Rainbow Sweetheart with Jimmy Lin and Cherrie Ying to Premiere this Week in China

This coming week sees the premiere in China of Rainbow Sweetheart, the C-remake of My Girl from the producers of Hi My Sweetheart and Meteor Garden, starring Jimmy Lin and Cherrie Ying. During the promotional circuit this week, Jimmy has definitively announced that this is his last drama, and will henceforth only do movies if the right script come along. He’s got plenty of other business ventures and his race car driving hobby, so acting is now his side job. In honor of Jimmy “I Never Age” Lin’s last idol drama, I will force myself to watch at least an episode of RS.┬áThe reason I say force is because the trailer almost sent me running away screaming when it was first released earlier this year.

While MG is a sentimental guilty pleasure of mine, no one ever thinks it was a great script, resting solely on the charm of Lee Da Hae. In fact, Lee Dong Wook looked so constipated most of the time in that drama I was hoping he’d get smushed by a zamboni and Da Hae could get with my Jun Ki. Anyhoo, Cherrie is channeling the “overact like I have ants in my pants” routine for the better part of the trailer, so I don’t think I’ll be able to last through the entire drama. But for those Jimmy fans out there, this will be your last chance to see the man on the small screen. Continue reading