Taecyeon Offered Male Lead in Streaming K-drama Taereung Zombie Center Adapted From Webtoon

Man, the zombie genre has become likes the zombies themselves, spawning and unable to be killed. It helps sustain the genre when there are always a hit to be mined from time to time and the most recent zombie outbreak at a school Netflix drama All of Us are Dead confirms it. Now Taecyeon is in talks to star in the K-drama Taereung Zombie Center adapted from a popular webtoon. Like the title suggests, zombies are involved as national level athletes training for the Olympics living in a South Korean government training facility encounter a zombie outbreak. They fight back to stay alive and protect their loved ones. At least these guys are stronger/faster/have skills more than your average Joe or Jane but once again you’ve seen one zombie flick it’s always the same storylines recycled.

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