Bolin Chen and Jing Tian Filming Press Conference for Fantasy C-drama The King of Blaze

There are few actors or actresses that’s a sure thing to watch and Bolin Chen is on that short list for me. His intensity in performance is always a pleasure even in the most uninspiring of fare, and most of the time he picks wisely in projects that have a story worth telling. His return to drama land for the first time in 6 years sine he did the award winning TW-drama In Time With You will hopefully continue his streak of picking good projects.

He’s chosen the fantasy C-drama The King of Blaze (Fire King) adapted from a popular Taiwan manga in the early 1990’s. The King of Blaze is actually the second in the manga series The Seven Mirror Stories by author You Su Lan, the first being The Melancholic Princess. The series is about the 7 universe forming gods and their reincarnated love and lives. The King of Blaze centers specifically on the Fire God Chong Tian and the Wind God Chien Mei, and in the drama will be played by Bolin and C-actress Jing Tian. They look well matched at this weekend’s press conference to kick off filming. Continue reading