First Stills from Fantasy Period C-drama The King of Blaze with Bolin Chen and Jing Tian

I appreciate that Chinese entertainment has the production scale to tackle period dramas and movies and make it look plausible. That doesn’t solve the problem of bad scripts and uneven directing but the set pieces and scale size are there so there is always the hope of making a good drama that also doesn’t cut corners on visuals. Upcoming fantasy period C-drama The King of Blaze (Fire King) based on the same name Taiwanese fantasy romance manhua from the 1990’s has started filming right after casting was announced of big name leads Bolin Chen and Jing Tian.

When I first read Bride of the Water God it actually reminded me of The King of Blaze (which came first) in that it dealt with the loves and lives of ancient godly beings who control various elements such as water, fire, and air. Bolin plays the titular King of Blaze and Jing Tian is the Goddess of Air, and their is a love story that spans different reincarnations, in the in original manhua even a gender switch. I don’t know how the C-drama script will play out but Bolin looks incredibly gorgeous in period costume and that’s enough for me!


First Stills from Fantasy Period C-drama The King of Blaze with Bolin Chen and Jing Tian — 8 Comments

  1. Chen Bo Lin!!! Yeah..will definitely watch it. I wonder why he chose this drama or role as he dislikes pretty boy roles.

  2. Love love love Chen Bolin. He should be a bigger star! i also adore Jing Tian so this drama is yes for me. I hope this is a big success for both of them.

    • @ Xbutterfly:

      Yes. He does look 10 years younger like you said. He looks better in ancient costumes to me. I’m looking forward to this project.

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