Supporting Actor Son Deok Ho Dropped From Drama After Reveal that He was One Who Paid for Fake Epilepsy Diagnosis to Avoid Military Service in the Currently Large Scale Investigation

Well that’s a promising acting career likely tanked permanently. Two weeks ago K-ent was sent into a tizzy with news that the SK government was investigating a large scale military service exemption fraud involving fake medical diagnoses of epilepsy. Word was entertainers was part of the group that was being investigated as having paid a broker for this, call this the SK equivalent of Operation Varsity Blues from 2019. Anyhoo, the first star name to be revealed came today with confirmation that supporting actor Son Deok Ho from Cheer Up, D.P., Link: Eat, Love, Kill, and over a dozen dramas and three movies was one of those who fraudulently paid a broker to get him out of mandatory service. He’s now been dropped from a currently airing drama and likely will not get any future work in the industry as draft dodging is one of K-netizens most no-no conducts.


Supporting Actor Son Deok Ho Dropped From Drama After Reveal that He was One Who Paid for Fake Epilepsy Diagnosis to Avoid Military Service in the Currently Large Scale Investigation — 13 Comments

  1. I may be wrong but in the past , didn’t Song Seung Hun try to evade MS , Park hae Jin for depression which i perfectly understand but i don’t think that a lot of young men suffering from it could be exempted , Seo In Guk, others for lack of education ( if they are smart enough to act, direct movies , they are fit to MS), and they still working .

    • Park Hae Jin was exempted from military service when he was still a non-celebrity, so at the very least his case wasn’t the result of a celebrity perk. SSH eventually served, people usually quiet down after that. Even Psy doesn’t get much heat now for having to do his military service 2x because, well, he actually did it.

    • Seo In Guk’s case is different. He went but they sent him back because of his ankle. He didn’t try to dodge it.

      Jank Hyuk did try to escape it but had to do it.

    • Seo In Guk was already serving in the military before the military doctors and admin side discharged him. He tried in vain to get back in after months of examinations from different hospitals which produced the same result. There was a video of him which I saw in Twitter on his enlistment day hugging his crying mum and sis, various friends, bro-in-law holding his baby niece saying goodbye to him at the camp. Haters spreading misinformation/disinformation is dangerous. Repeated enough over time becomes fact which is sad for those who are innocent.

      • The thing here is he knows he has osteochondritis but he didn’t declare it. While he used it as reason to delay his MS IN 2015, he didn’t declare that during his Physical examination in 2017 that he was previously seen with osteochondreal lesions. It was during training when an officer asked if there were people not feeling good and raised hand saying his ankle hurts. That’s when it was discovered he has a bone disease…reason for his exemption. He only served DAYS not even a week after lol. This is where he got backlash. He knew he has it, but didn’t declare it. Hence, knets accused him of doing it on purpose to avoid MS.
        His agency claimed they applied again, but how will you rebuke the exemption when it has alrdy been given to him? If he rly wanted to, he could have just applied for a public service like Jung Il Woo, Lee Min Ho and Kyuhyun.
        Only he knows the truth if he rly did it on purpose or not and this issue will always haunt him for sure.

  2. He didn’t try to avoid military service–he tried to get exempt from active training i.e. becoming a public service worker instead. I know this doesn’t change things, but that’s what was reported.

  3. I never understood the point of this military service and in private, you will hear a very different talk from Korean men than what they say in public.

    • I think the issue with the military constription in Korea is due to the threat of North Korea. North has twice the number of active soldiers everytime. So they need their men to have the capability of being prepared for battle if ever Kim JungUn goes total insane and declare all out war…

      But they do have a big problem with bullying and hazing that needs to be addressed.

      I do respect artists that go out of their way to serve. Taecyeon renounced his american citizenship to serve in active duty, same with Pianist Yiruma who also renounced his British citizenship.
      but they probably be afraid to go the route of Yoo Yoo Seungjun who dodge his and now is forever ban from entering korea, even with all his hoopla of crying and PR stunts…

    • Korea is not the only one. Swiss men have to do their military service too. But the duration is shorter, you can do once during one year or several times for months.

      • That’s the point. You do not lose so much time of your life. Six months to a year is enough for basic training. There are other countries where this exists. The rest is nonsense. Professional army would fight that war (that will hopefully never happen).

        Anyway, will they ever go looking if the sons of the extra rich go? Right.

  4. I understand the MS in Skorea because of the threat of North korea . Until this day , a peace treaty was never signed, so technically the 2 countries are still in war . We western europeans tend to forget it , but it’s a situation that concern all of us . See how the conflicts all over the world are impacting everyone . It can’t be taken lightly . So about Seo In Guk or Park hae Jin , i’m not judging them , i like their acting but i think that non celebrites even with medical issues have to go . Remember Military Prosecutor Doberman drama

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