The Glory Leads the Current Audience Poll for Best Drama of 2023 Followed by Taxi Driver 2, Moving, Revenant, and The Good Bad Mother

So it’s nice to do a check in on how the K-dramas of 2023 have been so far. There has been quite a few hits in ratings and buzz but in terms of post airing long term quality and recommendation potential a few titles keep repeating in audience lists. The first by the wide margin is The Glory, which premiered Part 1 on the last day of 2022 and then Part 2 in March so it’s for sure a 2023 drama. After The Glory, these four dramas keep making the list and cropping up on worth watching commentary – Taxi Driver 2, Moving (midway through airing), The Good Bad Mother, and Revenant. This is a solid list actually though Moving could collapse at the end with no mention of trendy dramas during its airing like Crash Course in Romance or King the Land. If you’re bored during the end of summer lull here’s five good recs across genres to binge watch.

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Wed-Thurs Drama The Good Bad Mother with Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun Doubles in Ratings to 7.033% in 4 Episodes Notching Another Hit for jTBC

I was just writing about weekend jTBC drama Doctor Cha which has broken 13% ratings and is a massive hit for the cable network with many more episodes left. Then I looked over and the same network has another hit … Continue reading