Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk Confirmed for Romance K-drama Monthly House

I feel like this is a retread for female lead Jung So Min but with a different male lead and narrative circumstances it could be equally as winning as Because This is My First Life. The casting has been confirmed for jTBC romance Monthly House with Kim Ji Suk joining Jung So Min in a straight up cohabitation drama. He’s the home owner and she lives in the same house and romance ensues. I’m sure the end product is more substantive than this brief synopsis and the drama is from the screenwriter of A Poem a Day and Drinking Solo. Jung So Min is wonderful in quiet romances and Kim Ji Suk alternates even now between getting the girl and being the perpetually suffering second male lead, and this time he’s on the get the girl side so I’m in! The drama is currently scheduled for early 2021.


Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk Confirmed for Romance K-drama Monthly House — 9 Comments

  1. I love to watch Jung So Min. She brings so much warmth to her characters. It’s a treat, if it premiers in the beginning of the new year. When it’s cold outside she warms my heart even more 😉

  2. I dropped her last drama, the story was meh, but I really like her. I loved My Unfamiliar Family. KJS was so good in this role!

    So I’m happy with the casting!

  3. Another great pairing. Interesting side note – Kim Ji Suk is the second actor from Story J Company management agency to work with JSM. The first being the enigmatic Seo In Guk in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (though that was before the merging of BS with Jstars & People Story). I was hoping for a JSM-SIG reunion in a lighter drama with a happy ending seeing how well they cameo in Abyss. Coming back to Monthly House, it has a stellar cast, here’s hoping to a solid writing and directing as well.

  4. Kim Ji Suk is an actor that i like very much and he was so good in My unfamiliar family and many others drama . As Jung So Min she is underated . Not only she knows how to convey her emotions in her acting but she is pretty and charismatic too ! Both of them have always good chemistry with their partner .

  5. Interesting that the plot is similar to This is My First Life, but it will probably be different somehow. Fingers crossed!! Glad that they both get another chance to act together. In 2013, JSM & KJS were in the KBS drama special You Came to Me and Became a Star.

  6. If anything So Min’s at her best in romcoms. She’s cute and beautiful, has a good smile, tends to not overact cringy scenes and can convey her emotions.
    Funny thing is I dropped Fix You mainly because of that age difference but as for Kim Ji Suk, he’s okay. I liked My Unfamiliar Family

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