Supporting Actor Son Deok Ho Dropped From Drama After Reveal that He was One Who Paid for Fake Epilepsy Diagnosis to Avoid Military Service in the Currently Large Scale Investigation

Well that’s a promising acting career likely tanked permanently. Two weeks ago K-ent was sent into a tizzy with news that the SK government was investigating a large scale military service exemption fraud involving fake medical diagnoses of epilepsy. Word was entertainers was part of the group that was being investigated as having paid a broker for this, call this the SK equivalent of Operation Varsity Blues from 2019. Anyhoo, the first star name to be revealed came today with confirmation that supporting actor Son Deok Ho from Cheer Up, D.P., Link: Eat, Love, Kill, and over a dozen dramas and three movies was one of those who fraudulently paid a broker to get him out of mandatory service. He’s now been dropped from a currently airing drama and likely will not get any future work in the industry as draft dodging is one of K-netizens most no-no conducts.

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