C-netizens Revive the Long Acknowledged Rumored First Love Relationship of Yang Yang and Li Qin Over a Decade Ago in New Pics of Fresh Faced Couple

It’s fun to look at childhood/younger pictures especially of stars that have a certain look now and folks may not be aware of their much early debut vibes. This week Yang Yang and Li Qin are in the news together thanks to C-netizens circulating and reviving the long ago rumored relationship between the two. They worked together in the 2010 adaptation of Dream of the Red Chamber when he was 19 and she was 18 and reportedly it was love at first sight and the two became openly on set a couple and it was kinda an open secret with the press as well. But like first loves are wont to happen, growing up and a growing career got in the way and the two split. Reportedly it was due to Li Qin being a bigger star and Yang Yang not feeling sidelined but of course 13 years later it’s the opposite status with their careers.

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C-drama Thousand Years for You Wraps Run with 6.3 Ratings on Douban and Complaints About Ending and In-fighting Between Fandom of Leads Allen Ren and Li Qin

The real life shenanigans around this C-drama is better than anything seen on the reel screen, the drama is just THAT BAD. Fantasy period romance Thousand Years for You is a dog of first order, so bad from beginning to … Continue reading

C-drama Thousand Years for You Falls Flat with Allen Ren as a Dull Male Lead and Li Qin Abrasive as the Annoying Female Lead

Man, I wanted to love this drama so bad, partly from the still lingering good will towards Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun) for The Blue Whisper and also because I’m still on a C-drama binge. Thousand Years for You had … Continue reading

iQiyi Abruptly Announces Premiere of Republican Era Romance drama Thousand Years for You with Allen Ren and Li Qin Today on September 15th

Sudden drama drop alert! Chinese streaming platform iQiyi announced the day of that Republican era C-drama Thousand Years for You (Please, My Lord) will be released today on September 15th. Starring Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun) and Li Qin spanning … Continue reading

First Teaser for Allen Ren and Li Qin’s Xianxia Meets Republican Era Romance Thousand Years for You Checks All My Likes

Holy, this sounds like a fanfic made solely for all my C-drama kinks because the stuff I don’t like much are minimized and the stuff I love are maximized. The first teaser video is out for upcoming xianxia meets Republican … Continue reading

C-ent Reportedly Planning First Dual Female Lead Period Drama Starring Yang Zi and Li Qin as the Gender Swapped Counterpart to Two Male Lead Dramas Like Word of Honor and The Untamed

So this could either be a big hit or a hot mess, but more from the fandom side then the drama actually being bad. C-ent is reporting a big potential casting news this week, the first ever dual female lead … Continue reading

Makeup Artist to Top C-actresses Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan and Many More is Famous in His Own Right

If the C-actresses are dressing way better than their K-counterparts on the red carpet, more diverse and experimental, they are also looking better makeup wise with rarely any overly BB-creamed face. K-actresses are so foundationally shellacked it detracts from the … Continue reading

Striking Sideways Posters for Upcoming Period C-drama Princess Agents with Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin

New and dramatically sideways drama posters for upcoming big budget period C-drama Princess Agents has me mildly hopeful I can find a new C-drama worth watching. Can’t say I love either leads Zhao Li Ying or Lin Geng Xin but … Continue reading