jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Monthly House with Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min Drops Classic Rom-com Promos

Well this is a breath of much needed air. Upcoming jTBC Wed-Thurs drama Monthly House was sailing on the side of my peripheral watch list but has scooted smack in the middle thanks to a slew of right up my alley promos. The teaser clinched it, so much rom-com perfection made even better thanks to leads Kim Ji Suk and Jung So Min. Neither ever overacts and always seems really sensible in picking projects and roles so I feel a tad comforted this isn’t likely to go crazy in the second half. Bonus points for the fantastic Chae Jung Ahn also in the cast. The drama will take over for Law School in June and comes from the PD of Welcome to Waikiki, Man to Man, and Remember with the script by the screenwriter of A Poem a Day and Drinking Solo.

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