What Did You Call That Drama?

Funny Nicknames for K-Dramas

My drama friends and I are exceedingly snarky when it comes to our enjoyment of K-dramas. I try to keep my snark good-natured, especially since excessive snark can come off as condescending and patronizing to people who actually like something I find kinda mockworthy. However, there are some good-natured snark that is too funny not to be collected for posterity. I hereby present the snarkiest re-naming of K-dramas in recent memory!

Remember that some dramas are so woefully bad/dumb/boring no one even bothers to think up a funny name for it. Those dramas are just forgotten. But for dramas that either had high expectations and failed to meet them, or started off great and then devolved into a mess, those dramas compel one to refer to it in snarky terms.

And I put a poster of Bad Love to start off this post because the name of the drama is so apropos that I can’t even make up an even more mockworthy title for this drama. It is so bad, and makes love look bad, and OMG is it just a heaping heap of bad love for everyone involved. It gives love a bad name.

Kingdom of the Wood

Painter of the Warts

Queen Snoredeok

One Crappy Day

Stairway to Hell

Strongest My Ass

Swallow My Brain

What The Heck Is Going On For Christmas?

WTF Amusement

Boys Barf Flowers

Please do share some snarky names you’ve created for some of the dramas you have watched. And lest you think I’m pouring on the haterade, I somehow watched parts or all of the above dramas, and enjoyed the sheer badness of some of it. Also, some really terrible dramas just don’t have a catchy title we can make fun of, mores the pity. I would really like to rename in snark My Fair Lady.


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  1. Strongest My Ass…The BEST!

    Bad Love was one of the first dramas I truly was confused by. I didn’t know what to think of it. I was afraid that maybe I got something wrong, that this drama wasn’t supposed to be as horrible as it was. Love is most definitely bad, according to this drama and something no one should dumb enough to feel, portray or embark upon.

  2. Ah yes, Stairway to Hell. 😎

    One Fine Day I tend to call No Fine Day – it truly rates as in my book as one of the WORST losses of time ever.

    Someone had good names for A Man Called God and Dong Yi, but off hand I can only remember that Ender’s Girl once referred to Kame’s One Pound Gospel as Boxer Shorts…..which just cracks me up.

  3. Goong or Princes Bore Us

    Fail House

    Joke Number One

    And this is not snark, because I think this drama is fabulous, but because this is its *real* title, surely — What the Hell Happened in Bali!

  4. @ hjkomo

    Heh, I’m pretty sure 90% of the funny re-naming of K-dramas originated from the Kitteh himself, as are most of the above.

    I love it!

  5. Swallow my brain, lol! You are so right. I watched it to the end while wondering why I was still watching it. And when it finally ended, I was so pissed that I did! Now I know why that happened . Somehow, this drama had swallowed my brain and there was no escaping…

  6. How about “WTF Just Happened in Bali?” Because of, you know, the ending. And everything that came before the ending too. But mostly the ending.

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