Cast of Wok of Love Plate Up Playful Chemistry for Drama Press Conference

The cast of upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) is not greasy in the least despite what the Korean title calls it, though I am gearing up for there to to a dish of romance as foreshadowed by calling it melo. Starring Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo Won and Junho, the drama follows a small Chinese restaurant in a little neighborhood filled with eccentrics. There’s the paroled gangster, the horse riding heiress, and the sent down top chef, all mingling around delicious Chinese food as whipped up with a Korean twist. The screenplay is by the writer of Incarnation of Jealousy, Miss Korea, and Pasta so I’m hoping for smart mature writing with sincerity. The drama premieres on May 7th so get ready to feast of hopefully a tasty drama meal.


Cast of Wok of Love Plate Up Playful Chemistry for Drama Press Conference — 10 Comments

  1. This looks fun. I am looking forward to this along with Lawless Lawyer this coming week. I really need something light, funny and a little whacky especially now that I am emotionally drained out by My Ahjusshi.

  2. Jung Ryeo Won is looking prettier as she grows older! She’s one of those actress that I always get impressed by… she’s such a good actress

    • She was so good in Witch’s Court! I hope this one is good as well.
      Yeah she is getting prettier and more adorable as she grows older.

  3. I still can’t believe this main cast is real! I really hope the writer utilizes these 3 well and gives them a good script to work with.

  4. Please WOL scriptwriter my heart and sanity won’t be able to take it if you turn this into a love triangle. I can’t choose or rather I won’t choose between Junho and Jang Hyuk to win over Jung Ryeo Won. If you do then I’m gonna drop it because I won’t have the stamina and tears to see it through. However I am looking forward to seeing the first English sub. ?

  5. Can’t wait for this drama to start. All the cast has solid acting chops in a fun drama. I hope the plot is good.

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