K-netizens Upset that the 2023 Seoul Drama Awards is Giving a Prize to C-drama Meet Yourself with Liu Yi Fei and Li Xian Which is Accused of Plagiarizing Hometown Cha Cha Cha

So I’ll leave it to viewers who have watched both dramas to make the objective assessment but a brouhaha is going on with K-netizens upset about what they consider a blatant case of plagiarizing. Modern C-drama Meet Yourself with Liu Yi Fei, Li Xian, and Zeng Shun Xi is getting an award at the upcoming Seoul Drama Awards and with this attention comes broader attention on the allegations that the drama copied popular K-drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha. From main lead set up to set design to character details, K-netizens have assembled a long list of same or similar elements. If Meet Yourself got a license as a remake that would be fine but it’s not a remake and the similarities while many isn’t a beat by beat replica. C-netizens are responding that it’s not that similar and the idea of a city working professional leading lady going to the countryside and meeting a local charming man is not all that unique.

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