Highly Anticipated Netlix J-dorama Adaptation of Classic Shonen Manga Yu Yu Hakusho Releases First Character Stills with Kitamura Takumi

Well this is either going to be epic or a hot mess, and I’m hoping for epic and think it will actually work out. Thirty years after the release of super popular and beloved shonen manga Yu Yu Hakusho, still readable today and stands the test of time, it’s finally getting a live action adaptation. Netflix will be producing the dorama and after seeing how it handled Alice in Borderland there is definitely both money willing to be spent and a good understanding of how to do Japanese fantasy/thriller action stories based on mangas. The first stills are out for the three leads of Yu Yu Hakusho with Kitamura Takumi as male lead Yusuke, Hongo Kanata as Hiei, and Shison Jun as Kurama. Takumi is channeling Yusuke perfectly but Kanata and Jun are pretty hilariously over-the-top as their characters with unique visuals. I’m excited but this dorama won’t be released until December 2023 and has just started filming.

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