Birth of a Beauty Reveals Post-Makeover Posters and Third Funny Teaser

So far I like what I see from the new SBS weekend drama Birth of a Beauty, but the very premise of this drama has me going in with a giant dose of wary. The official posters are out along with a third most substantive preview showing how Joo Sang Wook‘s heartbroken mad-man chaebol transforms conventionally unattractive ahjumma played by comedic gag woman Ha Jae Seok into the slyph-like modern beauty that is Han Ye Seul.

I really really wish the drama put Han Ye Seul in a fat costume, as visually silly as it usually looks, I hate even more having another actress in the “ugly pre” section before morphing into the “pretty after” phase, implying that a woman with Ha Jae Seok’s physical features is never ever going to get a good looking man to like her unless she looks like Han Ye Seul. I know this is dramatic license and this drama plays it so broadly, which helps it go down, but the very implication is one I dislike immensely. On the upside everything looks funny…once one stops over-thinking it.

Ha Jae Seok plays Sa Geum Ran while Han Ye Seul is the post surgical version that is calling herself Sara. While Joo Sang Wook’s Han Tae Hee is doing this to get back his lost love played by Wang Ji Hye who is being wooed by Jung Kyu Woon‘s character Lee Kang Joon, looks like it’ll be a foursquare as Sara is doing this because she was hurt by Kang Joon in the past. The third teaser really is hilarious and the chemistry popping so here’s hoping the premise¬†doesn’t bug me as much once I start watching.

3rd teaser for Birth of a Beauty:


Birth of a Beauty Reveals Post-Makeover Posters and Third Funny Teaser — 13 Comments

  1. While part of me knows that the premise is all kinds of wrong, the cynic in me also says that the real world doesn’t work all that differently… Ha Jae Suk would definitely be able to get a man IRL, but would she get Joo Sang Wook or Jung Kyu Woon? Then again, dramas are supposed to be fantasy anyways so maybe we should just stick to idealized views of male/female interactions.

    Anyhoo, the teasers are cute. I’m a sucker for ‘let’s use each other to get what we think we want and figure out what we really need in the process”.

  2. Granted that the media/advertisement or dramas like this reinforced stereotypes or lowered some women’s self-esteem…. but I’m gonna relax, sit back and enjoy the funnies… cos i know beauty is the eye of beholder.. cliche but it’s true.. too tired to elaborate or give examples.. anyways,looking forward to watch HYS and JSW!

  3. I have to agree w/ Koala’s regarding the pre and post. It would have been better if they had used HSY for both the pre and post. Using a different actress for the pre-transformation would make viewer’s or society consider her to be “undesirable”. This kind of show plays into the insecurities of females, and very shallow.

    • Agreed.

      While I think staying fit and being in shape is important for health reasons, that’s not to say that beauty should conform to a certain standard which states that HSY fits it and the other actress does not.

      Fat suits look pretty realistic also, so I don’t really get the change of actresses unless they’re dead ringers….

  4. I heard JKW cheated on HYS (who was her husband) with WJH and so she join forces with JSW who was heartbroken by WJH to take revenge on them. Sounds complicated enough, but since it’s JSW, I’m thinking it’s gonna be damn hilarious. I’m in love with his crazy laugh…

  5. Aww… but from watching the teaser, I really felt HYS’s character’s heart break when she saw her hubby cheating.


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