is the name of the novel title and a literal translation is Red Sky Rising or Red Sky Mystery so SBS calling the English title Red Sky is a riff off her name, but also male lead Ahn Hyo Seob is playing an astrologer who has a mysterious affliction and is blind and sometimes has red glowing eyes. The production also posted a picture at the wrap filming with the two leads surrounded by the hardworking cast and crew.

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