Written Preview for Playful Kiss Episode 9


MBC has released the written preview synopsis for episode 9 of Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss).

As we all know Ha Ni and Seung Jo ran away from the gangsters, Seung Jo asks Ha Ni where she wants to go. They end up going for a boat ride and this becomes their first date.

Ha Ni teaches tennis sunbae on how to confess his feelings to Hye Ra, but in the process people witness Ha Ni trying to teach him, misunderstand the situation and are under the impression that Ha Ni is two timing Seung Jo. The news gets to Seung Jo, who upon hearing the news, acts coldly towards Ha Ni.

On the other hand, Eun Jo who was at his home alone one night, complains about a stomach ache, and Ha Ni dashes to the Baek house…

[Credit for the English translation of the preview goes to LolliDoALittle from soompi’s Playful Kiss forum]


Written Preview for Playful Kiss Episode 9 — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the translation! Saw the summary in Viikii in Korean and Google translator didn’t make any sense.
    Been following this series since episode 1. Didn’t find episode one as bad as people thought. Enjoyed it thoroughly and fell in love with the actress that played Oh Ha Ni. Love her name. Love the eye candy that is Kim Hyun Joong. Didn’t find his acting skill bad. Thought he portrays the character of Baek Sueng-jo well.
    Eagerly awaiting for new episodes each week. Watched the Taiwanese & Amine versions in the mean time to fill the gap. Yup, addicted he he he. Even though I thought the Taiwanese version was good, I still prefer the Korean version better. Oh Hani has more spunk and Baek Sueng-jo’s transition in his feeling for her more obvious.
    Love your recaps and love the fact that you are so quick with them. I also read the recaps from Dramabeans and find both yours and theirs entertaining to read.

    Love the hard working folks at Viikii!

    Sad that they are cutting the show down to 16 episodes 🙁

  2. Could you tell me please if there’s an other long preview , the one posted here and I saw on youtube doesn’t contain the last part u told us about concerning OHN teaching the senior tennis guy and BSJ being jealous and the part of the lil brother feeling sick .
    The one I watched stops at the scene were BSJ informs his family that his going to leave the house and liv alone and OHN feeling sad about it .
    Did I miss something ?

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