C-version of We Got Married Finalizes Star-studded Cast and Starts Filming

Three Up and Three Down (三上三下) is the most apt description for the final celebrity casting of the C-version of popular Korean variety show We Got Married, as the earlier leaks got three right and three wrong. Titled We are in Love (or Let’s Fall in Love), the C-version is produced in full conjunction with the original MBC production team and the biggest change is eliminating the show marriage and cohabitation element.

The show will instead follow three celebrity couplings on their dating (i.e. courting) process, with the caveat that all the participants must be single in real life and open to romance actually happening from the pretend dating process. The three up correct spoiler leaks for the casting are top model Liu Wen, C-actor Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang), C-actress Xu Lu. The rumored castings of Jerry Yan, Kris Wu, and Tang Yan didn’t pan out in the end. Instead the final three spots have been filled by Choi Siwon of Super Junior, TW-actress Ruby Lin, and C-actor Ren Zhong. Continue reading