Child Actress Oh Ji Yul Gets on K-netizens Radar With Her Beautiful Looks and Solid Acting in The Glory

While K-ent is talking about which of the two leads in Extraordinary Attorney Woo and The Glory will get the Best Actress Baeksang, child actress Oh Ji Yul has the luck to be in both dramas in her short debut year. She was little Woo Young Woo last year and this year is the daughter of the baddie Yeon Jin in The Glory. K-netizens have taken notice of her and think she has a shot of being the next IT girl child actor, even going so far as comparing her to Kim Yoo Jung in adorableness and potential, the IT girl actor everyone is held to. I didn’t notice Oh Ji Yul in Attorney Woo actually but totally took note of her in The Glory, she’s very eye catching and so far has solid screen presence and sparks of substantive acting depth.


Child Actress Oh Ji Yul Gets on K-netizens Radar With Her Beautiful Looks and Solid Acting in The Glory — 9 Comments

  1. I hate discussing about child actors because real childhood is already gone for them and a very, very rare few come out of the experience without damage.

    All I can say to this kid is good luck, I genuinely wish her well.

  2. I think they should let kid alone. First, her role wasn’t so difficult. She’s pretty but there will be the puberty and it will better if she can pass it without people focusing on her…

  3. I thought I was just becoming really sensitive or something, but I’m so glad the comments here are thinking the same thing I’m thinking, that it’s way too early for this “It” thing. I don’t know, I think saying that there’s an “It child actress” can encourage some intense competition among these child actresses, which I just don’t think is healthy. They’re children, leave them alone and let them enjoy acting for now.

    Also, I think we can appreciate the beauty of children in a non-creepy way, but this focus on her (or any child actress, for that matter) beauty doesn’t really sit right with me? Might give her the wrong idea that she’s valued the most for her looks. Look what’s happening with Jang Wonyoung now, everyone fawning SO DAMN MUCH over her for her looks, and now she possibly (emphasis on possibly because I don’t want to diagnose her) has an eating disorder and girl is too focused on looking cute and perfect. This is not me bashing her, I’m just saying too much focus on looks, especially on very young people, can result to sh¡t like that, so I wish they leave this kid alone. Just praise her acting and how adorable she is, and go.

    Sorry for the long rant, just want to get this off my chest

    • It’s understandable, no need to apologise. After all we have all seen so many kids by now be completely ruined by the horrors of the entertainment world. It only gets worse if adulthood hits and the promise that existed is no where near being fulfilled. The stress is insane.

      Tbh, I don’t care if my kid were the most talented ever to exist, they would not be touching acting and this world before adulthood and at least some maturity.

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