iQiyi Announces December 15th Premiere of Xianxia Drama Song of the Moon with Zhang Bin Bin and Xu Lu

There will be one more xianxia C-drama to arrive before year end, maybe another one but for viewers will have a new one to munch on heading into the holiday stretch. iQiyi announced earlier this week the premiere of later in the week on December 15th the xianxia romance Song of the Moon with Zhang Bin Bin (VIn Zhang) and Xu Lu. I watched the preview and found it unexpectedly comedic and the two leads showed good chemistry even if normally I don’t get the urge to watch their dramas. The story is your usual love crossed former life couple still dealing with the machinations of the immortal realm in this lifetime stuff so it’s really whether on the execution and if the two leads make it worthwhile to add another fairly standard xianxia story to this genre.

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