Playful Kiss Episode 7 Written Preview and BTS Footage

For those of you scouring the web for this week’s long preview of the upcoming episodes of Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss), you might want to take a break. MBC will be unlikely to release any more long previews, not because it was a stupid idea to do so in the first place, but because the filming for PK has now fully caught up to real time. MBC can’t release long previews because it’s not done filming the scenes airing this week! As such, we’ll have to be content with whatever dribs and drabs of information we can find from other sources.

The written preview for Playful Kiss episode 7:

It may not be something big to SeungJo, but Hani is saddened by the way he introduced her, at Pharan Uni, HaeRa who was the runner up that has the brains and beauty makes Hani feel uneasy. As for JoonGu, after graduation, he started to work part time at the Pharan Uni student lunch room and also at Hani’s father’s noodle house as he whole heartedly continues to try to win Hani’s heart.

Meanwhile, the school has a tennis club and a competition that SeungJo joins, and Hani who can’t even play, joins along with with him. Hani makes a fool out of herself as she plays tennis, as SeungJo continues to treat her coldly and she begins to feel inferior towards HaeRa…

Some Playful Kiss Fancam BTS footage from the upcoming episode(s):

I must say, Kim Hyun Joong’s fans are an incredibly dedicated and effusive group. The amount of BTS footage, pics, and general PK-goodies they assemble are staggering, and definitely don’t reflect PK’s poor ratings. Good for PK-lovers like me. It’s like being a drama fan in a spoiler store.

[credit: a million thanks to LolliDoALittle at the Soompi PK forum for the translation of the MBC official synopsis for episode 7!]


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