Filming Transitions to Modern Times for C-drama The King of Blaze with Bolin Chen and Jing Tian

Filming on the C-drama adaptation of Taiwanese manhua The King of Blaze (Fire King) is moving along swiftly, and like the narrative of the original story which spanned both ancient times and modern era, the production has now smoothly segued the leads. Starring Bolin Chen and Jing Tian, both of whom are marvelously cast in terms of looks and onscreen charisma, the drama released period stills last month showing the cast in their historical era incarnations. Now comes the modern era looks that just screams even more smexy from Bolin playing the titular King of Blaze while Jing Tian is fresh and fierce. The only missing look is from the leads in their fantasy dawn of time incarnations as the God of Fire for Bolin and Jing Tian as the God of Wind. Continue reading