Recess: Favorite TW-drama Opening Credits

It’s Recess time at the Playground! Which of course means I’m on vacation, this time for two weeks (as opposed to a meager one week last August to Maui). Come sunshine or typhoon, clearly I’ll still be posting since I’m OCD like that, it just won’t be that often. Last time I took a long vacation, I inaugurated Recess posts to generate a discussion topic for folks to run with it and generate fun conversation. This first Recess post will be to share my favorite opening credits from Taiwan dramas. Unlike J-doramas or K-dramas, TW-dramas tend to actually spend time and effort to craft memorable and oftentimes stellar opening credits. It requires blending the perfect opening theme song with a series of creative montages from the drama (either footage or something outside from the actually story) to whet the appetite and engage the interest of the audience. More than anything, a great opening credit becomes something that can be enjoyed as a standalone entertainment piece. Even if you don’t watch TW-dramas, check out the opening credits below and try something new. Then tell me – what are your favorite opening credits from any drama? Continue reading