OCN and jTBC Dramas Surpass Cable Leader tvN in Late Fall 2018 Ratings

Cable network tvN has been the ratings leader not just of its own paid competitors but doing even better than some prime time big three network dramas that it’s quite a surprise to suddenly see the smaller cable networks upping their game in such notable fashion. K-ent is writing about how the recent crop of cable dramas have flipped the ratings game, with jTBC dramas The Beauty Inside and OCN thrillers Player and The Guest doing excellent for cable ratings. Whereas tvN offerings are languishing compared to previous tvN ratings successes, from Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky,¬†Room Nine, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter, and the latest to premiere Top Star U-back. I did watch the jTBC and OCN dramas mentioned religiously and found myself uninterested or watching when bored the above tvN dramas but whether my anecdotal tastes just happen to align with the ratings or its a coincidence, I fully expect in two weeks for tvN to surge back to the lead when it premieres highly anticipated dramas¬†Memories of Alhambra and Boyfriend. Continue reading