Media Reports on jTBC Mid-year Slump with Underperforming Monthly House and Nevertheless, Look Towards Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol to Bring in Viewers with Arthouse Drama Human Disqualification

Having a track record of success does make one keep expecting it so cable network jTBC looks like it made two missteps that just happened to be airing at the same time but overall is still very strong. K-ent is reporting that the network started the year strong with ratings and critical acclaim in dramas Beyond Evil, Law School, and Undercover, all got over 5% ratings. But the currently airing Monthly House and Nevertheless are both underperforming by a lot, Monthly House is getting 2% and Nevertheless just 1% range. Critics says Monthly House is somewhat interest but not even plot development and the romantic loveline keeps going back and forth, plus it’s on opposing mega hit Hospital Playlist season 2 so audiences aren’t tuning in. Nevertheless the consensus is that the acting of both the male and female lead is not good, the subject matter is negative for the viewers, and the script is a hot mess. With that said, critics see strong dramas in the wings at jTBC for the latter part of the year including award winning actors and production team of Human Disqualification with Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol, the Lee Young Ae comeback drama Koo Young Ki, and dark thriller Sabotage City (Duke City) with Su Ae and Kim Kang Woo. Human Disqualification will be the first to arrive and it released a small teaser this week with the leads reading from the script against a spare white backdrop so it’s very mood setting for sure.

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