Former EXO Member Kris is the Leading Man for C-movie Somewhere Only We Know

I don’t know if the loss of one member from the dozen member boy idol group EXO has ended up making a difference in musical output or fan affection, but the departing member Kris has certainly moved on. The leader of the sub-unit EXO-M, Kris now officially goes by his full Chinese name Wu Yi Fan for his Chinese entertainment industry foray but I’m partial to just calling him Kris. I heard fandom is split with angry fans insisting he had to go by Wu Yi Fan now since his leaving EXO somehow strips him of the English name Kris. Weird. He’s in the headlines again in all the Chinese entertainment news sites for being cast as the leading man in the upcoming romance C-movie Somewhere Only We Know (有一个地方只有我们知道). I already have a soft spot for it because it’s the same title as the Keane song. This movie is getting buzz not just from the casting of Kris as the lead, it’s also the follow up directorial work of super popular actress-director Xu Jinglei since she directed her last hit movie Go Lala Go! (杜拉拉升职记). Somewhere Only We Know is currently being filmed in Prague with a main cast of Kris, Wang Li Kun, Zhang Cao, and Re Yi Zha. The plot involves the leading lady played by Wang Li Kun who travels to Prague to get over a failed relationship and the death of her beloved grandmother. She meets cute with Kris in the picturesque city and through their romance also uncovers a parallel love story involving her grandmother decades ago when she was the same age. The second leads play the younger versions of the past romance and the movie will have two love stories unfolding in tandem onscreen. Kris getting a movie leading man gig is sure to get angry EXO fans panties in a wad but who know’s, maybe acting has always been his calling. He certainly looks good in a tux but the jury’s out on whether he can act until the movie premieres for Valentine’s Day 2015. Continue reading