Short Preview for Playful Kiss Episode 15

The short preview for episode 15 of Playful Kiss is out. I’ve attached the video and translated the dialogue. Please don’t repost unless permission has already been given – I would prefer you post the link to this article. Thanks, and enjoy!

I’m sorry, did I say that I would consider the spoilery bedroom dialogue I posted earlier to be fan-fiction until confirmed otherwise? Booyah! It’s pretty much been confirmed from the last scene in the short preview for episode 15. Everyone get your smelling salts ready on Wednesday.

Episode 15 short preview (video):


Episode 15 short preview (dialogue):

EJ: Hyung (Seung Jo), I think if you married Oh Ha Ni now, you guys will be very happy. Congratulations!

SJ: *lays in bed with a smile of contentment*

Christine: *to Joon Gu* I love noodles. Can I have a bowl of hand-cut noodles? It’s delicious *gives Joon Gu the thumbs up, and looks at him interestingly*

HN: *voiceovers during cute moments with Seung Jo – putting head on his shoulders and jumping around him in glee* I will keep trying hard, even though I have lots of inadequacies, I will keep working hard to make myself a good partner.

SJ: *to Ha Ni* You are very cute. And there are times when you are beautiful as well.

SJ: *picks up Ha Ni and carries her to bed* Why do I like you so much? I will always protect and cherish you. *leans in to kiss Ha Ni*

HN: *softly* Wait…..

I am so happy to be getting these wonderful hard-earned moments between our couple in this final week of PK. Personally, I’m hoping PD Hwang In Roi makes the honeymoon scene as blush-worthy as possible. Since the ratings for PK are so low, maybe he’ll just say “screw it” and deliver something normally not seen in a K-drama. A koala can dream, right?

[Credit: screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar, translation of preview dialogue done by me]


Short Preview for Playful Kiss Episode 15 — 83 Comments

  1. Now ocoala you’re making me blush from all the anticipation kekeke!
    I’m with you on that “screw it” dream, anyways they’re already married so it’s not like inappropriate for them to show “some love”. I just hope they “deliver” you know what i mean. thank you sooo much!

    • hahaha….. i hope PK team will “deliver” it too ^^ hahaha… i cant sleep thinking what will happen on the bed scene…..kyaaa!!!!…please….and please!!! no one interrupting them….not SJ mother!! ^0^ not anyone!!

      by the way…their pajama’s are cute…same pattern but different colour…like their phone… ^^ hehehe

  2. nae maeum appo……watch this short preview……ajman
    we always support you Hyun whatever the rating low…..
    actually really disappointed of cut so many episode……
    if manyakhae….the writter make it story long episode like Taiwan version will be good…..eeeemmmmmm hwaiting BSJ <3 Ohani

  3. kyaaaaa…… I’m giggling like a fool watching the teaser. Got hooked on BSJ sweet sweet smile in the beginning and the almost kiss at the end eft me drooling. I don’t know how I can stand to wait till Wednesday…. Thanks for posting this and for being my main source of PK goodness. Gamsahamnida!!!!!

  4. omg omg omg love you so muchhhhh ocoala. Thanks for the wonderful translation… I wish they would add the scene Eun Jo telling Hani about the second kiss. It would be nice for her to know SJ has been loving her quite sometimes yah?

  5. me want to dream as well…
    the first time i saw the preview, i squealed so bad but then i calmed down after an hour or two…
    but reading your post, i’m back into a giggling fit right now… and i RARELY giggle at all.. *jumps around like a crazy girl*
    please pd-nim, just do want i know you’re dying to do… it can’t hurt the ratings right??? please please please…

    • AHHH………
      sorry… i couldn’t contain it anymore… i had to scream or i felt like my chest would explode
      omg omg omg omg…

      ok. i feel slightly better.

      and yes, in all seriousness, i think that the leakage might be real after all… let’s all wish for that… it might come true!

      • I know how you feel… i’ve completely wasted my whole day because of the excitement PK evokes! I’ve been stalking everything related to PK & KHJ 😛

        btw ytkiss youtube channel subbed all its movieclips (in case people didn’t noticed yet 😉 )

      • ok… this is bad… i keep coming back to this page and replaying the preview…
        and EVERY time, I scream… literally.
        and after i’m done watching it here, somehow, i go somewhere else and watch the preview there… again.
        i’m officially banning myself from the computer. i don’t know how long i can stand it but if this continues, i might hyperventilate.
        bye folks. off to self-torture.

      • its ok v!!! go ahead scream at the top of your lungs!!!!
        i’ll be doing the same thing if i were free to do that!!!!
        i cant hardly catch my breathe coz of excitement!

      • kk… i’m back… the self ban didn’t last very long…
        and didn’t help either… cuz i was replaying the preview in my head anyways, and still squealing… might as well watch the less fuzzy version..

      • I felt lightheaded at work after this. At one point I just stood, stunned processing everything, my boss looked at me, “You okay?” I go “huh? yeah” he goes “midterms?” i go “uh…sure?” LOL

        Oh. Bugger. BAEK SEUNGJO, YOU ARE AWESOME~ Your mommy did well.

      • XD I’ve got two part-times (soon to be 3) and i study in a university that became iconic to koreans b/c of Kim Tae Hee (shhh, just figure it out 😉 ), and i travel (to missions with my dad). Not that I’m boasting!!! Kdramas allow me respite for my whirlwind life. Oh the things i can go on about…

        and in reply to the other post, i too do not “like a boy”. (partly because, hell, I’ve got no time for that :'( )

      • wow.. TWO part-time jobs???!! and another one in line… now THAT’s a feat. i know ur not boasting but even if u were, i wouldn’t blame you.
        now wait a minute…. if ur talking about the college i’m thinking about… aka, where most of the buildings are red… then we might have (not probable but possible) crossed path with each other without knowing… if it’s not, then forget i said anything…
        but i go to the all-girls school in the region, famous to americans because of J.R….kk. and cuz of cross-registration and because my bro is studying at nerd-school next to urs, and cuz i have friends at ur school, i go there quite frequently (aka, at least once a week)… so we might have passed by each other.
        and that’s quite a long comment on something that is just speculation… so i’ll just stop there..kk

        as for ur reply to the other post about a boy… i have forgotten what ur referring to… could u explain please?

        and i’ll just transfer our convo in the other post here. kk. and yes, i keep to myself in real life as well. it’s much easier to be open online apparently. and wow… cunning strategy to get people to watch stuff… i’ve given up coaxing anybody really… because i would end up having to listen to a rant about why it’s a waste of time and i can’t argue back because 1. it’s impolite 2. in a way, they are right…
        and yeah.. 200lb + mr. perfect are about the 2 k-movies that would have the most universal approval for first-timers. i’m surprised your mom would like trendy dramas…the only trendy drama my mom likes is full house… otherwise, she sticks with makjang, sageuk, and the melo stuff.

      • lol… the computer just got a glitch (i HATE when that happens) and i just typed a long comment…
        let’s see if i can rewrite it… kk. it’s such a funny feeling to be rewriting something you just wrote. btw, if it happens that by some miracle, my other comment reappear, u would know why it feels like reading two similar comments. anyways…
        wow… two jobs??? and another one in line? now THAT’s a feat. i know you’re not boasting but even if you were, i wouldn’t blame you for it. XD
        and… wait a minute…. if ur talking about the college i’m thinking about… aka, the one with red bricks everywhere… then we might have (but not probable) crossed each other without knowing… if it isn’t.. then forget i said anything. but if it is, because i go to the all girls-school in the region, made famous to americans because of J.R. (haha.), and because my bro goes to the nerd-school next to urs, and because of cross-registration, i go there at least once every week… so we seriously might have passed by each other.. how cool is that?
        of course, it’s all speculation… kk
        as for what you said about liking a boy.. sorry, i forgot what you were refering to… could you explain please?
        and i’m just going to transfer our convo in the other post here…
        and yes, i keep to myself in real life as well… it just happens that i’m much more talkative online (a bit too much actually).
        anyways, wow.. that’s quite a cunning way to get people to watch what you want them too.. 🙂
        as for me, i have giving up coaxing anyone… because in the end, i would just have to listen to a rant about how it’s a waste of time and i can’t argue back because 1. it’s impolite 2. they are in some way right.
        and good choice about the movies… those 2 movies are about as safe as you can go with k-movies for first-timers. kk.
        it’s cool your mom likes trendy dramas… the only trendy drama my mom likes is full house… other than that, she tends to stick to sageuk, makjang or melo. and forget about mysoju… she abhors anything more advanced than a radio, let alone a computer. kk.
        wow… i am more diligent than i thought i was… usually, i just say screw it and not retype the comment.

      • i can’t believe it… my comment got posted just right after i submitted the other comment… 0_O
        how come when i refreshed the page, it wasn’t like that??
        anyways, ockoala, if you can do it, would you mind to delete the second comment? i feel quite embarrassed… TT

      • lol… i hope you delete my comment but my misfortune with comments aside… (do you realise it’s the second time i’m having a glitch on your blog??) i’m quite happy with myself when i realized i almost perfectly replicated the comment… kk. guess the lack of sleep didn’t affect my memory too much…

      • you’re in the east coast right?…CAMBRIDGE? “FRINGE”? if so then we’re thinking the same place. i’m currently doing extension school (suddenly not as impressive as the college) but hey, economic clime is… well… -_- I’m actually not in cambridge at the moment, im um in this HUGE city downstate of the Falls… I’m workin to get myself up there and finish up my ed-u-macation. 🙂

        As for the “don’t like boys” you mentioned your brother was convinced that you didn’t like any… so i replied, I’ve currently got no time for that.

        As for trendy dramas, my mom liked full house… and personal taste. She like Lee Min Ho.

      • bummer… u read my comment, or rather double comment before it got deleted… how embarrassing..
        but anyway… YAY!!! we’re like 20 minutes by car from each other… well, longer by bus… but i have classes at my bro’s school so that’s practically next door.. haha.
        hehe.. extension school is cool too. i’m thinking of taking a leave of absence soon… or study abroad as well. “huge city” huh.. i know what you’re talking about.. kk. talking in a roundabout way is kinda fun… haha.
        haha… for me, it’s same… although it’s more like i’m too much of a coward for that… the boys i like refer to boys on screen. in real life, i don’t have any serious interest in any boys… the farthest i go is “oh.. he’s cute” and then i forget almost immediately. on screen, it’s a whole other story. i go crazy over them. maybe because i only look at positive stuff for onscreen boys but i only look at the negative for real life boys. i should change this way of viewing things but not before i get out of college. kk.
        my mom doesn’t like “kids”… haha. she likes guy like bae young joon or kimutaku… everyone else is too young for her… haha.

  6. ‘maybe he’ll just say “screw it” and deliver something normally not seen in a K-drama. A koala can dream, right?’

    I sooooooooo hope he will!!! As korean ratings are low anyways, why care about their prudishism(?? is dat even a word). International fans need to be satisfied too!!! 😉 I think I will be hopping around behind my laptop from joy this wednesday 😀

    • no offence intended to Koreans in Korea 🙂 I actually love them for delivering entertainment on such high level(music, variaty show and drama wise)

  7. Does anyone know where I can watch this liveor raw ep? I don’t know if u could waIt until eng sub come out. I’m gonna understand a word they’re said but who care I just want to watch them.

    Talk about bedroom scene I hope they deliver it good!!!! But u guys see the way he pulled her beside him on the couch? Robot boy ’til the end. But I love them no matter what.

    All I can says is my husband and kids better leave me alone on Wednesday. Cannot wait!

  8. LOL! screw it!!!!!!!! hahahaha!
    I almost fell on my chair when i read your comment.HAHAHA!
    …..but why not! anyway like what you said the ratings are low might as well drop some bomb at the remaining episodes! hehehe!
    but as we can see they’re wearing PJs hahaha! wholesome indeed, I just hope that Hani might as well wear something sleeveless so the sexy feeling is there, and I hope the editing is good and will not cut at crucial moment otherwise I swear my laptop will torn into pieces. hehehe!
    thanks for the translations!

  9. OMG 10000000TIMES!!!!!

    i cant wait!!!! we still have two days to endure this torture!!!!
    pls drama gods make this last week worth all the screams that we are reserving for the final week!

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!

  10. omo…. this is killing me!!! can’t help to wait for the next episode. just watching this preview, am going nuts already…. laughing… giggling…. smiling…. WTH… going back to being a teen-ager?! ahahahah! what a feeling!!!!

  11. Don’t fret fellow PK addicts I’ve read an article saying – Despite low ratings for [Playful Kiss] in Korea, it is meaningless! It’s slated to be shown in 12 countries, starting in Japan this December onwards. It’s reported the pre-sold distribution rights overseas fetched huge amount of profit already.
    Doesn’t even hurt KHJ’s career only solidified it with multiple offers for product endorsement, dramas, movies, and other God-knows-what-projects according to his agency! There’s no worries, they’ve even mentioned about KHJ having a much needed rest while planning their next move!

  12. I’ve got simple desires, I was really hoping for the scoop her up in his arms and carry her off. *HAPPY*

    I can already see I am going to die of The Cute from watching these episodes. Ahhhhhhhhh!

    Ok, back to work now….

  13. SO HAPPY…!! This is so Squeal worthy! I AM SO PLEASED!! HEheheheh… Thanks for bringing this awesome news Ockoala!! (and your awesome recaps/Playful Kiss lovin’). 🙂

    • I totally just realized that in the context of what I was discussing, it totally was an X-rated double-entendre. Ooops, I promise to keep AKP PG-13 always, please infer the non-racy meaning of the use of that phrase.

      • lol… just to reassure you, maybe it’s because i’m still a bit naive but i totally didn’t get the double meaning either… so perhaps the majority didn’t see it either…
        or maybe it’s just that i’m slow at those things. -_-“

      • its ok ockoala! lets just say we dont really notice the double-entendre of the word. hihihihihi!

      • lol… i noticed, and prayed. HARD.

        double entendre intended. maybe it’ll happen in the youtube video? this preview made me smile so widely, my cheeks ached!

      • Yes….don’t worry…its highly doubtful that anyone into PK would even think that was ever up on offer….hahahahaha…. soooo naughty….from what i’ve seen of your Post & the comments…everyone is pretty wholesome and well mannered…..

    • She is drop-dead gorgeous. The prettiest Christine by about a nautical mile, and then some.

      They look breathtaking together! And so happy! Thanks for sharing the pics, v. Feel free to spazz, your self-imposed ban was clearly never going to work anyway. 😉

      • agreed… she’s absolutely cute. i heard someone comment that she was fat, literally used the word “FAT” in capital letters… i didn’t even bother to reply. where has the world gone lately.
        kk… looks like you’re right about my self-imposed ban…
        so all the more, thank you so much for giving me free reign to spazz.. XD
        at this point, it has become a necessity.
        LOVE your blog!

    • thanks v!!! they look good together!
      so happy that joon gu will also have his happy ending!

      self imposed ban is never gonna work to any PKissers trust me i tried already it NEVER works!

      just enjoy it v!

      • kk… thanks for understanding… sigh. where’s my self-control?

        anyways, here’s the message that went with picture for those who can read korean.
        그동안 트윗이 뜸했죠~제 여자친구를 용기내어 드디어 공개합니다…많이 놀라시겠지만….응원해주세요~^^. 봉준구의 큐피트~|~~~|~~~~~~~~~~~*기대하시라~ 미수다의 아비가일 ㅋ
        looks like he’s quite cheerful and glad he knows there’s support out there…

      • self-control, is that a word? LOL!
        lately in my vocabulary that word is not included esp. when playful kiss is the subject!

        glad to hear that they know that they have many supporters all over the world.

      • as much as i want to spazz some more c/o our lovely couple, i got to go to get some beauty sleep coz its already 1:45 am here.
        and still have work at 8:30am.

        and besides i watched the preview countless times already that i think even in my dreams i could still watch it.

        on a happy note, its already tuesday here so only 1 day to go and episode 15 is here already!!!!

      • nighty nighty!! you need your beauty sleep… i’ve been lacking lately…. will need to get it back once PK ends… huhu.
        as for my self-control… it pretty much flew out of the window the moment pk entered my life.
        and yes… i’m also daily tweeting him in my mediocre korean some encouragement… i wonder if he reads them… or if he can even understand what i mean… 🙁
        it’s still monday here… and i finished watching gloria/flames of ambition/dr champ/skks and various taiwanese dramas…. and now that i’m out of things to watch… i feel like dying of frustration from the wait…

      • kk… for those curious about chris…
        her name is abigail alderete (so THAT’s what abigail was referring to in lee tae sung’s tweet… i was wondering if they changed her name from chris to abigail or if my korean was failing me… this makes it so much clearer.. kk)
        and she’s from paraguay.
        she’s an MC on airang
        and also on the show chit chat of beautiful ladies so you might recognize her from it… i watched the show several times but i don’t remember her.. now i know i will.

      • oh… and blissfulwishes just translated the tweet… (kk. i got most of it right.. *applaud herself*)

        “My Twitter has been inactive for a while ~ But I’ve finally mustered up the courage to introduce my girlfriend… many of you will be surprised… but please support us~^^. Bong JoonGu’s cupid~|~~~|~~~~~~~~~~~*Please look forward to it ~ Chitchat of Beauties’s Abigail~

      • sorry for butting in… but…

        Sleep? what is that?

        LOL :shakes head: all that aside.

        PK (kim hyunjoong, jung so min) what you do to me! No internet this morning made me check on my phone every five minutes… And i swore that i wouldn’t spaz like i did when Youngbae/Taeyang’s album dropped. The embarrassment at work, turning beet red when i got the news via text from a friend–is this how a 2* year old acts?

        I’m sort of grateful PK didn’t come out later on in the year…My heart wouldn’t have been able to take all the excitement (BB’s said to come out again woot~) and of course, finals… -_-

      • based on the conversation…. I think I have a pretty solid 11hr time difference from most of the peoples here! your 1.45am is my 2.45pm….

    • @J.J.
      just go ahead and butt in… it’s welcomed.. kk
      sleep is awesome… but not a priority for me although it should be… my brother has this policy… you use time to study (yeah.. he’s like that), then to play or work and then to eat… only whatever is left would you want to use for sleep… and lately, i tend to follow that policy… although after PK, i’m going on hiatus or I. WILL. CRASH.

      haha.. a BB fangirl he? kk… i know another kdrama blogger who is a bb fangirl as well. oh.. nevermind.. i just remembered that i knew that. for a while, i forgot we already talk about BB on DB since ur name is different there.. -_-”
      lol.. i can’t keep track of who is where… mainly because i’m constantly online, whether it’s during the day or way past 4am… i barely get any sleep. but i’m guessing you’re in Asia? or not? europe?

  14. beauty sleep? i will too busy dreaming instead. 2 more day to go. seriously, these two are too cute for word, just date in real life already.

  15. i just realized we can see the wedding rings in the preview… aw….
    i’m way to excited i don’t know how i’m going to bear the next day and half… half empty or half full? kk
    and i’m so glad to see i’m not the only one spazzing… 🙂

  16. after reading the recaps.. the comments and every bit of news possible about PK.. im in heaven!! i can’t wait for the last two episodes!!! and how i wish that I’d be Oh Ha Ni for a day and enjoy Baek Seung Jo!!! wahahahaha!!

  17. o my gosh!!!! i really can’t wait to see this episode.

    it really so sad if this drama will end just like that easily..


    • lol… of course, it’s just a what if…
      at least, that’s what i’ll firmly believe in until proven contrary…
      doesn’t help make it less upsetting though.. pd-nim, i know i said previously that i missed fantasy sequences but i’m willing to take my word back.

    • thats makes us two v!!!

      i will break-up with you show if you will make the honeymoon just imagination of hani!!!!
      please PD-nim, its the last stretch already!!! please give us (the viewers) something that we deserve to see!!!!
      i call to the drama gods, please show them the right way!!!

    • lol… influenced by JB and GF much??? drama gods? show?
      me too… these days, i tend to talk to “show” a whole lot…
      and then i catch myself doing that and feel like plagiarizing…
      oh well, i think it’s now part of speech.

      • couldnt help myself v! hehehehehe!
        im been lurking in dramabeans for so long, their terminologies kinda stick to me already.
        its been a habit now.
        even lurking here in ockoala, its turning into a habit!
        usually when i surf the net, 1st thing i open was my email, now its totally different!
        now, i open dramabeans then ockoala then my email!

      • same here… now, when i log in… all i do is open all pk and sj related blogs in a row.. and start reading them one by one… and once i’m done, it’s refreshing time…
        email? what’s that again? kk

    • That would be the worst twist in the history of drama. =.=..
      I’d fly to Korea and give the director a good taste of my fist.
      No god, please, I don’t even wanna think about it lol

      • looks like the drama gods listened to you… no fantasy sequences…
        sorry for the fright everyone… although i can’t say i’m sorry the speculation was wrong.. kk

  18. Despite me always saying that I want the honeymoon scene to be PG-rated so I can watch it with my family, here I am feeling all giddy and excited. Ha! There’s no way I can watch it with them anyway.. I’d be too busy rewinding the scenes and making a pest of myself.. LOL.

    Thanks for the update!

  19. i have to stop doing this. i need self-control back.

    saying to self: dream on
    the only time i can get my sanity back is when PK ends…
    but then again, there’s the youtube version…
    will this ever end?

    we had a strategic planning yesterday and honestly i turned red when i read the rumored dialogue. my office mates were like, “are you ok? you seem sooooo happy.”
    but i couldn’t possibly tell my boss the reason why right?

    • LMAO you should tell your boss,”You gotta watch this drama, it’s much better than our strategic planning.”
      I was watching this in lecture while giggling. My friend beside me thought I had gone insane. She’s quite right. I have. ><

      • hahaha!

        There’s a truth to that statement.
        PK is way better than any strategic planning

  20. LOL. “There are time when you’re beautiful.” That just throws off the romantic moment. She should always be beautiful to Seung Jo.

  21. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah totally agree with you.. hehehe the director should say… arrghhh since we got a low ratings.. lets do something havent seen in kdramas.. bwaahahahaa that is a good idea.. weee cross fingers..

  22. Okay, one last comment, then I’ll resist all temptation to post more.
    They brought in Christine?! Now, as the show about to end? That seems rather strange…
    It’ll be a very condensed development, I wonder how they’re gonna accomplish this.

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