Manhole Premieres at the Bottom in Lackluster Wed-Thurs Drama Offerings

It’s new drama Wednesday as KBS premieres the time-traveling wacky romance Manhole (Wonderland’s Feel or Feels So Good) taking over from the teary intense sageuk Seven Days Queen. Opposite the already airing The Man Who Dies to Live and Reunited Worlds, Manhole’s episode 1 ratings are so low it might as well crawl back inside the proverbial manhole. Episode 1 got 3.1% AGB ratings, and the only consolation is that the other competitors aren’t doing too hot either. The Man Who Dies to Live continues to the lead the time slot coming in at 8.0% for episode 13 and 11.2% for episode 14, while Reunited Worlds remained steady in the middle with 5.5% and 6.5% for the latest episodes. At this point Manhole might just try out the so bad it’s good strategy and hook viewers with the buzz, reportedly the first episode was choppy but had some chuckles. Continue reading

International Viewers Upset Over Depiction of Middle Eastern Culture and Muslim Faith in MBC Drama The Man Who Dies to Live

Holy epic fail on the part of MBC with it’s latest Wed-Thurs offering The Man Who Dies to Live, a drama I wasn’t even planning on watching until the uproar over the first two episodes elevated interest. Now I still … Continue reading