jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Monthly House with Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min Drops Classic Rom-com Promos

Well this is a breath of much needed air. Upcoming jTBC Wed-Thurs drama Monthly House was sailing on the side of my peripheral watch list but has scooted smack in the middle thanks to a slew of right up my alley promos. The teaser clinched it, so much rom-com perfection made even better thanks to leads Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min. Neither ever overacts and always seems really sensible in picking projects and roles so I feel a tad comforted this isn’t likely to go crazy in the second half. Bonus points for the fantastic Chae Jung Ahn also in the cast. The drama will take over for Law School in June and comes from the PD of Welcome to Waikiki, Man to Man, and Remember with the script by the screenwriter of A Poem a Day and Drinking Solo.

Teaser for Monthly House:


jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Monthly House with Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min Drops Classic Rom-com Promos — 15 Comments

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  2. The writer of a poem a day so this must be hella boring and the unknown female lead look so dull and non charismatic from the teaser

    • Uh, the female lead is anything but unknown. You must be new to Korean dramas. I suggest looking her up as she has a long list of dramas and films.

    • Poor at acting??? She is the one who won the full scholarship in highly respected and reputed university only because of her acting skills, you might have different definitions of acting, world doesn’t see that way, JSM is known for her acting ability since she started.

  3. Love Kim Ji Suk, Jung So Min, and the goddess Chae Jung Ahn . All are veteran actors with only good performances . Still remember Kim Ji Suk in Love in magic and X man , Jung So Min in Bad Guy with Kim NaM Gil … I’ll be there !

  4. Go Jung So Min. Hope she catches a break this time with MH. Her last drama Soul Mechanic didn’t do so well. Please movie gods that she will be cast in Wolf Hunt so she would reunite with her TSHLYE ML. Hoping for 3rd time lucky project together.

  5. JSM could make a cameo as Doom’s ex gf Grim Reaper from Abyss. It would be a hoot to see a 3 way catfight between DK, Sick Goddess & JSM’s bad ass GR slugging it out for Doom’s love. If the writing goes to hell ala KES style, might as well throw in some really memorable cameos. KJS is a douche bag in another drama too, can’t remember the name.

  6. @kitai, what do you expect when KES’ assistant writer copies her ex-boss’ writing style? Almost all KES’s dramas have terrible writing & cheesy dialogue. Some hit dramas are only saved by the A-list stars hard carrying the show e.g Goblin, Heirs, DOTS. Reminds me of TKEM-shudder.

  7. @kitai, have to agree with you. The writer is the weakest link here. Writing frustrates the hell out of me. The obtuse contract, the push & pull factor, the jarring off kilter tone, lack of lovable supporting cast that gel with the main plot. The separate love triangle for the 3 second leads seems shoehorned into the main drama. I’m just gonna hang in there for 2 more ep before I drop this. Feel sorry for the cast & crew. Potential waste of talent, budget & time.

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