Protect the Boss Releases Cute Teaser Trailer

SBS’s upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Protect the Boss with Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee has been completely flying under my radar. I like Ji Sung and have never watched a Choi Kang Hee drama before, so this casting didn’t get my interest up. Second leads Hero Jaejoong (formerly of DBSK and now JYJ fame) and Wang Ji Hye are interesting picks but not enough to get me salivating over this drama.

Until I watched the first teaser trailer (linked below). OMG, it’s so hilariously adorable. Just the same cheeky vibe I got from the Spy Myung Wol trailer but the drama didn’t end up delivering. Since I’m not watching City Hunter, I’m now counting the days until CH ends so I can check out PTB.

 Protect the Boss is about a formerly delinquent young woman (Choi Kang Hee) who finally lands a decent job as the secretary/bodyguard for an irresponsible and immature chaebol heir (Ji Sung), whose capable cousin (Jaejoong) is plotting to wrestle control of the family fortune. Wang Ji Hye plays the family lawyer who is also wealthy and competent in her own right.

A few dramas that I have end up enjoying were ones that didn’t interest me in the beginning. Ji Sung is actually better when he’s playing funny (as opposed to serious mopey), and his turn in New Heart is still my all-time favorite performance from him, and my favorite medical K-drama bar none. Looking forward to PTB!

Teaser for Protect the Boss:

This is a question for DBSK/JYJ fans – can Jaejoong act? I know he was in Heaven’s Postman and Sunao ni Narenakute, but I’ve seen neither. My track record with the DBSK boys have been very negative, ranging from poke-my-eyes-out bad (Yunho and Changmin) to bearable but not my cup of tea (Yoochun). I love the boys, don’t get me wrong, but it’s as singers and performers. Let me know if I should adjust my expectations with Jaejoong, okay?


Protect the Boss Releases Cute Teaser Trailer — 27 Comments

  1. About JaeJoong, if you watch Heaven’s Postman, you’ll see that he’s a natural. I couldn’t finish watching the Japanese drama because I didn’t like the story, thought I tried a few times.

  2. Me too!!!
    I only watched Ji Sung in New Heart and he is such lovable cutey that’s so full of heart.
    Been wanting to catch him in Royal family but weren’t attracted to the storyline, though I heard it’s quite decent.

  3. hello,
    thanks for the trailer
    after watching the trailer, seems like a cartoon for me which i’m not fan but i’m gonna watch it anyway, give the show a chance….
    I already can’t stand the CKH haircut…..I know it’s totally “n’importe quoi” BUT I already had this syndrom before

  4. I’ve never seen Younho act, but I would put Jaejoong at about Yoochun’s level. I liked him in Heaven’s Postman. Changmin…he’s adorable but should stick to singing. Although I liked him better than Lee Yeon-hee in Paradise Ranch. ~shudder~

  5. I watched Sunao ni Narenakute (of coz for my Juri and Eita OTP) and hmm, personally I am not too impressed by Jaejoong… Sure the script of the dorama was disastrous and perhaps that was part of the reason too but I found his acting a bit dull. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Looks so cute.
    I thought this drama sounded really boring and didn’t expect to like it, but after seeing the trailer… I love it 😀

  7. Heaven’s Postman was terrific. Jaejoong really surprised me with his ability in that movie. The whole concept was well thought out and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you watch it.

  8. Mrs Koala,

    I’m not too reliable on DBSK’s acting skills, because I’ve only seen Yunho and Micky’s kissing scenes. ^^ And they were, ahem, pretty decent ^^, waaay more convincing than so many other Korean actors.

  9. i <3 the trailer! i can't wait to watch this, but then that means that CH is really ending next week. hmmm.

    i'm a simple fan of DBSK and i have to be honest that i've seen of their acting forms except for junsu's theatre performance – would have to say that JYJ has the better unit, acting and singing combined.

    jaejoong surprised me in heaven's post too, i think that with this vehicle and the actors in it – he'll surprise you. just don't expect him to be kang ji hwan or anything. ^^

  10. I have a huge crush on Jaejoong. I’ve even watched Heaven’s Postman because of him. lol But even though I like him that much, I think his acting is kinda lacking. :/ But who knows, he might’ve improved or something.

    Don’t hate me for my comment guys… ^^

    • I agreed with you that his acting is rather green.. but I think he did a decent job in Heaven’s Postman… I was actually surprised that I really enjoyed his charisma in HP. I can see his potential and hope he does good in this drama.

      • Charisma, yes… he have too much of that. It’s overflowing. lol But acting-wise, there’s still so much room for improvement. ^^

  11. Looks so cute. I’ll probably check it out and see if I like it.

    I haven’t started any new kdramas yet so I’m bummed to hear about Eric’s drama.

    BTW, City hunter is good imho. 🙂

  12. He was good in Sunao, I think he held his own to Eita, Juri and Tetsuji who are are very good actors. The story though was super bad, Asano Taeko seriously needs to take a brake and create something new and fresh.

    It looks adorable <3

  13. I am sooo looking forward to this since I’ve loved Ji Sung since Save the Last Dance for Me. I liked him in New Heart too. I just like him in a comedic sort of role. However, I have kept my expectations low. Don’t want to be disappointed since I definitely looking forward to this much more than Eric’s spy series.

    Ms. Koala – in terms of Jaejoong’s acting, I think you should lower any & all expectations that way you might be surprised. 🙂 I don’t think he’s anywhere near as bad as Changmin (haven’t seen Yunho). He’s reasonably comparable to Yoochun. I’m no real fan but I do think they all are excellent singers and performers. With that said, their acting just leaves something to be desired. I’m still hopeful that this is the right character for him… and that he can really surprise me.

    • “lower any & all expectations”
      I think it should be a RULE in watching all dramas that has idols in it. cause as lovedramas mentioned maybe in the end ” you might be surprised”.

      with most K-idols doing acting I really have so much reservations, I haven’t seen an Idol that really stood out in the drama department, well that is speaking about this generation of K-idols.
      I for one, believe that some K-Idols have proven themselves worthy to jump to the ACTORdom career, namely Yoon EunHye, Moon Eric, Yoon Kye Sang. but as for this generation, I haven’t seen an idol that really stands out like their sunbaes.
      though I love Hyunjoong (I am pretty BIAS about him, so I have no objectivity, cause I just love everything and anything Hyunjoong). But I also think he is a long, long, Loooooong (as in LOOOOooooooNnngggggg) way from being accepted as an actor. I think he needs more maturity and a LOT of acting classes, tons of acting classes and really good acting coaches….

      as for the DBSK boys, YunHo’s drama, Heading to the ground, was pretty boring, I fast forwarded more times than I watched.
      as for ChangMin, though he is a darling, I stopped watching at episode4 of Paradise Ranch just because the story was too boring and the chemistry was sorely lacking. and i think it was all due to him, cause I have seen the lead actress in other drama’s in other dramas/movies and she was pretty decent.
      With Yoochun, i think he was okay with SS but in Miss Ripley, I have to say that he held his own going up against K-actor giants Lee dal Hee, Kim Seung Woo & Kang Hye Jung.
      as for JaeJoong, the only acting I saw him in, was their (DBSK’s) mini-movie/series Vacation, and he was pretty bad. I don’t know how he is now but I hope and pray for the drama Gods that he is at the same level as his JYJ members than that of the remaining 2 DBSK boys.

  14. Just curious dear,
    have you seen K White Tower?

    Jaejoong is decent. Heaven’s Postman is not my thing, but I stuck till the end of Sunao, the fact he can reign in his idolprince persona and make his doctor a bit dull and wallflower, I’m impressed enough. imo he’s not as effortlessly talented as YooChun in acting. (not saying YooChun didn’t put in effort)

  15. Bwahahaa, Jaejoong standing off to the side looking all….Jaejoong is cracking me up. It looks like they could have photoshopped him in from any of his CF’s or album pics.

  16. I am a huuuuuge Jaejoong fan.. but I would advise you to lower your expectations to minimum because he is not an actor. I am prepared to fawn over him just because he is JJ but acting wise I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

  17. I think JaeJoong is a decent actor. I mean he still has that cool guy vibe so he’s somewhat dull at times in The Heaven’s Postman, but he’s pretty decent 🙂

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