Playful Kiss YT Episode 5 Recap

Thank god that evil pinchy-faced wench from the last episode was shipped back to the US and far far away from our Ha Ni and Seung Jo. I didn’t intend to have my claws out for her in my last recap, since she’s such an insignificant annoyance, but she appeared to have activated the ultra-bitch-smackdown button on my keyboard. Blame my keyboard for those extraneous comments yesterday.

Thankfully, episode 5 of the Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition brings us back to the warm cozy confines of Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s professional and personal lives, minus a third-wheel.

This episode gave us a good look at Dr. Baek Seung Jo (rocking the neon-green scrubs and white coat, natch), and Nurse Oh Ha Ni (all professional in her nurse uniform and comfy nurse shoes). I feel so proud of how far Ha Ni has come in her nursing career, even though some of her professional decisions in this episode reeked of typical act-before-thinking Oh Ha Ni teenage behavior. Thank god Dr. Baek is around to clean up her mess and give her a kiss.

Youtube Episode 5 Recap:

We open the episode with Ha Ni, dressed in her nurse uniform, praying in the waning daylight. The title card reads: Protect Patient Baek Seung Jo. We cut to Ha Ni walking somewhere, and she voiceovers that Seung Jo has become a doctor, and she has become a nurse, her dream has come true. However, she rarely sees Seung Jo even though they are working in the same small hospital, because Seung Jo is simply too busy.

Ha Ni walks into the hospital, and excitedly calls out to Seung Jo when she sees him. Seung Jo glances at her in passing, but continues walking with the other doctors. Ha Ni worries that Seung Jo hasn’t come home in five days now, working and sleeping at the hospital.

At the nurses’ station, a couple of nurses are discussing how Dr. Baek was in the OR (operating room) for 10 straight hours yesterday. He’s been requested to attend all the major surgeries, and all the senior doctors want him to be their mentee. One nurse looks at Ha Ni and says that her husband has been stolen by the hospital. Another nurse mentions that Dr. Baek has got dark circles under his eyes like a panda, yet he’s still so handsome.

Ha Ni humphs at hearing her fellow nurses mooning over her husband, but does worry when one says that he’s gotten so skinny lately. When a nurse suggests that Ha Ni doesn’t even care about the welfare of her overworked Dr. Baek, Ha Ni stands up and produces her giant lunchbox of love and affection. She announces to the nurses that it contains all types of nutritious foods for Dr. Baek. Ha Ni takes off looking for her hubby to feed him the food.

She can’t find him at the doctors’ lunchroom, and no one appears to know where he’s at. She heads outside, and finally sees Seung Jo at the foot of a set of stairs. Seung Jo is rubbing his neck, likely all the stress is catching up to him. Ha Ni calls out to Seung Jo, and is about to hurry down to meet him when her foot slips and she tumbles down the stairs. Seung Jo grabs her and breaks her fall, causing him to lose consciousness when he strikes the hard ground. Ha Ni is in hysterics when she realizes Seung Jo may be really hurt.

Seung Jo is wheeled back into the hospital, and Ha Ni trails after him, crying for him not to die (seriously, babycakes, die? – how many dramas are you watching?), and that she loves him so much. The other nurses and doctors titter at her dramatics. Seung Jo is resting in the room, and Ha Ni holds his hands and prays to god that he will be alright.

Two doctors come in to check on Seung Jo. Ha Ni worriedly asks whether Seung Jo’s life is in any danger, and the senior physician laughs that no one could die from a broken leg. Ha Ni wonders why Seung Jo hasn’t woken up yet, and is told that Seung Jo is likely sleeping soundly because he’s simply exhausted from days of overwork.

The doctor leaves, but not before telling Nurse Oh Ha Ni to take good care of overworked and exhausted, and now injured, Dr. Baek Seung Jo. Nurse Oh jumps to attention at this wonderful task she’s been handed, and excitedly promises to do her best to nurse Dr. Baek back to health. With all her gibbering and squealing, Seung Jo has been woken up. He grumbles at his wifey’s antics, and asks that she please just let him sleep, fersakes.

The nurses are gossiping again, this time about how Dr. Baek has been admitted as a patient after breaking his leg. He’s scheduled to be admitted for two weeks, and the nurses all want to be assigned to his room. Nurse Oh Ha Ni comes by and drops a pile of paperwork in a huff, proudly telling her other nurses that SHE is Dr. Baek’s personal nurse. The other nurses think she’s not being professional, but Ha Ni says that she’s gotten the approval of the senior treating physician already. She flounces off in victory.

Ha Ni the nurse pops by Seung Jo’s room constantly – to measure his temperature, give him a shot, changed his bandages. The poor man gets no reprieve from his ministering wife/nurse.

Ha Ni promises to stick to Seung 24/7, and act as his hands and legs during his stay at the hospital. Seung Jo grouches at Ha Ni’s constant attention, but lets her continue her cosplay in real life as his nursemaid.

Ha Ni insists on feeding Seung Jo his meal, even though the poor man has full use of his functioning arms and hands. He finally gives up and lets her feed him to her heart’s content. He really does indulge her – even though he grumbles and is brusque with her, when push comes to shove he always lets her get her way in the littlest of things that make her happy.

Nurse Oh Ha Ni runs into another doctor coming into Seung Jo’s room. The doctor is carrying a pile of patient files, which belong to Seung Jo and need him to complete. Ha Ni tries to say that Seung Jo can’t work on them, but the other doctor points out that he only has a broken leg and can clearly review patient files. Ha Ni takes them from the doctor and ushers him out of there.

Rather than give them to Seung Jo, she actually tries to complete them. She works all night, and struggles to understand all the medical terms. (She is thisclose to committing malpractice, so I hope Seung Jo fixes this debacle soon enough.) In the morning, the other doctor comes to see Seung Jo huffing and puffing. He accuses Seung Jo of being negligent now that he is himself a patient.

The other doctor plops all the Ha Ni-completed patient files in front of Seung Jo, telling him that NOTHING is correctly written on these files, except for Seung Jo’s name. Oh god, this just makes me want to curl up and die laughing at Ha Ni. Both doctors realize the truth immediately, and Seung Jo has no choice but to smile at the lengths his wife will go to for him.

The doctor tells Seung Jo that when he was wheeled into the hospital, Ha Ni was crying that if Seung Jo died she wouldn’t be able to live without him. She would die, too. Seung Jo smiles at his wifey’s silly antics, but takes the patient files so that he can clean up her handiwork. Ha Ni innocently comes to visit her patient/husband, and is astonished to see him working on the patient files.

Seung Jo admonishes Ha Ni for doing something so potentially damaging – the patients’ lives are at risk with her completing the charts for him. Ha Ni defends herself by saying that she asked her nurse leader for help, and she was only doing it to keep Seung Jo from working too hard when he needed rest. She’s sorry that she keeps causing trouble for him, even if all she wanted to do was take care of him.

Ha Ni’s tears start to fall, and she confesses that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t become a perfect wife to Seung Jo. Our Seung Jo can’t withstand the onslaught of his beloved Ha Ni’s tears, and quickly grabs her hands. He confesses that he’s not a perfect husband either, what with being unable to properly protect Ha Ni when she fell off the stairs, and breaking his own leg in the process.

Ha Ni shakes her head at hearing this, but melts when Seung Jo quietly thanks her for all she has done.

He leans in to kiss her, and the camera stays with this soft, gentle, but intimate kiss until it ends and the couple embraces tenderly.

Thoughts of Mine:

As much as I think Ha Ni is adorable (and ridiculous at times), and Seung Jo is pretty awesomesauce (and infuriating at times), it’s together as a couple that they push all my right buttons. The ending of this episode was lovely, an honest attempt at communication and resolution of a marital (plus professional) conflict.

I love this kiss because it was so intimate, a moment between a husband and a wife, in the privacy of their hospital room. Regardless of how many times Ha Ni screws up, Seung Jo’s reaction is simply to push her to acknowledge her mistake and learn from it, but never to punish her or put her down. He appreciates everything she does for him, and only wants to remind her not to let her love for him cause her to make bad judgment calls.

I hope PKissers the world over, whether married or unmarried, watch these episodes and really take away something substantive about how hard marriage can be, and how two people need to work at understanding and appreciating each other.

[Credit: all screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss YT Episode 5 Recap — 210 Comments

  1. Thank you for your recap. I watched this really early this morning…(time change is killing me, but that means I get to see the episode as soon as it’s loaded)..I giggled so much at Ha Ni’s dramatics. She’s adorbs.

    The kiss was sweet and prolonged…yay, but it seems that JSM is rather awkward while KHJ is really getting into the groove of kissing and moving his hands up her arms. JSM shy all of the sudden? Please don’t let that affect the Birthday episode…please, please.

    I got the shivers. I have a thing for hospital kisses since my General Hospital viewing days. They should have shot them in bed cuddling…fans self.

    • I think they always rehearse a little bit just before they shoot the scene (as we’ve seen in the BTS), so, it may have been the director’s idea to have that sweet albeit awkward hug in the end.

    • I guess nobody in Korea wears nurse costume in parties. hehehe

      I posted down that Ha Ni clings/holds on to Seung Jo’s shirt everytime they hug. Maybe that’s why it looks awkward? I think it’s cute that she does that. She clings on to him everytime (almost) they hug, she is not hugging him with close fists.

    • “but it seems that JSM is rather awkward while KHJ is really getting into the groove of kissing”

      Yes, this exactly. Upon reflection, it’s not so much that I wanted it to be more passionate…but more familiar? I want it to seem like they’ve kissed a million times at this point. Both kisses in ep 4 & 5, Ha Ni seems as if it’s the first kiss. And, in a way, I can understand that she might always behave this way. But it doesn’t really jive with her sucking his face off at the wedding and in the last scene of ep 16 (even if we didn’t get to see it!) .

      I think it’s more the director than the actors, though. Someone is telling her to be all demure. Meh!

      • I dunno…she smacked his ass pretty good!

        (Also, free internet on plane! So yes, I am flying from Anchorage to Seattle…and browsing AKP, obsessed much?)

      • LOL yay away from the eternal winter! 😛
        As a hyunnie I MUST protest! to the butt smack and save Hyunjoong’s honor~

        yeah right LOL

    • *but it seems that JSM is rather awkward while KHJ is really getting into the groove of kissing and moving his hands up her arms.*

      I noticed it too!! LOL.. I thought I just imagined it or something.. 😛

  2. loved this but it makes me sad that there are only two webisodes to go! thanks for all you recaps…it’s the only thing that makes me wake up at 3am in the morning here in my side of Asia. it’s touching to see how far far far these two have gone. would love to continue seeing snippets of their “lives”…

    • oooops sorry pressed the button post before I finish my comment .
      Loved your conclusion about marriage , yes it needs the couple workout together to have a happy marriage .
      Those two are really adorable and yes I loved the last scene with the kiss , it was cute .
      I’m so happy about SJ and the way he is showing his love for his hani ah , letting her do whatever she wants with him , smiling about her cute silliness , asking forgivness for making her cry and then thank her , that’s really what I can call love
      ahhhhhh why don’t they give us some Hundered other mini episodes 🙁

      tomorrow’s epi seems hillarious 😉

    • ok I think I have a prob with my laptop , my posts are cut and not fully posted
      anyway , tomorrow’s episode seems hillarious .
      It’s sad that they are going to end the episodes without SJ/HN’s baby , I so wanted to see how both will be act as parents to a lil cute BSJ jr or lil hani

  3. loved this but it makes me sad that there are only two webisodes to go! thanks for all your recaps…it’s the only thing that makes me wake up at 3am in the morning here in my side of Asia. it’s touching to see how far far far these two have gone. would love to continue seeing snippets of their “lives”…

    • lol…I wonder if Group 8 knows the great lengths that diehard PK fans go through to watch just a 10 minute episode. If not someone should tell them.

      I wake up at 4 am in the morning and watch without subs a couple of times. Then I check out the forums and blogs while at work. I get home, rush through dinner and family time so that I can park my bottom down to watch the episode again with subs or catch up on latest comments on blogs and forums.

      This has been an ongoing experience since PK started. I’m already in serious decline. I am very disinterested in any other dramas (and I love JGS).

      • @katwoman, i hear you. its a disease. one that i’m happily willing to catch. and pass on as necessary. 😀

      • Hi, katwoman and yeisha

        hahaha…. same here. Everyday was motivated by PK… change timetable. Change habit. Checking Oakoala, MissChievous Land 24/7 hahahah… still no mood for other dramas. for JGS, sorry, he have to wait for final YTkiss next week then I will watch M3. yeah… I’m willingly and enjoyable the disease…

      • hahahaha.. i know how you feel…. I second third, fouth… hundredth that thought…
        i mean i have always been a stickler for “what ever drama that has good story/characters/plot/OST, then i will surely watch & enjoy..”
        i mean i know MGIAG is a very good drama, based from the recaps/articles that I somehow read, and I do LOVE LOVE LOVE LSG since famous sisters. and I have always been a fan of korean historical drama like Jewel in the Palace, Yisan, Ijimae, tale of the fox Child & etc. i am also a great believer of action dramas like Iris & etc. and i also LOVE, and am obsessed with romantic comedies like full house, sassy girl, pasta & etc, but even with my fave young actress MGY in M3 cant seem to get me off my PK addiction. with only 2 more webisodes to go, i am going crazy with what am i to do after this…?
        Ockoala..? help..? i mean you will still post anything and everything PK related even if the show ended right…?
        ahhh this is the first time that my brain singularly zeroed in a DRAMA, I am a prisoner of my addiction…
        there i said it… I am an addict…

      • I just wanted to say, I’ve completely forgot what my internet surfing habits were pre-August…although it must have been my contacting anyone–everyone–I knew in korea for Youngbae/Taeyang’s deluxe album ^_^ (which I got woot!) But yeah, my scheduler even has “September 1’st KIM HYUN JOONG” written on it, which I believe was when the drama started to air.

        So yeah, I should also like to mention, I was seriously contemplating getting a smart phone just for the internet so i could surf and comment on blogs (like this) better 😛

      • I do feel the same way! I want to keep my main focus solely on PK. I’m kinda selfish to share that time and get distracted with another drama especially now that the YT eps are almost over. As you can see, I’m a bona fide PK addict but loving it!!

      • Ditto ditto. And since this is so early in my drama watching craze, I’m worried that I won’t be able to enjoy others the same! And in a way, I feel like I’m cheating. Haha. What the hell?

        I’m feeling little pangs of sadness in my heart that this is almost over. But then I think of how WGM continues to thrive and I think PK may well be the same. 🙂

      • omo! am glad i’m not the only one having this chronic disease… i was afraid i’ll be alone to end up in an asylum. kekeke!

      • What to do? What to do? Post PK withdrawal symptoms could be severe!! May have to check in a PK rehab center and join in a PK support group!

      • @TeaCup… i guess the rehab center won’t be able to accommodate the humongous bunch of PK addicts. LOL

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Been waiting for the recaps..

    Oh, Oh Ha Ni! You are such a cute goofball! But where are the wheelchair scenes of Baek Seung Jo? Got cut?

    And I’m also glad they got rid of little miss-pinchy-faced -“Seung-jo-oppa”-homewrecker. =)

    • Oh yeah, I also loved nurse Hani giving hubby his shot on his butt! It would’ve been better if they took a close-up of said butt, however all will be forgiven if they do (finally) show the supposed steamy scene. No cuts this time please! And no camera panning either. No umbrellas. No walls. Or doors. Or windows. No dark car seats. No shots from the back.

      Only two more webisodes to go.

      • No cuts this time please! And no camera panning either. No umbrellas. No walls. Or doors. Or windows. No dark car seats. No shots from the back.

        The list of previous obstructions is quite long, isn’t it?

      • Eeehehe, the butt smacking was the *best part* for me, only because it came totally out of left field and cracked me up so bad.

  5. Ockoala, you’re seriously the best. Your recap/updates are so fast, and always spot-on. I love reading your thoughts, as well, because there’s always something in them that I haven’t considered.

    I love how these webisodes aren’t showing Ha-ni and Seung-jo living in a make-believe married bliss. People don’t magically change when they get married, or live happily ever after simply because they have a shiny ring on their finger. I also love how, despite Seung-jo and Ha-ni being very different people, they communicate well and are able to see things from the other person’s point of view, enabling their relationship to continue to grow and flourish and benefit both of them. And most of all, I love their give-and-take. As you said, “He really does indulge her – even [when] he grumbles and is brusque with her, when push comes to shove he always lets her get her way in the littlest of things that make her happy.” If only all relationships were so well-functioning. I <3 Seung-jo and Ha-ni. 🙂

    • I think it works so well because he knows whatever garble he says will just bounce off but she can hear what it he feeling–difference in hearing and truly listening…also, he can read her like a book so he knows all her intentions. They’ve got true communication now, so unlike before. 🙂

  6. *it’s together as a couple that they push all my right buttons*

    Thank you Ockoala for stating this so perfectly. I’m sleep-deprived but pretty much floating in the air because of these two. They really do compliment each other in the best possible way. <3

    And yes, I agree with you that the kiss was their most intimate yet. I felt like an intruder watching it. Thank the Lord for stark hospital rooms – no candles and walls (or other inanimate objects) to block our view. I've said this before and I'll say this again, I am positively melting at that look + smile that he gave her right before the kiss. So very gentle it makes my toes curl. *sigh*

    BSJ, if you keep this up, I might be forced to quit my job, move to Seoul, and work at Parang Uni Hospital with you. 😉

  7. Sweet… <3

    Oh, I'm wondering if this is already the intimate scene KHJ is talking about during his recent interview. XD Cause if this is already it, ugh, we want moooore! XD

  8. Thanks you Ockoala for your lovely recap.
    I love this episode because bsj and ohn’s dream come ture to become a doctor and a nurse.
    Oh ha ni is such a luky girl whatever she dose, baek saung jo is always sand by her and support her and teach her to take lesson from her mistakes. I would like to say that for OHN, BSJ is kind of brother,father, friend and husband.
    I feel sad that PK has only 2 epi to go and it will be hard for us to let PK go. I wish more episode will continue on Youtube for season 2.

  9. In the PK drama episodes, I was always wondering why Ha Ni always embraced Seung Jo close-fisted. I thought it was her attempt to guard her personal privacy. It looked really awkward to me. In ep 14 though, there was a closeup of her fist while hugging Seung Jo and I saw that she didn’t have a close fist, she was hanging on to Seung Jo when hugging him. 🙂 I think she does this every time they hug. Cute huh.

    That kiss was really sweet, the sweetest so far.

    • @a_fan, i thought that she was closing her fist initially during the rain kiss too. but upon replay nth number of times (hee), i realized that she’s actually curling her fingers to hold on to him…its definitely cute, the way she holds on to him like that, not in a clingy or possesive way… just right . i saw it during the second piggyback scene and on their honeymoon bed scene too..she was holding on to his clothes in the same way. 😉

      • Those curled fists are just so her…cute and adorable. She’s such a darling…..I love her!

      • @ J.J. Ahhaha “guttered thoughts” killed me. On plane smiling like a loon by myself. thanks!

        I always wondered what was up with her hand, it almost seemed like she was trying to push away. I need to rewatch it now that I k now better!

      • @ Lulybunny

        LOL Great minds think alike. I’m never one to shy away from going to the gutter anyways. 😛

  10. Thanks very much Ockoala. Always loved your introspective recaps and I totally agree with you on your last paragraph regarding marriage. In fact, I wrote this comment in yt after watching the episode even though it is without subs. I got the drift……

    We really need this affirmation at the present time when divorces are so easy and tolerances none….

  11. thanks ockoala!!!
    great recap!!!

    i love how this episode was focused on their growth as professionals and as a married couple as well.

    seeing them work together reflects how they grown together in their careers.
    but what really won me over is how they progress as husband and wife.
    we can actually see how far they have gone from the beginning, baek seung jo is now more open, more accepting and more understanding about hani’s kind of love for him. he even know how to appreciate more and to show as well how he value her.
    on the other hand, even hani still have her old antics but still you can actually see the growth in her, admitting her mistakes and apologizing for them. and still knowing that she will still try her hardest.
    as a married couple they are trying to have the balance that will help them to strengthen their married life. and we can also see how much more they have in the future.

    and luckily i think the PD heard our cries of dissappointment over the numerous blunders (umbrella, candles, walls?) when it comes to the sweet moments of our adorable couple. the kiss was sweet, not bland but just right amount of reality of how i think married couple should kiss.

    (is it just me or it felt like kim hyun joong and jung so min were just doing it right thats why they were so effective as a married couple or what? hihihihihi, i think the shipper in me is thinking something else!)

  12. Everyday is like eating sweets…. so sweets… smile and smile while watching the episode and reading your recap Oakola… today the sweets is even more sweet. oh how sweet they are. hahhaha…

  13. This episode was filled with SWEETNESS OVERLOAD!! I think that I can forgive KHJ if he does not deliver on his promise (steamy love scene) in the two remaining episodes, just as long as we get more sweet kisses like the one in episode 5. 🙂

    Ockoala – Thanks again for your insightful recap. Loved it!

  14. LOL…am glad to know that I am not the only person who wakes up extra early just to read the recaps.

    Haven’t watched it subbed yet. Thanks ockoala for the recap. This episode was sweet but somehow left me feeling that I’ve seen it before–kinda makes me wish I see something ‘different’. Gosh, I was so screaming ‘malpractice’ when I guessed what Ha Ni was up to.

    I agree, if the kissing in this webisode is the ‘steamier’ scene, I will be dissapointed. Not because we didn’t get to see a repeat of ep 15 but because everyone really was excited for it, then it just turns out to be just a promoional tactic, an article-maker. And this is coming from someone who does marketing and promotions for a living.

    • Oh gosh..look at me rant on and on….

      Forgot to mention how I loooooved the gurney scene. It’s like a totally hilarious parody of k-drama drama. XD

      Had to stop the video because I was laughing too much.

  15. There will be diabetes epidemic after PK webisodes ended -for all the sweet moments and sweet distractions .

    So what shall we do when there are no more PK to watch early (very early for some of us) in the morning ? I should have moved to Seoul so I avoid all these migraines and yawning like Hyun Joong . Can they come up with a movie or another drama for the two ? A reality show or sitcom is also welcome .

    • I’m projecting myself going through massive withdrawal come next weekend.
      Anyone thinks leaving a barrage of requests for Seasons 2,3 ,4…… at quarterly intervals of the year ( even in webisode form ) on YT comments would move the powers to give us more of JoongMin ?

      • hahaha…i like the idea… ^^ i think all of us need more of PK… *sigh* but i guess they still stick to the idea that next week PK will end isn’t it?

        anyway…i really love the idea KHJ and JSM in another drama, MV, reality show or whatever show as long as they are together….or even better…a couple in reality!! ^o^ kekeke

  16. Just watched the episode in HD and re-read Ockoala’s recap. Seung Jo has a mole on his upper lip he he he. How trivial I can be. But now I am going to take Ockoala’s words to heart and take away something substantive from Playful Kiss. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

  17. I loved the ending of the webbi too!! Intimately sweet and poignant. It’s true that the one Ha Ni approached the kiss was a mite too shy and awkward since they would have been married for some time already. But BSJ is definitely a pro and as some fans have cooed – ‘his jaw is to die for’!! Ha Ni hasn’t changed all that much in her dramatics for BSJ .. and I guess she will be so throughout their marriage!! But I guess BSJ will love her the way she is – for her one-way dramatic dedicated awesomeness to BSJ! I was also looking out for the wheelchair scene but looks like 10mins is too short to squeeze that in! Next webbi will be so funny …..

  18. I don’t know if I’m coherent enough to post a good comment so not to regret it later I shall number…

    1) In whatever incarnation, Baek SeungJo or Kim HyunJoong–even the blasted Yoon JiHoo, I must say, MY MIND IS BLOWN. Scrumbs, white coat, even patient garb, I love it on him. One of the few things I love about my mom’s profession was the scrubs she brought home from work, or the scrubs she bought herself to wear. I love the feeling of sleeping in scrubs, though I would never, ever, ever, ever be a nurse/md. When HJ gets cast in another drama, I PRAY TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD that it be a medical drama. If not, then something in which he wears a lot of leather. 😛
    2) I loved how all this is low key. This vignette in their lives shows so much history that’s already transpired between them. Sure BSJ was upset but now he completely gets Hani and he wouldn’t have it any other way. I love how he scolded her but then retracts all the statements and even :gasps: says he was wrong?! Our robot is no more! 😀
    3) HOW AWESOME WAS THAT KISS?! I take that kiss (and kiss in previous episode) over the rain kiss or even the honeymoon makeout ANY.TIME. Why? Because it’s not lusty, not all too passionate, it’s just love in pure form. So many unsaid things–BSJ’s unarticulated feelings were in that kiss. I just finished a book that made me think upon that thin line that separates love and lust, courting and seduction, and my goodness, it was right in context with this right here.
    Love is about giving it all, and obviously Hani’s given everything to BSJ, and in turn BSJ’s giving in to Hani. There’s no more keeping track of kisses, control, teasing, just conceeding to make the other person happy.
    He swallowed what his logical mind would have, could have, should have expressed the moment he saw her teary eyes and then reached out to her.
    CAN. I. SAY. AW~?!
    4) I love KHJ’s hands. (yes, this deserves it’s own slot)

    I feel like there’s more to digest in this episode and I can’t wait for the subs so I can be entreated to the language/style the subbers use. I’d usually cringe, but I’m actually delighted with the tone they use, however cheesy at times. It coinsides with the loftiness of this drama. 🙂

    THANK YOU OcKoala! 🙂

    • the hands!!! the hands!!!! 😉

      you are coherent and articulate on this one.. i agree with everything that you’ve said… hahahaha!!

      the hands!!!! i just can’t get over that!!

      • I focused really hard.

        Scrubs and hot guys are my undoing.

        Scubs on hot guys who are also musicians make me give up on logic. (I’ve met some guitar planing residents in my day. O.M.GOODNESS)

      • hmmnnn.. there’s a lot of good looking guys who wears scrubs too.. but so far.. KHJ is on top of my list!!! ( this guy can really make me go crazy!! )

      • I was at work in the clinic near Korea-ville and all of a sudden through the glass of our door I see an asian guy walk past with scrubs and a coat. My mind’s eye it was HJ passing by and my heart started to palpatate. OMO. LOL
        It caused me to rush getting the hot pack, give it to the patient, scramble to a desk and write out a line to a poem that popped into mind XD
        That and I could have sworn Savage Garden’s “I Knew I Loved You” (before I met you~) was playing in mind. LOL

      • @JJ: you are too funny!!!! BSJ lookalike + soundtrack…priceless. 🙂

        the hands are beautiful but i’m still a fan of THE JAWLINE. my god, i can’t get over how beautiful his jawline is, especially when his kissing…errrr…latching on to her lips (per JJ) like that.

      • Lip-latching deserves to be part of the PK lexicon/dictionary we’ve amassed. what were the other words we’ve gotten through out the series?

        Editor monkey?
        Camera-that-must-be-blown-up? LOL

      • I just wanted to clarify
        1) said Asian guy did not look like BSJ. He just passed with scrubs and coat
        2) Hot pack for the patient was left on the chair, where I always put it so the doctor can administer it themselves. Last thing I want is for people callin’ me out not doing my work!
        If it’s PK, I sound like a ditz.

      • someone over at kathy’s blog just called it *Gyrating Jawline* 😛
        i think this should definitely be included in our PK lexicon.

        what else?
        The Perm
        Robot Boy
        Duckie (awwww…I miss him)
        Shameless Hussy Sr. and Jr
        Mr. 40 a.k.a Tennis Sunbae

        (feel free to add more ladies :P)

      • You have no idea. My boss in the first job often sees me tapping or swaying to a different tune than on the radio. I tell him “I’ve got a different song in my head” LOL


      One of the comments on youtube this morning cracked me up.
      Something along the line of “my lips were moving when they were kissing”…
      That’s the power of that kiss.

      • I was holding my breath~ 🙂
        Totally made me uncranky at work, even though my phone nearly died on me from loading so long lol

      • I’ve said it before… 🙁
        As a Hyunjoong fan, the ring unsettles me. I make due because it’s JSM but if it were anyone else other than Hwangbo ( *innocent look* ) I would have been glowering all over the place.

      • When he was with Hwangbo in WGM he left a message asking his fans to treat Hwangbo nicely.. when Hwangbo was about to kiss him on the cheek, he told his fans to not leave him because of the kiss or he’d get angry.

        Since then, I’ve watched quite a few of KHJ’s interviews and whenever he talks about his life’s future plans.. he always openly talks about marriage and how many children he’s gonna have (2 boys 2 girls~ hehe). And now being so comfortable with JSM and wearing the marriage rings in the drama, I like that he’s no longer asking his fans to understand.. blablabla.

        IMO, what he does in his personal life is his business no matter how much us fans love him. We love him as a public figure.. but as he said in the 1st Love Story DVD, life should be easy because he’s just a human being. Something a lot of celebrities usually forget after all the bright lights and adulation. He’s a cool dude.. 😛

      • @ Ami, LOL don’t mistaken me for a avid/rabid shipper, that’s just not my style. 😛 But to reiterate what I had previously said, the mere fact that it was a wedding ring on his finger irks me to the very core. Its not in whom he chooses to marry but in the how’s of the marriage.
        Of recent, and I believe it was during the Japan fan meet, he was saying that he doesn’t see getting married any time soon, even though he really wanted to get married young. Probably seeing that his life goals might take more time or that with added new goals…yeah, you get the idea.
        To which I hope and pray that someone would actually go and sweep the boy off his feet with an all encompassing love, support him (and he her) with his passions, and be there at home waiting for him with a hot meal and a towel to wipe the day’s weariness. I’m not projecting my wants on to the guy, but I’m sure he’d appreciate someone like that a lot.
        If it was any indicator, Hwangbo said it herself (and this was when I really felt sad for the entertainment lot) “it felt nice having someone to come home to and not just the pets. it makes me feel like what i’m doing is worth while…this is what [hyunjoong] must have meant by the comfortable life.”

    • point number one: yes agreed
      point number two: :nods: :nods:
      point number three: yes so true!! It was so intimate, but they showed this nice familiarity towards each other… like that lip is mine and i’m gonna latch on it 😉
      point number four: HELL YEAH he’s got nice hands (I love LOVE nice hands on a man!!!)

      one side note… I do wish that whenever they kiss or hugs… BSJ will hold on his wifey more tight… his hands are always so loosely (or genlty?) placed on his wife…

      • Adding to your side note: Have the same observation with the hugs as you did. Tsk… I might be off base but I suspect HyunJ & Min Min were acting as themselves in these romantic scenes and not married PK couple SJ & OH.

      • and for that… I totally blame PD-nim for not telling them to crush each other in their embrasses…. ok, no, not crush each other… but at least show us more affection in holding each other like married-soooo in love with you and only you in the world-couples would do!

  19. i’m really running out of things to say here…

    my mind is searching for words…. i guess i’m just happy ( as always…im in fluffy cotton candy clouds…) 🙂

    hmmnn.. what i particularly like about this webisode is their dynamics when it comes to their professional and married life.. Seung Jo, always the professional and the best in what he does, and Ha Ni, who is persevering and getting her goal because her mind is set on it. how they are as a person was never lost even if they got married. and it carries on in what they are doing now.

    however, i was laughing my head off with Ha Ni’s antics.. hahahaha!! her overly dramatic display while Seung Jo was being wheeled in for treatment… her reactions to the doctors… and of course.. being Dr. Baek’s private nurse!! hahahaha!!! and Seung Jo, much as he was irritated by it, he still indulges his wifey.. goes to show Oh Ha Ni’s “power” over him.. 🙂 ( did you guys notice how he was posed when Ha Ni gave him the shot.. yeowsa!! ) hahaha!

    and of course the kiss…. the gods have heard us!!!!!!! this was the best kiss so far when it comes to the webisodes!!! it was up close and personal.. i was counting the seconds and it lasted to almost 20 secs.. hahahaha!!! it wasn’t passionate-steamy but it felt really personal.. and i just love how BSJ’s hands were a little all over Ha Ni… it makes it more intimate.. ( sigh )

    and i also like it that Seung Jo is now at eye level with Ha Ni whenever he apologizes…i can feel the sincerity flowing.. 🙂

    i don’t want to think about the end.. not just yet.. so i’m just going to enjoy the remaining webisodes.. and i’m looking forward to the next one, count on Oh Ha Ni to stir up trouble when driving.. hehehehe…

    i guess steamy scene is only in our dreams ( the boat is getting ready to depart ).. i’m not giving up yet.. but i’m not setting myself up for disappointment… hmmnn… wait.. next webisode involves a car… maybe they will do something in the car other than driving lessons??!… hehehehe… ( wishing ) 😉

    kaaaahhh.. PK i still love you to pieces.. but please…. please…. stun the hell out of us!! (ya know what we mean!)

      • LOL @ chanting.
        I’m prepping my international stamps to Korea.
        It can either be a fan letter of praise or of wailing. LOL

      • hahahaha!!
        i guess we’ll have to hold our breathe until its done..
        but i’m still waiting..
        and i’ll also try the chanting again.. you’ll never know.. 🙂

      • For fear of sounding like a TS I don’t want to say “I believe in Leader.”
        For fear of sounding like a Hyunnie I don’t want to say “I believe in Hyunjoong.” (cause honestly, though I love him, WGM has taught me some things about that boy~ not all bad though.)
        For fear of offending Perfects, I want to say “GIRLS, WHERE ARE YOUR FAMOUS FANCAMS?!”


        I still can’t believe no one captured anything.

  20. Ockoala, your recaps are the best! Thanks much for: staying consistent with PK, extending your recaps to the YT eps, indulging our crazy addiction, spoiling us with PK sweets & goodies and letting us have FUN in your playground.

    Love the “kiss” in this episode. It’s my #3 best kiss so far, following the rain (#2) and honeymoon (#1). I’m so pleased the camera did not stray far to capture the essence of this kiss.

    I don’t want to speculate on our HyunJ and MinMin but these two have magic chemistry together. When they kiss you sense that innocence of youth, awkwardness and sweetness. Maybe just wishful thinking, hope their PK world merges with their real world.

    I love how PK softly took us into this sweet journey with SJ & HN along with their family & friends. How we fell in love with them, entwining them in our lives.

    I dread PK coming to a close next week …. too soon… I want to prolong this delicious spell a little bit longer….

  21. thanks ockoala for the recaps. as usual i was stalking your website late last nite.

    i love your insights and yes i agree with the fact that whatever it is, seungjo might show as if he is annoyed but in the end he will let her have it her way. it’s a lovely dynamic. i am not sure whether it’s been mentioned before but one of part of the whole manga / series that make me fall head over heels with these two character in general is the part where in the manga – seungjo told eunjo why he loves hani so much. it’s because of all the things in the world, he can do 90% and hani fills that 10% for him. eventhough it’s 10%, but no one else can do it as well as hani. it’s like they are perfect fit for each other.

    throughout the manga there will be other characters such as jisoo or keita (the male nurse that seungjo end up being jealous of) who will appear thinking that seungjo does not love hani because of the way they see him treat hani. as everyone can see, he is still seungjo and sometimes he is pretty tough on her. that is why they think that he don’t love hani. hell, even i would think that way if i see them in real life. afterall, i will only see a girl constantly following her husband. but really…although seungjo might not know it but it is actually the other way round. hani is actually the driving force and not seungjo.

    initially when they were casting, i had lee minho in my mind as i thought he did a pretty good job with gujunpyo. but i have to say, i have grown to love kim hyun joong as baek seungjo. he definitely improve his acting as episodes go by. as for hani, did not have anyone in mind but jung somin is definitely an awesome choice!

    again thank you for your insights.

  22. omo! i forgot…. i love the two kisses in the last two webisode. it might not be the steamy scene that hyun joong mentioned during the pc but has warmth and sweetness oozing out.

    hyun joong definitely love hot in the scrubs. in fact i love his hairstyle like that. not totally straight out like in high school and not totally curly like at the beginning of university. as for min min, she is super cute all the way. the girl just grows on you…at first glance, some might think she is a plain looking girl but the more you see of her, her natural beauty just shines.

    • Do you guys think we’ll ever get to see a steamy scene?
      I’m losing hope….but I don’t really care as long as they continue to give us sweet scenes of the two of them doing the most mundane things you can think of. Don’t know why I love this couple so much. I love to see Hani’s face when she sees Seung Jo….she literally lights up and glows and looks really beautiful. The part where she’s walking into the hospital at the beginning of the episode – she’s giving a voiceover and that funny music is playing – all of a sudden she sees him – and the music just stops: I loved that moment; it’s as though time is suspended for her, and us, at THAT moment, like her whole life is just focussed on him, he is really the centre of her universe. I really understood right there and then how much she loves him. I found that part particularly touching and memorable. If anything, I think this show has taught me that I should treat my hubby better LOL.

      • Yes…the last episode.
        In the anime, Naoki and Kotoko had a steamy scene (as steamy as an anime could get, I guess), so that’s what I looking forward to.

        I wonder when the Bday episode was shot because the last day of filming was the driving episode.

        Anyhow, I’ve made up several scenarios in my mind and every one of them has a half nekkid Seung Jo. 🙂 Something a la Pride would be nice.

      • Half nekkid Seung Jo…
        I hope your scenarios come true. If so, I may need Seung Jo to perform CPR on me. 🙂

      • I am still VERY upset that there was no gratuitous shower scene. T_T :sigh: I guess I’ll just have to rewatch the Persona concert XD

      • Hey guys need some help here….

        I watched the anime and I remember the steamy scene took place after she had a date with Irie but then she got held up by an accident and so arrived late….isn’t that similar to the last ep of PK? There wasn’t a birthday then, nor any steamy scene (unless you call kissy kissy in the car in pitch darkness steamy) but the rest was similar – the accident, arriving late, him waiting. So you guys are saying they’ll have a similar scenario in the last webisode? Confused….but I really loved that steamy scene in the anime and I had assumed that the last ep – seeing that there was an accident – would have the steamy scene, and was disappointed when there wasn’t any at all. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for a great ending. Nekkid Seung Jo would be an early Xmas present LOL!

      • @ Mayssenger, I don’t actually know what to make of how to the Japanese plot and the Korean plot. I haven’t seen the Japanese version except a small excerpt my sister showed me (rain scene). And I honestly want to keep it that way. I think the Korean version has it’s own charm, and maybe I’ll get around to seeing the other versions. :shrugs:

        As for the steam boating, well, all we’re hanging on to is Hyunjoong’s word that there’ll be “steamier love scene.” Where or when he failed to specify, if it comes true at all. How it’s presented we do not know. I really wish right now those Chinese fans would pull out some of that magic they did during the series when they gave us rumors/spoilers in plots/scenes. XD

      • Girls … do no give up yet. Our great expectation streamy will be happend because PK not end yet. Be positive. I came back and read the comments. Oh! its so good LOL, I can stop laughing.

        You know what —— I only heard globle village before. Now I can feel that I am living in there because of PK, ockoala and your guys …. Big thanks to all of u.

  23. Dear ockoala, thanks so much for the lovely recaps as usual, this was a really sweet episode for me. on one hand, i’m really enjoying their growth and maturity in their relationship, but on the other, i’m really dreading the finale webisode.

    BUT i know PK will always have a very special place in my heart, I feel like Hani and Seungjo have become a part of my life, i can still remember vividly their their college days, their bickerting, their courtship and now their marriage life….this show can go on for another 30 webisodes and i think i’ll still enjoy it, cos there’s so much that we can learn from them, like what ockoala said ~ marriage is not easy and we can all learn a thing or 2 from our lovely couple.

    I admit that this drama is far from perfect and has it’s fair share of bad stuff, bad editing, random moments, bad camera angles etc, the potential was there and yes things can be better, despite all these, i’ve never felt more connected in a drama than PK, Oh….i have my fair share of favourite dramas, MNIKSS, Soulmate etc, even the recently ended MGIAG, BUT nothing has hit me like this show, i think part of PK’s charm is also because of this great blog, and the wonderful dedicated PKissers who never fail to connect and share their insights and love for our couple.

    We have become a community and friends because of this show, and this is an amazing thing that allow all of us to come gether and share our love for the show and what we’ve learnt.

    The show may be ending, but i know my love will continue….be it Seungjo or Hani, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.


    • awwww…i feel the same way. PK is all the more sweeter because i get to share all the spazzing with everyone here.

      thanks so much, Ockoala for offering us this playground! 🙂

  24. Hehe…so I just finished watching with subs. Soooo much better.
    Ha Ni’s dramatics was lol w/o subs, but it is rofl w/subs. Oooh…I love that shot of Ha Ni’s face when she was tearing up. She was so madonna like…I just adore that girl.

    I just realized that BSJ had not been home for 5 days. Now I see why Dr. Baek was so eager for the kiss. Wonder what he would have done if it had been 10 days? Ah…Dr. Baek is a male after all.

    This episode is just sweeter and sweeter every time I watch it. We’re all going to have cavities by the time PK ends.

    • yeah.. I didn’t expected much from this CNN interview… but i didn’t expect this little either…. it was like 2 second interview with KHJ… and then… nothing -_- no (mindblowing) statements or whatsoever….
      Leeteuk and Siwon’s interview was done more properly.. aishhh

      • yes…the only saving grace of this mess of report is that they showed snippets of PK and JSM was there in spirit.

    • Been a lurker here for a while – stalking the site, and reading all the comments. I have to say all you commenters are HILARIOUS!
      I’m loving the webisodes and the discussions here.
      Unfortunately, KHJ screentime was basically like answering one question.. and then cut to the ladies talking.

      A little off topic, I really laughed out loud when the CNN reporter(??) asked whether the “Korean soaps still do the things like -Does everybody get amnesia and then somebody’s spouse is actually their long lost, formerly dead twin.” HAHA. she knows all too well.

  25. Yesterday when I was watching the new webisode raw on Youtube, I got a shock when he suddenly pulled her onto the bed, and this thought just flashed across my mind: Is this it -the STEAMY scene – in a hospital bed? Then WOAH I saw STEAM from behind Seung Jo’s head. REAL steam!!!! Looked again and realised it was an air humidifier. LOL

  26. Something to watch while we wait for the next episode to be uploaded.

    English Sub – Goodbye Baek SeungJo fan meeting part 1 and 2 by JangKissSubs


  27. You know what guys, I’m starting to think that the steamboat may just be a wishful thinking on KHJ’s side…maybe he thinks that if he says it in front of an audience, PD-nim will actually make it happen. LOL.

    So yeah, I’m not holding my breath anymore. But ’tis okay, I am so in love with today’s kiss it doesn’t even matter anymore. I’ll let my imagination fill the rest of the *boating anytime, anywhere* scenes.

    STILL… surprise me KHJ, surprise me. 😛

      • i can understand shipping. like joongbo, hyunmin, it’s it’s written with quality i’ll take a stab at it. but if it’s like a story about someone pairing themselves with a person I vehemently cast it aside. I don’t find it kosher, and i use that term loosely.
        Granted I once wrote a fanfic between a character I made up and an actor. but i stopped half way because it was just weird and it was an adventure story of sorts and not a romance.

      • ahhh, i see. i meant imagined steamboating between BSJ and OHN. tehee.
        it must be that HOWL *boating* song that i just downloaded, its messing with my already fried brain. 😉

      • I was perusing through fanfictions the other day and stumbled upon some crazy stuff lol (again i haven’t been active in the community in a long time). I guess I’ve always been sheltered since my fandoms have always comprised of seasoned, immensely talented, hardcore writers. I consider me lucky and a bit jaded having fanfiction mentors who have been published.

    • believe it or not, for all my fangirling, i’ve never read a single fanfic. dunno why, i just never felt the need to. but i’m weird like that.

      • I can agree. i’ve got enough to read for school and for personal stuff. I don’t really feel the need to read HJ fiction, for example, because I feel like I’m encroaching on his privacy.
        But as you’ve seen/read my pieces if I write something it’ll be HJ inspired…or Joongbo inspired. Something completely different. (I owe this to when the fansite i used to write for cracked down on song-fics and got used to referencing ambiguously the music/piece/lyrics)

      • *nod*

        Very rarely, I’m not a big fan of it. It’s gotta be really well done.

        Also, I wanted to add that although I am not a HJ/SM shipper, I have to wonder if these scenes were steamy in his head? Could that even account for JSM being tamer with the kisses than she was at end of show. Kisses got too good and reeling it back in?


      • Who knows what goes on in that head of his?
        I’m just patiently waiting.
        If there’s no steamy scene tomorrow then hopefully the’ll show something in the BTS.
        I remember in that BTS where Hae-ra was kissing him, HJ grabbed her and tumbled her on the bed. I was like @_@ “am I about to nosebleed?” and then felt rage, but then it passed as soon as it came. LOL Then next thought was “boy’s got moves for a shy one.” LOL

        On anycase, if not actual, then BTS, which I think would be more gratifying in a way because those shippers can interpret it as pro- their ship. (Throwin’ Hyunmin ship a bone of good will) LOL

      • the only time , and it was the first time also , I read FF was during my Bandini days ( Bandini is a hindi , means from india , serial which was great for almost a year but then became soooooo bad ) my indian friends were writing very very very good staff for the main two leads of the show , it was even better than the serial storyline itself and I was so dedicated to those FF but then when the serial became stupid I stopped reading and stopped watching also eventhough I’m still in love with Mr Ronit Roy , the actor playing the role of the main lead .

    • In the anime, Kotoko remains as devoted to Naoki as in the school days, even to the point of vying with their toddler daughter Kotomi for his attention.

      • yes as PKsotted said , in the anime Kotoko was jealous (in a cute and funny way ) of her daughter ( who was 3 or 4 years old ) and the love between her and her dad Naoki , it was cuuute how they ( kotoko and her daughter kotomi ) how they were racing to give the umbrella ( or dunno what , loool forgot what it was ) to Naoki before he leaves to work .

  28. Ok, just watched with subs, I didn’t even realize there were voiceovers during that kiss! And had to back up a few times to read because I kept getting distracted…

    • LOOOL , can I say something , you may think I’m weird but it’s me , I couldn’t forcus on the kiss becoz I felt kind of shy ( eventhough I so loved that smile of BSJ before he kissed HN ) it’s more becoz of my cultural and religious background , so I’m having more clear picture of the kiss through your discriptions 😉

      • @rainyrain:
        ah i loved their hospital kiss.. he was leaning in and kissed her while moving his head so it gets under hers shifting his head and making her tilt hers at the same time <3 <3 *spazzz spazzzz*

        try to watch it!!

      • @rainyrain

        I can understand. Though I’m usually ok, if my mother is in the room, I get shy just if a couple are cuddling on screen!

      • @ItadakimasU will watch the subbed version tonight inshallah and will try not to close my eyes or move them away , LOOOL I’m a grown up lady , I mean I’m even soe 3, 4 years elder than KHJ but still feel shy with those staffs on TV LOOOL but having them in a drama I love between a couple I’m crazy about make my heart very happy and melting 🙂

      • @rainyrain..
        yeah i totally get it… i’m about 2 years older than KHJ.. feel like a squealing ahjumma @times -_-

        ~*enjoy the kiss*~ 😉

      • Eight years older here. And he is same age as one of my nephews. Same birth month even. I try not to think about that.

      • @lulybunny…
        KHJ once said he’s 25 now.. for dating he can go for women up to 35 (so for universal ages it means…34 is his limit now) That means… we’re both still in the running LOLs!!! (i’m quite sure he said it as a fanservice mostly… but that still made me happy… and giddy hihihhihihihiiiiiiiiiii)

      • Hyunjoong’s 24/25 (korean age) I’m younger by 2 years.
        Btw, all romance is sucked out when you’ve got a) camera by your face b) no background music (of course they add that in editing) c) there’s a million staff members around.
        But basically we react to such scenes by the influence of music. I had to do an assignment once, to watch Jaws and Signs on mute, write my reaction, and then watch it with volume… yeah the music is the one that brings in all the emotion.

        LOL and that’s why I’ve got a soundtrack in my head XD

      • from his korean fanclub I saw he was born in 1982 , isn’t right , I mean what’s the difference between korean age and the world age ?

      • @rainyrain
        for some strange reason… the koreans add 1 year to their “world-age”… don’t ask me why…


      • thanks for the info he has the same age as my eldest sis , he is 8 years younger than me , ok I’m embarrassed now LOL

  29. Thank you, thank you, Ockoala for the recap. I watched the episode raw and was dying of frustration since i so wanted to understand the nuances of the different scenes.
    I really like how their relationship has progressed in this show. BSJ started the show as such an emotionally challenged person (your moniker of Robot boy fits him perfectly) and OHN was someone who saw the whole world through BSJ colored lenses. For the two of them to come together, grow together and create this wonderful, loving and mature relationship is amazing to see.
    I truly love this variation of the manga and the way the writer/director have chosen to portray the lead pair. They’ve taken away all the cringe-inducing stuff and replaced it with total squee-worthy bits! I love it!
    And I have to say Kim Hyun Jung has really really improved with this drama. I don’t know whether its the comfort factor with his co-star, or the fact that PK is an official hit internationally, or he just gets the BSJ character after playing it for such a long time but I like his BSJ/Naoki a LOT! And may I add, he totally rocks the kisses.
    Frankly, I’d be thrilled with an entire webisode of them kissing, preferably in their PJs!!

    • “… preferably in their PJs!!”

      I say preferably in PJs not so covered up. Those plaid PJs must be too warm to sleep comfortably… or snuggle, or kiss comfortably in. 😀

      But yeah, I was shocked when SJ immediate apologized and say that he himself wasn’t a perfect husband to Hani when he saw her crying and saying she wasn’t a good wife. I was so touched. This time, he’s quick to respond and make up for it. No more making HN run out crying or suffering silently by herself.

      • Somehow I’ve developed quite a fondness for those PJs, but yes, I’m all for one or two (or more!) buttons getting undone 🙂
        Who’re we kidding tho – this is KDramas we’re talking about.
        I loved today’s kiss, but was a bit disappointed at OHN’s seeming lack of participation. Then I watched in HD and it was a little better 🙂
        Yeah, BSJ apologizing was quite a surprise, and a very nice one at that….

      • I thought the matching PJs were ridiculous. What married couple wear such a complete set of clothes in bed? Even if they wear PJs, it’d probably be just the tops.. or the pants.. never the whole thing.. surely? hmmm…

        ….then I realized that PKverse is like a world within a bubble where couples in love skip about while conversing with each other, wear matching clothes in most occasions, have rooms decorated like a Barbie dollhouse with parents that let you become whatever you want in life and friends who drop everything to be your shoulders to cry on when you need them. So what’s a coupla matching PJs huh? 😛

      • Ha! Ha! So agree with you, KDramaland is a unique place indeed. I wonder if this extends to real life Korean BFs as well?
        I can just imagine the look I’d get from MBH (my better half) if I asked him to wear couple clothes with me….

      • strangely… on the one hand i can’t wait (for subs and ockoala’s recap)…. but on the other… time is flying and we’re heading towards the real finito of PK T_T

    • yes , was laughing during the entire epi ( yes my dear a miracle happened and I was able to watch it guess where , yes at work , youtube just miraculously worked for me today and was able to watch the webisode ) , hani ah is too cute for words and her hubby knows that and even if he is pissed off of her just one word or gesture from his hani ah makes him quickly smile ( yes that gorgeous smile of him is KILLLLLLER ) .
      I also realized that just still one episode and we will beg our PK farwell and I’m sad for that , I’m trying to find something else to watch but still can’t ( watched SKK scandal after downloading and this till episode 19 and I’m not willing to watch episode 20 becoz I’m not liking the ending , the two sa hyuong where toooo cute , dunno why the female charactere didn’t fell in love with one of the two and preferred the third guy )

      • Good for you!! (for having youtube access!!!) nothing beats watching for yourself! well… ockoala’s recaps are coming very close i have to say ^^

        i’ve been trying to watch other stuff also… but somehow… they don’t stick and i end up doing some more PK reruns instead -_- (even WGM…. it’s been weeks that i still have to finish the last ep(although it was yet another rerun)… but PK distracted me….)

      • Me.. I’ve been doing a Gong Yoo marathon. I didn’t know why I suddenly wanted to watch Coffee Prince a coupla weeks ago at first.. but after spending 3 days straight last weekend hunting down all his movies and most of his dramas (which ended up with me turning into a Gong Yoo fangirl who intermittently screams in her car.. “GONG YOO!!! BOGO SHIPPO!!!!” haha) ..I looked up his updates and found that his new movie is coming out end of this year~~~ ..I think I must have received Gong Yoo’s fangirls’ intense signal brain-wavelength that conditioned me to get into this whole mass hysteria.. thing. *ish not making sense*

        Anyway.. it’s a first for me to like so many guys at the same time. What with Kim Jae Wook and Jang Geun Suk.. whom I’m trying very hard to avoid right now or I’d be a total wreck going everywhere on the net following Mary’s footsteps.. I’m feeling overwhelmed.. LOL

      • nice to hear you had a long sleep 😉
        palli palli watch ep 6!!! (viikii already subbed… they sure are amazing!!)

      • btw JJ off topic, but i liked your quote from Red eye (the one you posted on recap 4)^^ yes indeed, amen to that 😀

      • LOL I slept late because i was doing some CSI. So a friend of mine also visits the church Hyunjoong went to for his father’s Deacon appointment/ordination. But I found that the place is not around the area in which he/they reside in, nor does the decor of this recent picture match the decor of the picture of him and kim bum taken 2008 during BoF when it was established that Kimbum and him go to the same church…
        However in an interview HJ said “Kimbum recently moved into our neighborhood…”
        Long story short, I’m trying to figure out stuff about the church.

  30. From the preview of next Tue final webisode, I’m not spotting boats of any kind – not even a tiny little paddle boat. However, the preview lasted only 20 secs so PD nim still has 9:40 min to prove me wrong with some stunners.

      • Double sigh. No boat sighting, nothing….sad. I suppose KHJ was just kidding? Or maybe they changed their minds.

    • Webisode 6 was an absolute fun -ride-. But by 8:40 I was shouting, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”…

      Dear Baek couple, while you were waiting for the car to be towed, you could have done some serious necking and made millions happy…

      I think this is the only kdrama in which I was so much looking forward to some skinship. I don’t mean that it should follow the example of They Kiss Again (way too much kissing), just at least 10 seconds of steam and/or boating — that’s not too much to ask, right?

      Aw, just one more episode next week. I’ll hunt down those responsible if there are no *stunners*. I’ll be flying to Seoul on 11/15 (yay! a 2-week vacation) and stalk OML’s Min-woo, MGIAG’s Mi-ho, SKKS’ Moony, and last but not least PK’s Oh Hani & Seung Jo. =)

      • I had the opposite reaction actually. After I watched episode 5, I thought.. “surely they won’t make this couple kiss again in ep 6, will they? coz that’s like being lazy and repetitive.. or something” ^^;;

        So I was happy when I watched the car story.. that was fun! fun! fun! Especially when he bullied her into that kneeling position and then didn’t have the heart to continue torturing his earnest and naive wife..haha. And even when I don’t understand Korean, I just knew that Baek Seung Jo said despite the whole ordeal, he had fun~ did I know that? Maybe I ish psychic.. LOL

        Love this couple ~~~~

      • yeah i’m with ami, as for this ep… kissing again might have become a are-they-kissing-again thing???? (somebody stated that there was too much kissing in TKA) I don’t need to see everyday-kissing. But kissing for really showing unspoken feelings are <3 JJANGGG!!!
        Ep 6 was not about that kind of intimacy i think…

      • this way, PK won’t be too mushy ^^

        but again.. i’m not opposing@steamboat scenes!! on the contrary!!

      • @ami

        I agree, three in a row would have made it too repetitive, especially if at the end of episode again. I really liked this one. Can’t wait to know what he said in the car while she was in a huff on side of road.

        I swear I heard adjumma and yeppuda. My mind immediately went to, “hey pretty lady, fancy a ride?”

      • I thunk they’re pacing it for us. It’s like.. kiss-no kiss-kiss-no kiss-kiss-no kiss.. so that means.. the next episode will be the LAST KISS, right?

        Just writing down that “LAST” word made me all kinds of sad.. really T___T

      • If anything HJ knows fanservice. He freely gives fanservice. And another thing, people hardly if ever say no to him. I could name instances, especially with BoF, but my brain’s still not working too much.

    • although I’m wishing with all my might for some steamy boatscenes for us, the PKissers… I won’t hold it against KHJ if it won’t show anything near steamy…. BUT I WILL BLAME PD-NIM (heh as a true fangirl… I blame all the others despite it being KHJ’s words making us all anticipate…. ^^keke)

  31. I guess the boat will be a 2-person boat only. Seung Jo will initially do the paddling until Ha Ni unfurls the sail. We unfortunately will be left ashore straining our eyes to that fast disappearing boat steaming full speed and rocking the waves. Maybe time to find new boaters.

    @rainyrain (and other I-can’t-wait-any-longer-for-some-insight-into-web-6):

    BSJ walks out of the house where OHN is standing waiting for him while sticking her driver’s license on to her forehead LMAO! BSJ dismisses her silly behaviour and walks to the driver’s seat while going through his pockets for the keys. OHN holds up the keys playfully and doesn’t want to hand it over, making BSJ chase after her for it (ah… the good old times =))
    In the end, OHN ends up driving (nervously). BSJ tells her to change lanes and she does it quite carelessly, scaring BSJ, making him roar his “YA” @her (actually there’s going to be lots of YA’s in this one ^^ OHN’s Bday… *sigh*

    @rainyrain (and other I-can’t-wait-any-longer-for-some-insight-into-web-6):

    BSJ walks out of the house where OHN is standing waiting for him while sticking her driver’s license on to her forehead LMAO! BSJ dismisses her silly behaviour and walks to the driver’s seat while going through his pockets for the keys. OHN holds up the keys playfully and doesn’t want to hand it over, making BSJ chase after her for it (ah… the good old times =))
    In the end, OHN ends up driving (nervously). BSJ tells her to change lanes and she does it quite carelessly, scaring BSJ, making him roar his “YA” @her (actually there’s going to be lots of YA’s in this one ^^ <3… oww sorry back @the webisode). He tells her to switch on the changing lane sign (?) but instead, she turns on the wipers. OHN starts panicking… WOMAN IS DANGEROUS (behind the wheels… or actually, she's dangerous in general). BSJ tells her to pull up, but OHN doesn't dare to not go straight ahead. They finally stopped along the road and BSJ tells her to switch and he suggests to get some food and OHN = instantly giddy. Once on the (safe) passenger's seat, OHN gets ahead of herself and open ups the rooftop (despite the cold weather). BSJ is annoyed but once again lets his wifey do crazy ^^. She keeps feeding him tangerines, stuffing his mouth so full he can't lecture her until he yells "STOP IT". She distracts him by putting these HUGE sunglasses sloppily on his nose and BSJ starts to smile again and even continues to eat the feeded tangerines.
    OHN is having a blast, standing up straight in the (moving) car and wooting. @that time, her "open-car"-scarf detaches. It got stuck on a (tree) branche. Hubby jumps up and down several times in an attempt to retreive the scarf but fails. He tells her to come over and help out… OHN goes "but i'm a girl…". However, she kneels down for him to step on her. BSJ looks at his silly wife and smirks, tells her to get up and sit on his shoulder to reach for the scarf. He even brushes off the leaves stuck on her pants (because of the kneeling). Once up, OHN got scarred and starts to wail while BSJ tells her to just hurry up and get the scarf.
    Finally they give up and leave with OHN behind the wheels again. OHN suddenly stands on her breaks surprising them both. BSJ upsets his wife again with his words, but this time, OHN gets out of the car and walks away. BSJ is tailing her slowly with the car (*adorable*) calling her Ajhumma and to get in. He didn't pay any attention to the road and ends up crashing the car…
    They are at the roadside again and having their sweet "teasing" interaction. In the end BSJ fessed up that despite the "disaster" he.had.FUN!! OHN is cheered up at once and sweetly leans into her hubby.
    Last scene: while it looks like BSJ is instructing his wife how to drive (put on seatbelt etc)… the car moves backwards as it is being towed away.
    Preview: Last ep…T_T – OHN's Bday… *sigh*

    • pfewwwwww!!! I almost thought I lost the whole text… but fortunatly… going back one page means retrieving previously typed reply… ^^ good to know good to know…

      ah.. another advice… becareful using < and the mirrored sign… it'll crop your text 🙁

      • thankuuuu , thanku so much for the update but you know what I was able to watch the epi , by dunno which miracle , the youtube video worked for me at work and I was having my lunch with a total bliss and fun 😀

      • thankuuuu and I will always needed since miracles ( like the one that happened to me ) only happens once LOL , so for next week last epi I will surely need ur help to know what happened 🙂

  34. Hani is cuteness overload in this episode.. OMG. I dunno how I’m gonna be able to go on without her adorable hani-ness gracing my monitor every week. Despite being a KHJ fan, I often find myself yelling and raising my fist at BSJ a lot whenever he’s being an ass with Hani.. LOL. Does that mean KHJ gets my seal of approval as Baek Seung Jo? (Do you need to ask that?) 😛

    But even though BSJ is always nagging her like an ahjumma (why does he keep calling her an ahjumma when it’s really him behaving like one all the time? hehe), I can feel his love for Hani overflows every time he looks at her silently, especially during the times when she’s spouting some gibberish about how awesome he is or how lucky she is to have him.. blablabla. When she sadly said with tears in her eyes that she’s not a good enough wife to him.. I just felt that he was this close to pulling her roughly to him and having his way with her on the hospital bed. Or maybe that’s just my demented brain’s wishful thinking.. haha. I love the way he looks at Hani after the kiss.. like, “I want us to be on our own bed right now and me without this stupid leg cast on”

    I said this before and I’ll say it again (and again).. Baek Seung Jo is the nicest Naoki Irie I’ve watched so far and Oh Hani is the most adorable Kotoko.. *LOVE*

    • I think that by SeungJo calling Ha Ni “Ajuhmma”, he is making an announcement that she is unavailable to other men. I think the Korean interpretation is actually “unattractive”. It is sweet and a possesive monicker but it will be drive me crazy if my husband starts calling me the equivalent.

      • ahhh well said!! I couldn’t quite put it in place or words how he calling her ahjumma equals making her his property!!

        Nice one!

      • hmmm…i interpret him calling her ahjumma as a gentle reprimand (that she’s a married woman now) and not him being territorial. something along the lines of “love, i know your being your usual cute Hani self right now but can you please listen to me on this one and stop acting so childish?”

        i think its pretty cute, almost like an endearment actually. his tendency is to yell at her and that rattles her even more. when he called her ahjumma it irritated her enough to make her comeback with “look there’s a puppy!”, pushing her “feisty” buttons instead of being her usual apologetic klutzy self. 🙂

  35. Dear PK PD-nim,

    For as much grief we give you on the steam boating, we still appreciate A LOT, the fanservice you give.


    P.S. Thank you for the knee-brushing, shoulder rides, and “you just killed those flowers.”

  36. What hospital are they supposed to be working at? i need to know for a Playful Kiss story im writing and I.CANT.FIND.IT.ANYWHERE 🙁

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