C-drama Has the First Big Hit of 2023 with Gritty Police and Crime Drama The Knockout with 9.1 on Douban and Insane Viewership Numbers on iQiyi

The title of the C-drama couldn’t be more apt and a big kudos to the production and cast of modern police and crime thriller The Knockout for being the first hit of 2023. I don’t think international viewers of C-dramas have paid attention or noticed this drama but since its premiere two weeks ago on January 14th it’s been THE talk of the town. It got a nice boost with lunar new year on top of great reviews and burgeoning word of mouth. The drama currently has 9.1 on Douban and streaming platform iQiyi even mentioned it during its earning call this week for why the platform is doing so well to start off the year. The preview reminds me of a cross between Infernal Affairs, Black and White, Cruel City, and Beyond Evil but without the serial killer. Not sure I’m in the mood for this but it’s definitely worth a post to discuss the runaway success of this drama without the usual pretty face trendy names from C-ent.

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