Child Actress Oh Ji Yul Gets on K-netizens Radar With Her Beautiful Looks and Solid Acting in The Glory

While K-ent is talking about which of the two leads in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and The Glory will get the Best Actress Baeksang, child actress Oh Ji Yul has the luck to be in both dramas in her short debut year. She was little Woo Young Woo last year and this year is the daughter of the baddie Yeon Jin in The Glory. K-netizens have taken notice of her and think she has a shot of being the next IT girl child actor, even going so far as comparing her to Kim Yoo Jung in adorableness and potential, the IT girl actor everyone is held to. I didn’t notice Oh Ji Yul in Attorney Woo actually but totally took note of her in The Glory, she’s very eye catching and so far has solid screen presence and sparks of substantive acting depth.

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