Playful Kiss Episode 10 Recap

When I watched previous incarnations of Itazura na Kiss, I never really felt that Kotoko/Xiang Qin had any distinctive qualities, except for an insane level of obsession with Naoki/Zhi Shu, and a willingness to do anything for/because of him.

Watching Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss) episode 10, I finally discovered a deeper understanding of the central relationship in this story. Rather than a pot and lid analogy, what really makes it clear that Seung Jo and Ha Ni are meant for each other is when we see one person as a dreamer and the other as a do-er (i.e. a pragmatist).

Ha Ni can barely tie her shoelaces, but she has a sparkling joie de vivre in the things she loves, a creativity that we’ve seen since the first never-ending unicorn fantasy. Seung Jo can do anything and everything perfectly, but he has no dreams, no impetus to paint his world in anything other than “is”.

Ha Ni’s wishful thinking creates the dreams and goals by which Seung Jo can make come true. Sure, Ha Ni thinks and then acts without ever planning, but that is where Seung Jo creates the reality check for her. And Seung Jo has already conceded that because of Ha Ni, his reality is no longer so drab and predictable.

This is the first ItaKiss couple that feels so complementary of each other, as opposed to the perfect man settling with the imperfect woman because he just fell in love with her, i.e love makes us blind. I can see that Seung Jo is proud of Ha Ni, of any time she succeeds.

I no longer feel guilty that liking the ItaKiss story means that I condone setting feminism back 100 years. Both Ha Ni and Seung Jo are works-in-progress, and the drama is progressing in a cohesive and meaningful way in sculpting their journey into adulthood alongside one another.

Episode 10 Recap:

Seung Jo is moving out, and Mom reminds him to remember to eat, to take care of himself, etc., which doesn’t seem all that necessary since the person in question is I-Live-By-The-Book Seung Jo. Eun Jo looks increasingly distressed, as does Ha Ni standing further back. Seung Jo says goodbye to Eun Jo, all the while looking at a dejected Ha Ni, clearly with concern that he doesn’t act on. Seung Jo leaves.

After Seung Jo moves out, Ha Ni rarely if ever sees him anymore. She’s like a zombie around her friends. Joon Gu, on the other hand, is in a good mood because he’s still working hard and doing his best in his pursuit of Ha Ni. In Joon Gu’s mind, Seung Jo moving out is like Seung Jo has given up Ha Ni because he cannot compete with Joon Gu’s devotion to her.

Everyone can tell Ha Ni is depressed and listless. Tennis sunbae takes her out to dinner, to the very restaurant where Seung Jo is working as a waiter. Seung Jo is rarely around because the boy has a part-time job. Seung Jo is all professional and strictly taking their dinner order, but Ha Ni can’t help but be affected by his presence.

She starts tearing up after he takes her order and leaves, telling tennis sunbae that it’s been so long since she spoke with Seung Jo. Tennis sunbae doesn’t think she just did that, as it appears Seung Jo took her order and left. Seung Jo brings their food, and tells Ha Ni not to reveal his job to the family. Ha Ni asks if he’s upset to see her, but he says he expected she’d come sooner or later.

She sees a help wanted ad in the restaurant, and immediately wants to apply to work with Seung Jo. When she is applying for the job, she discovers that Hye Ra is also already working there and has filled the wanted position. In terms of stalking Seung Jo goes, Hye Ra pretty much takes second only to Ha Ni, and it’s a pretty darn close second if you ask me.

Hye Ra revels in the change of positions. Now that Seung Jo has moved out, it appears he rarely sees Ha Ni, whereas he sees Hye Ra all the time since they are in the same classes and also work at the same part-time job. Hye Ra says she feels like she’s taking candy from a baby. Oh Hye Ra, you may not be uber-bitchy, but you sure need to throw in a few digs here and there.

Ha Ni wants to save her complimentary iced tea for tomorrow, but is told she can’t do that. Seung Jo warns her again NOT to tell the parents about his situation, which of course Ha Ni immediately fails to do. Both Mom and Eun Jo want to see Seung Jo dressed like a waiter.

Ha Ni brings Mom and Eun Jo (all three are mildly undercover with glasses and caps), and they go back to eat at the restaurant. They witness Seung Jo’s genius brain at work, as he takes a large group’s dinner order once and memorizes the complex order on the spot. Seung Jo spots them immediately and gets annoyed. Hye Ra comes over to say hi to Mom, which alerts Mom to the presence of Ha Ni’s rival so close to Seung Jo.

Mom warns Seung Jo not to be mesmerized by Hye Ra. After Seung Jo goes back to work, Mom reminds Ha Ni that she has to stick to Seung Jo like gum, no matter what Seung Jo says about her being annoying or a bother. Eun Jo, the only sane one in the trio of undercover diners, says that would make Ha Ni no better than a stalker. He ends by saying, in English, “Poor Seung Jo.” Oh Eun Jo, you’ve just redeemed all your previous whiny ways.

Ha Ni goes back to the restaurant, but instead of being served by Seung Jo, her waitress is Hye Ra for the night. Rather than ordering, she tells Hye Ra to just bring her something to eat. Hye Ra shows up with the special of the night, an entire chicken! Mwahahaha, Lee Shi Young, in this scene alone, with the flapping of the hands and the je nais se quoi attitude, you are comic gold. Hye Ra tells Ha Ni to enjoy, and bounces away.

She keeps eating in order to prolong her stay. She waits for Seung Jo to leave work, and she follows him and Hye Ra until she sees them entering into an apartment building together. Ha Ni is crestfallen to discover that Seung Jo and Hye Ra are living together!

She walks home in a daze, making it back to her room only to picture Seung Jo and Hye Ra making out in their apartment. Ha Ni breaks down in tears, utterly heartbroken. She cries all night, which leads her to welcome the morning looking like a wreck. At breakfast, Mom is worried about her, and asks whether she stayed up late studying, to which Eun Jo replies that is not possible. Mom tells Ha Ni to let Seung Jo know if she’s not feeling well, and Eun Jo interjects that if Seung Jo saw the current wraith-like Ha Ni he would faint.

Ha Ni to tell her friends of the latest development, which finally compels her to give up on Seung Jo. She stops going to Seung Jo’s classes and the restaurant. The clueless one actually looks around class and the restaurant, both times wondering why his personal stalker isn’t stalking him suddenly.

Ha Ni tells her friends about her discovery, and they are absolutely devoted to her because they immediately track Seung Jo down to give him a piece of their mind. They tell him to just stop mind-screwing with Ha Ni. Since Seung Jo is living with Hye Ra now, he should have made it clear to Ha Ni first that there can be nothing between them. Her friends want Seung Jo to tell her the truth so that she can move on.

Seung Jo is shocked to hear that Ha Ni thinks he is living with Hye Ra. Afterwards, he smiles in understanding of why Ha Ni is suddenly avoiding him. Ha Ni’s friends, together with darling Joon Gu, have prepared a delicious meal to cheer her up. Ha Ni remains uninterested in being cheered up.

Seung Jo finds Ha Ni at their usual bench. He approaches her first, telling her he doesn’t see her much anymore. Ha Ni tries to leave, and Seung Jo tells her to be more solicitous and keep him company him while he waits for someone. They chat about his life. Seung Jo says that he eat meals at the restaurant or else someone prepares it for him (of course Ha Ni thinks its Hye Ra). He further says that it’s not lonely living by himself since he’s usually with Hye Ra

A young girl comes over, and it turns out she is being tutored by both Seung Jo and Hye Ra. What is she, the dumbest girl in Korea that she needs the double whammy of icy brains? She reveals that her mom cooks food for her tutors Hye Ra and Seung Jo, which is how Seung Jo gets some of his meals and why he spends a lot of time with Hye Ra.

Ha Ni is re-energized by the clarification of the misunderstanding. She makes chocolates for Seung Jo, which leads to the return of her long-dormant daydream tendencies. She fantasizes that Seung Jo will take a look at her chocolates and offer her a glittering diamond ring in response. Well, at least she’s dreaming big, and in concrete terms.

Ha Ni takes a cab to Seung Jo’s restaurant, but the combination of pouring rain and an unexpected cab breakdown leads Ha Ni to arrive soaking wet. Seung Jo actually looks taken aback at this sopping wet girl clinging on to a gift box. Yeah, I would have been totally “it’s raining, oops, I guess this means I’m staying home all warm and cozy and eating my chocolates, next time Seung Jo!”

Hye Ra brings Ha Ni a cup of coffee, and Seung Jo brings her a towel to dry off. Seung Jo tells her she doesn’t look so well and to go home. When Ha Ni gets up she collapses, likely from the stomach pain she’s been experiencing from not eating and drinking coffee on an empty stomach. After Ha Ni awakens in the restaurant office, Seung Jo tries to take her home. They can’t catch a cab in the rain, so Seung Jo takes her back to his place since it’s within walking distance.

Back at his apartment, Seung tells Ha Ni she is the first person to visit his place. He asks whether she’s feeling better, and tells her to stop drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Seung Jo then calls Mom to explain the situation. Rather than coming to pick up Ha Ni, Mom tells Seung Jo it’s raining too hard and she doesn’t feel like coming. She hangs up the phone. LOL, I love you, Mom!

Seung Jo goes to take a shower first (what! Dude, ladies first), and comes out looking all perfectly mussed (lordy, I so want to jump that – oops, did I just say that out loud?). He asks Ha Ni whether she’s going to take a shower, which leads our girl to get all nervous and fidgety. He smirks and asks whether she is nervous, and Ha Ni nervously says no. Heh.

Of course, who else needs to get involved at this moment other than Joon Gu, who finds out Ha Ni’s whereabouts this night when he hears from Ha Ni’s dad that Ha Ni and Seung Jo are spending the night together. Joon Gu frantically rushes off to “save” Ha Ni. Of course, by the time he tracks down Seung Jo’s boss at the restaurant, he’s collapsed from the exertion in the pouring rain.

Ha Ni comes out of the shower and Seung Jo is coolly reading a book in bed. Seung Jo then tells Ha Ni he’s going to bed. Ha Ni says she’ll sleep on the floor, and Seung Jo tells her to grab a coat from his closet if she gets cold. Way to end your chivalrous streak, guy. Ha Ni finally speaks up and says that most guys under these circumstances would offer the girl the bed and sleep on the floor.

Seung Jo doesn’t feel like saying those words to her, and Ha Ni calls him a cold-blooded animal. Clearly her words worked, because Seung Jo ends up sleeping on the floor, giving Ha Ni the bed. Ha Ni then tells Seung Jo that she needs to sleep with the lights on because she’s scared of the dark. After the lights are on, she tells Seung Jo that is must be cold and uncomfortable on the floor, and that maybe she ought to sleep on the floor instead.

Seung Jo gets fed up with her yammering and gets into that darn bed and tells her he’ll sleep on the bed if that’ll get her to stop talking. Not only are they now on the same bed, they are literally pressing against each other because there is only one pillow and they are sharing it.

He asks whether she is feeling nervous, and Ha Ni of course demurs. Seung Jo, being the evil thing he can be, tells Ha Ni that since they are sleeping together tonight, things can happen. Oh, like kissing, and other such stuffs. Seung Jo then bolts upright on the bed, followed by Ha Ni, and they stare at each other.

Contrary to her expectation, Seung Jo tells Ha Ni that nothing will happen. Ha Ni is relieved, but wonders if Seung Jo isn’t interested in women, or she doesn’t have any allure for him. Seung doesn’t just have photographic memory, he also has mind reading skills, because he asks Ha Ni whether she is feeling deficient about herself at the very moment Ha Ni is feeling deficient about her attractiveness.

He states that he won’t let anything happen because he doesn’t want to play into Mom’s hands and allow Mom to hold this over him for the rest of his life. That is the only reason, so Ha Ni should go to sleep now. Ha Ni doesn’t want to fall asleep, for fear this moment of happiness will pass. It’s clear from Seung Jo’s expression that this isn’t a cake walk for him either, this self-control. Ha Ni looks at Seung Jo’s back with a blissful and content expression.

[Bonus: there was no preview for episode 11, but there was a snippet at the end showing Ha Ni practicing hitting a tennis racket in her room at home, yelling out the names of Baek Seung Jo and Yoon Hye Ra. She turns around to see Seung Jo and Eun Jo sitting outside in identical poses watching her. Both brothers clap at her tennis antics, and Seung Jo tells her it’s quite amusing and for her to continue. A totally random scene, but absolutely hilarious.]

Thoughts of Mine:

I think PK’s failure to connect with the Korean audience has a variety of factors, one of which is that it lacks the overarching dramatic narrative expected of a K-drama. I can safely say that PK is pretty much a J-dorama. For example, each episode of a J-dorama is self-contained, and each episode has its own header. PK totally fits the bill.

Let me create a PK episode title montage:

Episode 1: Where a girl crushes on a boy who thinks she’s dumber than a sack of bricks.

Episode 2: Where living together with your crush has academic and pervert-thwarting benefits.

Episode 3: Where trying hard still can’t overcome losing your mind when your crush smiles at you.

Episode 4: Where a beach vacation and a failed attempt at cooking lead to a heart-pumping moment in bed.

Episode 5: Where a snail gains acceptance, a genius find direction, and boys will always posture in front of a girl.

Episode 6: Where graduating means the end of one crush and the beginning of another one, to the same guy.

Episode 7: Where an ice prince finds that being mean has its consequences.

Episode 8: Where tennis brings everyone together, and a piggyback ride is worth a thousand words.

Episode 9: Where a dip in the lake is the perfect way to end a date, and a hospital turns out to be a romantic setting.

Episode 10: Where a guy can’t do his own thang without being misunderstood, and an inconvenient rain ends with chaste rainbows in bed.

With that said, I can’t fault the K-audience for not loving PK the way I do. I think us international viewers sample more dramas from various countries and have developed a taste for different types of dramas. Perhaps in the wake of the Boys Before Flowers phenomenon, if PK was filmed and released thereafter, it would have likely been better received.

Anyways, back to the story at hand. Episode 10 was a transition episode, paving the way for the next big and final challenge in the pre-marriage lives of Ha Ni and Seung Jo. Those familiar with the story know what I am talking about. It also means that the lack of screen time for Joon Gu in these last two episodes will be rectified shortly. And he’ll break my heart for realz.

And I can’t not discuss the bed scene, right? I mean, c’mon, Seung Jo! Give in to your human boy tendencies and kiss the girl, will ya? Mom is going to make you marry her anyways, you do know that, right? Actually, the entire sequence in Seung Jo’s apartment was lovely in its natural rhythm.

Their conversation was adorably real, and based on totally believable behavior. Their interaction reflected their personalities and their relationship at that moment in time. Frankly, once Ha Ni falls asleep she’ll be out like a log, whereas Seung Jo is not going to be getting a good night sleep regardless of what principles he’s trying to hold on to. Pretending to be all cool and unaffected, pfft, someone needs a cold shower in the morning.

I know I haven’t talk about the acting in PK for a long time now, but that’s because there is nothing further to critique. My initial assessment remain unchanged: Jung So Min is a delight in every scene and a masterful actress for so young an age, Kim Hyun Joong has settled into his character and made it his own, taking huge strides forward from his debut performance and I enjoy watching him onscreen, both Lees (Tae Sung and Shi Young) are excellent character actors that, frankly, deserve leading roles in the near future.

On a very shallow note, as for the fandom preference battle royale between straight-haired vs curly-haired Seung Jo, I’ve made my choice. My choice is wet curly-haired Seung Jo! The Seung Jo that came out of the lake, and the Seung Jo that came out of the shower. Meowr, me wants that!

Finally, I have to take Seung Jo’s side on this episode, in the sense that he was not being purposely cruel, mean, or ignoring Ha Ni the way he did in episode 7. The behavior of Seung Jo in this episode is actually a natural development from episode 9, where he told Ha Ni he didn’t dislike her, and wanted to solve her as a problem.

To Seung Jo, he’s made his feelings clear to Ha Ni, and now he’s off doing his own thing – working, studying, taking steps in shaping his own future. Yes, he could be more sensitive to Ha Ni’s feeling, and explain things to her like you would to a two year old, rather than allow Ha Ni to constantly jump to the wrong conclusions first. But then, that wouldn’t be our Seung Jo, the man with the high I.Q. and the low E.Q. Also, Seung Jo likes to torment Ha Ni like a boy torments the girl he likes, it’s a thing he can’t help doing. Too bad Ha Ni keeps falling for it.

The drama in PK is really in the passing of time and events that bring Ha Ni and Seung Jo closer together emotionally, and the small misunderstandings that stem from their personalities being so starkly different. Too bad it couldn’t be more “one of us must die for the other one to live”. 😛

(Add on: today’s episode hit 7.5%, the highest rated episode for PK since it started its run).

[Credit for screen caps goes to PK forum and]


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  1. it’s almost midnight here and I’m still awake waiting for your update :°
    thanks so much for your hard work , will read now but comment tomorrow inshallah since it’s getting really late and I need to get up early to go @ work

  2. kya.. i kept stalking ever since you commented that you were on it… haha.
    Loved your insights!! i think BSJ actions are very real in this ep… like how he wanted to be truly independent and get away from his mom, or how the guy can’t resist to set hani’s straight about his living situation although he had to plan all around instead of telling her directly, or how he’s not so much indifferent after all when next to hani… “i can’t feel anything, even when you’re in a towel” yeah, RIGHT.
    love this drama. too bad the ratings seems to be getting worse.

    • sorry… i’m back again. i tried to convince myself to leave a short comment but i cant resist spazzing about PK. ive left enough comments on JB now i feel bad even making one more comment on it… -_-“. but i NEED to talk about PK somewhere… sigh. you can just ignore this long comment…
      I really like what you said about the fact that hani dreams (haha. i missed her fantasies) and seungjo accomplishes it. bloody brilliant insight. until you mentioned it, i never really thought about being guilty but with introspect, i did feel guilty since i always had to be cautious recommending InK. anyways, love this couple. the scene where they kept each other from being wet… CUTE.
      and even tho i wouldnt like to be in hani’s place but i totally dig bsj, the tease. like when he knew exactly what she thought about his coliving with haera and still emphasizing her name on purpose. oh you meanie, that will jump back in your face soon enough.
      and i freakin love everyone in this drama, even rude but cute eunjo (the cracks are totally showing… disguise, really?) and haera. she’s really not a bad person and lee siyoung is really good. i feel bad that people hate on her just because of her character. it’s like Uee in yab all over again or soojin in mgiag or park han byul in oml. sigh. if u hate them, they r doing their work. plus i don’t think they are ugly. quite the contrary.
      some are even hating on joongu.. or hani for being a stalker. well, i can’t say the girl has much pride but if I’m stalking sites about PK 24/hr, a mere drama, im not surprised the girl is stalking her crush, the almighty bsj. well, makes me scared how i would behave once i like someone… fortunately (or not?), that hasnt happened yet. hopefully, i can have some sense left in me if it was to happen. and joongu just breaks my heart to pieces. please let him have a happy ending. i’m still bugged we won’t see the marriage life. that’s like the sweetest part where we see bsj SHOWING he cares.
      one thing im curious though is why would haera need a job… aside from stalking sj, that is.
      and i’m with you there… wet hair seungjo is totally sexy… i think that’s the first time ever since i saw KHJ that i really thought HOT. i mean i thought he was hot before as well but here, that was the ONLY thought that crossed my mind at that moment. it was like it fried.
      and is it my imagination or i feel like i saw the same tennis thing in iswak… or was it in itazura na kiss… *scratch head* it seems so familiar.. but it’s been ages since i saw/read any iswak version.
      i love your titles… totally reminds me of doramas like hotaru no hikari, or prodai (miss my pi). my fav title would be ep6. haha. love it.
      i’m so sad koreans don’t seem to get into PK. i guess ep1 totally killed any chances for PK. i do understand why they wouldnt love it but i still think they are missing on something adorable and meaningful. sigh.
      and i feel bad for KHJ. i hope he’s not thinking that the bad ratings reflects his a deterioration in his acting. i actually think he portrayed bsj well. maybe not too much because of his acting skills but because the role fits him well. i mean, we’re talking about the KHJ, the guy known for his blank face.
      again, apologies for the ramble.

  3. as usual, your recaps is a must read, thank you, I enjoyed your POV a lot. Thank you for your time and efforts, I totally agree with you, I love the wet curly haired Seung Jo!

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  5. OMG!!! I love you!!!! Your recap is just awesome and I agree with all of your comments! Me likes the wet haired SJ! and the fact that PK is popular more with international fans than the Korean viewship. You’ve put such a great spin on things! Keep up the good work!

  6. It all makes sense now! He does realize he has some feelings for OHN but he actually doesn’t want to get involved because his Mom actually likes her! That is a twist I did not expect. Most dramas have the son battling the Mom to be with the girl not battling the Mom NOT to be with the girl. I actually find that refreshing in a rough road for OHN but interesting characterization of BSJ kind of way. He just doesn’t get that OHN is not a problem to be solved but she is the answer to all his problems. I can’t wait for the moment that realization hits him smack in the…heart!

  7. Thank you.

    Enjoyed reading every piece of your recap, with your delightful insight, and analysis of the different characters.
    Helped alot in my understand of the plot, as this is the only version that I am watching this drama.

    I like curly haired HyunJoong, and every time the screen show him out of the shower, my heart miss a few beats!

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    Feeling very excited about the upcoming episodes.. I wonder how they are going to cram everything together in 6 episodes. I’m not worried seeing that the scenes flow together perfectly.

    Thanks again for your witty insights.

  9. I must say, FANTASTIC RECAP ockoala!! You’re a godsend ;p
    For a few PK episodes now, my routine would be to watched the raw version w/ a lot of fast forwarding, read your recap and then watch the full subbed episode ==> a total PK addict.
    I haven’t watched previous incarnation of the story except for 1 or 2 episodes of ISWAK which I dropped early on bc I can’t stand Ariel Lin’s character/acting there. On the other hand, PK is like a drug that I must take before I can finally sleep lolz.. Its the combination of OHN, BSJ, Joon Gu and Baek Mom that do it for me. I did a double take with how beautiful Baek Mom is when she let her hair down in this episode, Gaah!
    I must agree, JSM was born to play OHN, she’s a gem!! Though not totally taken in by KHJ’s beauty (bc I prefer the more macho rebel YAI ) I can finally understand why a lot of fangirls go crazy about him.. my heart melts every time he smiles.
    Yup, both Lees deserve accolades for nailing their roles here, I really felt pity for JG whenever his efforts of winning OHN were not given credit by our heroine. I’ve only seen LTS in Close to You so this is a revelation for me whereas I’ve seen a lot of LSY’s past dramas like BOF, Loving You a Thousand Times and Birth of the Rich (where she totally rock!!) so I expect nothing less, she improved with every project she made.
    This is quite long now, thanks again for the lifesaver. Ciao!

  10. I so enjoyed your pre and post – recap analogy on the PK characters and story developments. So insightful! I have not seen previous portrayals of Itazura na Kiss so I can’t really compare. I also have absolutely no idea what is suppose to come next BUT I’ve totally enjoyed PK all on its K-merit since it started. K-dramas have always win T-drama or J-drama ‘hands down’ as far as I’m concerned. The ‘feel’ of K-drama is just different. It just works better for me – it puts me in that throes of excitement and glee and I have happy hormones jumping for hours on end! I second your comments on how delightful JSM is in her portrayal and KHJ although still too cool and still a bit ‘fake’, I still like him well enough. Compliments on how well you write and how the words just flow and how you are able to nail it on the spot! Just so you know, I read your recap with full attention and laughed and agree and disagree with you at all the right places.

  11. I feel like I have so much to say on this subject, and then I realize I just agree with everything you’ve written.

    I love the subtlety of yesterday’s scene in the hospital and today’s bedroom scene. I was surprised that BSJ actually spoke so simply about why they would not be getting it on.

    As for wet Seung Jo…. oh yeah. I just read your glossary today, and I’m definitely in the ICOMYM club.

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    This is the first episode that I was really irritated w/OHN. I wanted her to give it up already…it is getting a bit too obsessive. But dang…the ending…I HEART it! And yeah…wet KHJ/BSJ *bites lips hard* yum!

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    It’s ironic how I didn’t think I would like PK but it’s been keeping me up at night sometimes. I just feel like I can relate so much to almost every character, y’know? Well, maybe not Hye Ra. And it just works for me on so many levels and it’s starting to own me. I can’t wait till next week! Thanks again, dear ockoala. (Psst, btw. This is unrelated to PK but you have convinced me to watch B&W. 😀 I’m on episode 5!)

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    In fact, you did say it out loud and not only did I see it but a special person did too: Jung Wu Sung. He was rather surprised and distressed, thus phoned me for comfort. Poor thing. ^^

  17. maybe its because the Taiwanese and Japanese renditions were so close to the idea of remaining true to the manga, and the direct storyline that they lost the opportunity to pick out the human traits that are better translated in dramas. And maybe thats why I preferred the Korean version BOF more than Japan’s HYD, despite the vehement protests of HYD fans (that said, the Taiwanese MG is still my nostalgic favourite).

    my favourite part of this recap though, are your episode titles! you will continue naming them right?

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    thanks for everythin’

  22. ahhh , I’m back with my comments 🙂
    LOVED LOOOOOOOVED yesterday’s epi , I really enjoyed evry part of it , even when OHN was sad at the thought of BSJ living with HR , loved the way how her hurt and sadness were shown , was feeling my heart crying for her eventhough I know the story and what’s coming after .
    I also enjoyed the fact that BSJ was missing OHN and searching for her whether in college or in the restaurent , and also loved the fact that he didn’t want her to keep thinking wrong about him and HR and as soon as he knew why OHN is avoiding him ( by her faithful friends ) he looked for her and showed her indirectly that he has nothing to do with HR ( ok after being mean for a bit but that’s typically BSJ 😉 )
    Then comes the scene in the restaurent when she fainted and how he came running to her rescue and worried , dunno if it’s right or not but I think it’s the first time he calls her Ha Ni ah , since I started watching Kdrama I had that thought that when a korean guy or girl call another person by her/his name it means that he has a close relationship with him/her .
    @ v : I also loved that scene when they were worried about each other from being wet by the rain , that was cute:)

    Did you notice guys , when BSJ offered to OHN to go to his studio , the way he was talking to OHN , couldn’t understand if he was shy ( LOOL ) or nervous or amused by the possible reaction of OHN ( couldn’t understand his expressions and looks )

    Anyway , comes the last scene , the bed scene , the guy wanted to kiss her and maybe let her sleep in his arms ( at least that’s what I think ) but he won’t do that to not let his mum has an opportunity to irritate him , LOOL what a lame excuse dear BSJ , but it’s ok at least u didn’t say that u won’t do that becoz it’s OHN , that will have broken totally the poor little thing .

    the scene at the end ( the tennis racket scene ) will we watch it next week or what ?

    anyway eagerly waiting for next week , I wish they will show the next morning , wanna see how will they behave each one 🙂

    • Ha! I thought I was the only one who caught the nervous reluctance when BSJ asked OHN to his apartment…kinda like a man at the end of a date wanting to invite the girl up to his room but unsure if she would or not. LOL. Loved the bed scene, so unexpected and came out of left field for me as I didn’t see the TW version (had to stop cause of the unrealistic portrayals and of the lead girl’s stupidity). The expressions on their faces when they were sharing the pillow was totally real and hilarious for me. BSJ uncomfortable and confused and OHN nervous and shy. It was so obvious that BSJ wanted to do something but had to clamp down on his urges, his rein on his self-control tenuous at best. There’ll be no sleep for either, I’m sure. Also, did BSJ pretty much confess to OHN that he liked her or at least is attracted to her but didn’t act upon his feelings because he didn’t want their lives to be controlled by his mother? That was his only reason, right? Ahh….so loving this drama. Their chemistry is off the chart.
      On a side note, I feel bad for BJG and his total devotion to OHN. Will there be a girl for him soon? From the manga/anime/TW version, I loved the Chris character and am hoping she’ll be introduced into the series.
      Oh and I almost blacked out when BSJ came out of the shower – add me to the list that prefers his wet, curly-haired look…though, BSJ/KHJ wet any which way or dry is good for me. Never was into pretty boys in the past but he’s the exception.
      Thanks, ockoala for the lovely recap. Can’t wait for next week! PK Fighting!

  23. waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…. gomawo…

    HAE RA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh..



  24. thanks for the recap! what i like about it the most is the pre and post analogy of the episode and characters. i agree with you on the dreamer and doer analogy, in this version you can see OHN and BSJ as characters in the making how they compliment each other, how perfect they are for each other not because “i just fell helplessly in love” reason. that is why Korean version is by far the best version for me

    while i was watching ep 10 i did not enjoy it as much as the past episodes because i was kinda irritated at how desperate OHN is in stalking Sj most of the time i was shouting to the screen to please stop and have some dignity but in retrospect the real reason why i was getting irritated is because i have been in her situation before and that i want to tell her to stop like i would have wanted to tell my past self to stop in my foolish ways.

    the sweet thing about this episode is that robot BSJ is a human and its official, he looks for HN (admit it SJ life without your personal stalker is boring), you see him worried like when OHN fainted you can see him sigh in relief that she’s ok *and by the way his reaction seeing HN all wet was priceless like he wanted to scold her for being reckless and actually relieved she finally visits him again. and last his own nerves getting to him (how hard it was for him to invite her to his apartment like she may reject him and during the bed scene he wants to tease her but it looks like that he is convincing himself more than nervous HN that nothing will happen) BSJ its official you are no longer a robot, you have feelings just admit it so you can experience something new again, happiness and love!

  25. Hi ockoala!
    Have been a fan of yours since PK started to broadcast. Always look forward to your recaps especially the sharing of your personal thoughts. I’m sure your sharing has given a new perspective on the drama and something for audiences to think about and to chew on. Many are of the opinion that the 1st episode was a drag but the scriptwriter has her reasons as we can now see from the drama’s progress.
    Hats off to you. You are truly an amazing critic. Thank you for bringing much joy to our lives by what you do!

  26. Thanks so much for the recap!!

    Yeah, it’s totally structured like a j-dorama. I love j-dorama more.. it suits my taste better. I’ve never obsessed over a Korean drama before, and I usually watch them with the forward button on the ready. But PK.. I watch it RAW, I blog about the RAW recaps, I read all the recaps I can find, I follow everyone’s comments in every blog recapping the episode.. feels like my universe is revolving around what level Hani and Seung Jo’s relationship is gonna end up in next. I mean, even if I’m a KHJ fan.. this level of obsession is not possible if the drama is not this awesome.



    But in order to get these two married, a huge misunderstanding must happen to turn Hani away from Seung Jo and into Joon Gu’s arms. What’s gonna happen next?? My stomach is always in knots right before I watch a new ep. Gah, I keep going high and low every time I watch this drama. I love this feeling!

  27. I have a feeling that second kiss will happen in next episode…when OHN is still sleeping and BSJ (tough exterior, struggling with his emotions internally)being sleepless whole night will do that ………….early morning kiss…………..squeal………….

    What do you guyz say?????????????

    • oh yes.. i hope that happens.. the second kiss has to appear somewhere! and since it didn’t appear at the hospital unlike the Taiwan version, this might be it!

      • hrmm.. yes. that makes sense. Eunjo has to see it… Gah, can’t wait to see the other eps…

    • I bet when Hani went to sleep, SJ wass unable to sleep and most probably turned over and looked at her. Wonder what goes thru his mind then, LOL. Yes, maybe he’d kiss her whether while she’s asleep or the next morning when she’s awake. Hwo romantic.

  28. I swear, each time I finish a recap, I tell myself I am going to respond to each and every comment, because I read each and every comment and love it!!! And then when I have the time, it’s exploded into 40 comments (!) for this recap alone. My drama friends you guys sure are awesome, but I can’t keep up. Mianhe, I shall just read all your comments and enjoy them, is that alright? But I really do appreciate and treasure all the sharing of insights about PK, so keep ’em coming. ButI do have a few responses:

    @ endodo4ever – tell me what you think about B&W, okay? Since you are already on episode 5 (that quickly), you must not hate it…..

    @ Denali

    My I Lub You could not possibly have called you. He was up all night video-chatting with me, its tiring to be in Beijing promoting Reign of Assassins. He allowed me to have some mental fun with wet curly-haired Seung Jo. Because I wasn’t lusting after real-boy Kim Hyun Joong, but fictional boy Baek Seung Jo. And My I Lub You clearly has no problem with some fictional appreciation for the finer qualities of that boy.

    Besides, Seung Jo is a boy, Jung Woo Sung is a MAN, and all mine. Thank you. 😀 (pppsst, come and play with me anytime, I promise I am amenable to lending out JWS for outings).

    @ CapitalScandalRocks – I think the next kiss will be in the next episode as well. The morning after seems like a perfect opportunity. And likely perfect Seung Jo wakes up perfectly and has no morning breath, and can plant a lovely chuuuu on Ha Ni.

    @ v – you’re adorable with your spazzing, I read every word, so spazz away.

    Anyhoo – thanks everyone for yet another fun PK analyzing session. Now comes to interminable wait for next Wednesday….

    • XD that’s sweet of you to even have the thought of replying… i would be too lazy for that. looking forward to ur post next week!

  29. thank you ockoala for your speedy recap!
    From ep 3 onwards, the show somehow got better.. though i like PK very much, i must say that ep 1 and 2 were a bit mehhh…

    i agree with endodo4ever that Seung Jo was a bit PMS-sy in this episode. Our glum faced robot seems confused. When he was about to leave the house, he was looking at Hani but saying goodbye to Eun Jo. That look on his face.. *shakes head*.

    Good thing that Hani has a place in his heart, as he bothered to sort of clear the misunderstanding about him cohabiting with Haera but he HAD to mislead her first. Its like stabbing her heart then giving her a shot of endorphins. You evil robot.

    And that bed scene. Naughty SJ. I guess when he bolted up on the bed and shocked Hani.. he must be shocked by his own reactions too! Taunting her about the possibility of kissing or something more.. heh heh.. exact things that he wants to do but can’t.. just because he doesn’t want his mum harp on it in future. You have an IQ of 200 but your mind cannot convince your heart to do what it wants to do. Ai.. but i am glad that our robot is slowly aware of his feelings and is opening up to Hani. Remember that hug in the hospital? *melt*

    I feel that he is PMS-sy because he can really feel the change that Hani has brought to him.. his thoughts, goals and wanting to better himself. and he is troubled by the fact that feelings are unlike a maths equation.. it cannot be “solved”. he is unaware that Hani is his “pot-lid” and the better half that would complete his life and that she holds the “answers” to his doubts..

    • I think what we call PMS-sy is actually sexual tension… and our resident I,Robot is showing many of the symptoms. I love it whenever the “I want to but I can’t” situations happen to my favourite couples in my favourite drama.

      I was one of the people who cheered Hani on to just forget Seung Jo alreadywhydontcha (I’m female but I completely fell in love with Jung So Min at the scene near the bench after she spotted them going into the apartment block together, awesome acting skill OMG). But then Seung Jo pulls her into his orbit again. He did the exact same thing when Hani moved outta his house with all his pretense at tennis practices. I guess he can’t bear it when his faithful moon veers even a bit off course.

      In the previous versions, I thought when Naoki (anime) & Zhi Shu do something like that… they’re just being possessive, like they own Kotoko/Xiang Qin. But the scenes where Seung Jo was actually anxiously looking around for Hani in his class and restaurant completely change my opinion on why Seung Jo wants Hani back. This boy has it bad.

      How am I gonna survive until the next episode? T___T

  30. Love your recap on episode 10.

    In this episode, we see that SJ’s heart is beginning to waver even though he’s trying his best not to reveal his true feelings to HN. You can see this during the scene after he found out from her friends the reason why she’s been avoiding him. He wants clear up the misunderstanding about him living with HR but because he’s the almighty SJ, he can’t force himself to be frank and tell it to her directly. Instead, he uses the girl that he’s tutoring to reveal the truth without having to say a word. Oh SJ, you do have a heart. It’s just beating at a slower rate than that of a normal person but don’t worry, you’ll catch up with the rest of us sooner or later.

    By the way, I’m with you on the wet curly-haired SJ. It was my heart that skipped several beats when he came out of the shower.

  31. Ockoala, I love your First Impression PK review on thundie’s prattle. I’m enjoying the recaps too. I really like the calm pace of this show. It’s been 5 weeks, and i’m still smiling and smiling and smiling. I’ll take seung jo in any form, but yes… I admit I almost fainted when he came out from the shower…

  32. thank you for your recap, yup your right that sequence in BSJ’s apartment was just great , thought KHJ did very well in this episode and he really improved a lot in this drama.

  33. I soooo wish we have a continuation of the bed scene and we get to see the next morning , why not OHN sleeping BSJ arms n, sighhhhh

  34. After I told a friend about finding a hilarious recap of Playful Kiss at this other blog, she suggested I try this blog. Just wanted to say great recap and it looks like this is another site I will have to return to each week. If this keeps up I may actually have to admit to becoming a Playful Kiss stalker!

  35. Hi ockoala it’s my first time here & I’m already so hoooooked onto it. Looking forward for your next recap. I’m actually planning to make a hard copy & make a compilation. Hope you wont mind. Thanks!!!!

  36. o_O 58 comments.. 59 including this one… wow. so WHY are the ratings so low in kr. nevermind that.. i know why but still…
    anyways, ive just spent an all nighter rewatching the whole PK… yeah, i’m crazy like that. i didn’t plan to at first but somehow, it turned into that. -_-”
    anyways, I’m SO excited for ep 11. from the previews, looks like they are following the manga, which means that we’re going to get SQUEEE!! really, i literally choked on myself (without anything in my mouth) when I saw that they were at camp! hehe.
    how am i going to keep myself in check until tomorrow..
    ok, i’m off to sleep, i mean off to class now.

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