Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 7 Recap

THIS was the episode, folks. Episode 7 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) was the turning point for this drama in my mind. It’s the moment where the drama shows hand, and tells us whether it’s capable to doing emotional heft alongside lightweight fluff. And the answer is a resounding yes. If I cut out all the unnecessary scenes, what is left in this episode might just be the best of M3 that we have seen thus far.

I’m glad I decided to recap M3 instead of Secret Garden. It’s not because I love M3 more than SG, but rather that M3 is much more fun to recap. Its simplicity lends itself to allowing the flourishes a recapper can insert into a scene to smooth over its rough edges. I don’t think I’m a good writer (by any measure of quality), but I tend to write with my gut. When I watch M3 for the first time, the emotional connection with the drama and its broad strokes of a story combine to make my recaps more interesting than the story itself because I pontificate all sorts of random asides that pop up when I watch it.

When I rewatch M3, the lags becomes more obvious and I realize my love for the drama has patched over those lags when I read my own recap. Which is to say, watching a drama is living in the moment – so while M3 may not hold up over time, it sure hits me right where it hurts but good right now, and my recap captures my subjective reaction to M3 at that high point. I think the highs in M3 hit at such crucial moments that it colors my entire recap, which I am cognizant of and accept as part and parcel of the entire experience.

Some detractors have noted validly that M3 seems to be puttering along, moving sideways instead of full speed ahead. I don’t quite agree, because I think M3 was always moving ahead, but felt stagnant because there wasn’t a lot of story to tell. I think that is about to change. The story cannot remain mired in the fake marriages sham or shenanigans if it aims to touch a realistic emotional chord. The end of episode 7 takes us right to that edge, and I have a feeling episode 8 will push the story in a whole new direction.

Episode 7 is the episode where I finally connected with Jung In as a character. And it was about time! This is all the writer’s fault for forcing his character into such a passive mode. To be honest, both Kim Jae Wook and Jung In are exactly my type of actor and character in an objective world. I have a thing for guys in suits and cold dispassionate chaebol wounded woobies. I love Jang Geun Seok and Mu Gyul more subjectively because both his performance and his character are given the free rein to emote and he does so.

It’s a writing fail not to have a more compelling love triangle because I would relish the gut punch feeling of loving both male leads for the heroine. See Damo for the one drama which succeeds beyond any measure of creating two AMAZING men and making the heroine and the viewers unable to pick between them. (But I did pick, Team Naeuri FTW!).

Moon Geun Young is doing everything in her power to elevate the material, and she is doing such a bang up job I love M3 more for it. This is one drama where the characters will remain vibrant long after the drama ends. Kinda like we always recall Kim Sam Soon, Hwang Tae Kyung, and Choi Han Kyul. But at the end of episode 7, if anyone even thinks Jung In has a snowball’s hell in chance of getting Mae Ri to fall in love with him, I would like to sell you a goose that lays golden eggs.

M3 Episode 7 Recap:

Mu Gyul holds up Mae Ri’s hand in his, and announces to everyone at the office that this girl is his woman….and they are married. The jaws collectively drop. He gives Jung In one final stare, and tells Mae Ri that they are leaving now. They walk out, leaving a stunned crowd in silence. Seo Jun stares at Mu Gyul so hard during this announcement her eyeballs almost need a new zip code from the rest of her head.

Mu Gyul’s band mates are curious about the about face – didn’t Mu Gyul warn them to keep this marriage under wraps at work. Why is he revealing it now, which would make them an office couple. The crowd disperses, leaving Seo Jun and Jung In standing there. She asks if Jung In knew already, and his silence is answer plenty. She throws her drink against the wall and stalks off.

Mu Gyul drags Mae Ri out to the lobby, and she throws off his hand and confronts him right there about the stunt he just pulled. Why did he do it? Mu Gyul claims that he can’t do it anymore, perhaps excusing his grand proclamation as a way to end the 100 day contract, leaving Jung In no wiggle room. But we all know he did it because he was jealous and wanted to put Jung In in his place.

Jung In catches up to them, and walks right up to Mu Gyul and punches him but good. Oh yeah, show some emotion, Jung In! Mu Gyul deserved it, for being such an ass about Mae Ri’s feelings and the entire situation. Jung in calls Mu Gyul a guy with no responsibility. Mu Gyul smarts at both the punch and the assertion and returns a fist to Jung In’s face, calling him a materialistic man who would buy a marriage with money.

Both guys launch at each other, grabbing the other by the shirt collar. Mae Ri rushes to break them apart and defuse the situation. Jung In accuses Mu Gyul of breaking the arrangement, thereby Jung In has no obligation for fair competition anymore. Mu Gyul tells Jung In to compete by himself. Oh yeah, the fur is flying now. Jung In asks Mu Gyul whether he has considered Mae Ri’s position, which is where Jung In wins points for actually thinking about Mae Ri. But he’s still in the negative point column for his end game being to marry her for his father’s money.

They are about to punch each other when one guy’s elbow hits Mae Ri in the forehead, and the situation ends right there. Mae Ri takes Mu Gyul back to her place and minsters to his broken lip. She asks him what happened to the man who hates conflict, who likes peace? He responds that when a challenge is issued, he has to man up to it.

Mae Ri wonders what will happen tomorrow, and Mu Gyul contritely apologizes and surmise that the 100 day arrangement is null and void now. She puts more medicine on his forehead and chastises him for always letting his explosive temper get the better of him. She tells him an apology is useless now. Mu Gyul, who is feeling bad, nonetheless reminds her that she constantly drags him around doing what she wants and then apologizing for it as well. Yup, these two are like two peas in a pod.

Mu Gyul notices her bruised forehead, and leans over to crush her bangs aside to look at it. He remarks that the bruise will likely swell up soon. This moment of closeness causes a frisson of awareness to pass between them, and both lower their head slightly to break the eye contact. She finally asks why he told everyone they were married? Mu Gyul can’t explain, it just happened. To which Mae Ri yells at him for always being like this: doing whatever he wants, no sense of responsibility, going with the moment.

Mae Ri calls him out for using her in Mu Gyul’s attempt to win over Jung In. What does she mean to him? He tries to explain that it wasn’t solely that reason, but she’s already stomped back to her room and shut the door. Back at his place, Mu Gyul is mixing a new song (and it sounds great), and his eyes settle on the love story Mae Ri constructed about their romance. He flashes back to all the times they’ve spent together.

The next day, Mae Ri walks into the office and runs into Jung In, who has decided to go for a new emo hairstyle. Me no approve, emo Jung In does not do Kim Jae Wook justice. Likely it’s to cover up his own forehead from the remnants of Mu Gyul’s fist last night. He assures Mae Ri that he will continue the professional arrangement with Mu Gyul, but they need to discuss the personal arrangement. Mu Gyul arrives at the office and calls out “chagi-ya” to Mae Ri. He’s sure free with the chagi-ing all of a sudden.

He drapes his arm over Mae Ri, and she wonders why the heck he’s at work so early. He smiles and says that one needs to work hard to support one’s wife. Oh Kang Mu Gyul, you are a piece of happy work. He then pinches her cheeks and tell her that he will work hard from now on. Mae Ri is taken aback by this new husband and stammers her consent with his new plan.

Devil daddy suddenly makes an appearance and yells from the elevator at Jung In, demanding to know whether Jung In decided to pre-produce the drama. Mae Ri wisely and quickly shuttles Mu Gyul away from the arrival of Jung In’s father. Mae Ri thanks the lord her dad didn’t arrive at the same time, and is trying to send Mu Gyul away to the set when they do run into her dad, who is none too happy to see Mu Gyul at the office AND with his original girly hair.

Jung In’s dad – who is so demented at this point I’m just going to keep calling him devil daddy, okay guys – is pissed to find Mu Gyul is producing the OST and working with Mae Ri and Jung In. Jung In tries to discuss the marriage arrangement, likely to ask his dad to reconsider, but devil daddy plows ahead with his demonic pressure on his son. He tells Jung In that he must win in both the company and his personal relationship with Mae Ri. Jung In has no alternative but to succeed. Way to threaten and demean your kid, devil daddy.

Mae Ri’s dad – who I shall call loser daddy – is angry that Mu Gyul hoodwinked him with the haircut and wants to grab a scissors and cut it right there. Mae Ri holds off her dad and tells Mu Gyul to take off. She explains that Jung In knew Mu Gyul’s identity and still selected him to work at the company and produce the OST. Devil daddy warns Jung In to get rid of Mu Gyul before the office finds out about his marriage to Mae Ri (haha, too late for that, buster). Jung In, who is literally white with repressed anxiety, promises that he will handle it.

Mae Ri tells the two dads that Jung In needs Mu Gyul at this time for the drama to succeed. She offers to leave the company to avoid the awkwardness. She’s packing up to leave, and Mu Gyul offers to leave and have her stay. Mu Gyul tells Jung In that Mae Ri loves dramas, and should keep working at the company. Jung In says that Mae Ri will continue to work on the drama, just not in the office. She’ll be assisting the screenwriter from now on. But regardless of the reveal of Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s marriage, the 100 day arrangement remains intact.

Mu Gyul smarts at the all-mighty drama producer Jung In, and his determination to keep this arrangement going. Mu Gyul asks whether Jung In intends for Mu Gyul to keep getting more nervous as Jung In continues to work harder. Jung In concedes Mu Gyul won round one, but he’s in it to the very end. The boys have a stare down. This shit never gets old for me to watch. Jung In reminds Mu Gyul that there are only 60 days left.

Mae Ri goes to Mu Gyul’s apartment and runs into his mom, who has decided to crash with him for a few days. She drags Mae Ri out to buy ice-cream and other food stuffs. Mom wants to buy lots of pre-packaged foods, and Mae Ri warns her that eating too much will make her age faster. Mom puts it all away and grabs all the fresh produce. Guess who’s going to have to cook it for her. Mu Gyul and Jung In are listening to a demo track, and Jung In is pleased with Mu Gyul’s work product, complimenting him sincerely for creating such natural and moving music.

Seo Jun arrives, having skipped several days of recording sessions, and asks to speak with Mu Gyul alone. She slaps him and rightfully asks why he lied to her and kept her in the dark. Was it fun toying with her? She tells him that they can’t even be friends anymore, she doesn’t want to see him again. She calls him his dreaded name, a bad-luck guy, and slams the door on her way out.

Jung In tries to reason with her, but she’s livid over how a man who claimed to never want to get married would suddenly be married (and not to her). Seo Jun cannot wrap her mind around Mu Gyul picking Mae Ri. She tells Jung In that Wi Mae Ri is not Mu Gyul’s type at all. Jung In is also reassessing that relationship with this new nugget of information.

Mae Ri is tired from making all the kimchee and calls Mu Gyul asking him to hurry home. She asks mom why Mu Gyul seems to hate being called a bad-luck fellow. Mom confesses that she had Mu Gyul when she was 17, and he was passed from one relative to another. Everyone called him a bad-luck fellow as he was growing up. Mu Gyul comes home to find Mae Ri toiling away for his mom.

He ties up his hair and gets down to work alongside his wifey. He picks up a piece to feed to Mae Ri, and his mom watches with a curious eye. She comments that they are just like a newlywed couple (hello, that’s what I’ve been saying since episode 1!), and both automatically deny it. Mom takes off to go shopping, leaving the kids to do all the hard work. Mu Gyul tells Mae Ri to leave and he’ll finish up, it’s almost 10 already. She refuses to leave such a mess behind, agreeing to stay but honestly telling him that his mom is so demanding. He apologizes, and asks cutely if she’s tired or not.

Loser daddy calls Mae Ri and offers to pick her up on his way home from the dokbokggi restaurant. She tells her dad that she’ll be late today, leading dad to show up at Mu Gyul’s place to see all the kimchee. He’s upset that his daughter is working so hard when she’s with Mu Gyul, asking if they plan to open a kimchee factory.

Mom comes back at that very second, and introduces herself as mom to loser daddy. Loser daddy is upset that mom is making his adorable daughter work so hard and do the things a daughter-in-law is supposed to do. The parents get into a shouting match, and the kids gets dragged into the pulling and the biting. Finally, Mae Ri drags her dad out of here.

Mae Ri calls Mu Gyul to apologize, but candidly tells him that her dad isn’t all in the wrong. Mu Gyul agrees, and apologizes for his mom as well. Both are them are so sweet with each other, and Mae Ri says again, they are suffering from the same ailment (bad parents disease). Mae Ri tells Mu Gyul that she is not comfortable being with Jung In alone, so she asked her friends to come hang out with her at Jung In’s place.

One of Mae Ri’s friends is totally flirting with Jung In, who keeps looking at Mae Ri, standing off to the side still talking on the phone with Mu Gyul. Her compliment of Jung In’s hands, and remark that he doesn’t wear a wedding ring, leads Jung In to wonder why Mae Ri doesn’t wear a wedding ring. The friends try to explain that the wedding was such a rushed affair there wasn’t any time to get a ring. They quickly add that Mae Ri and Mu Gyul have a set of solid gold couples rings.

Jung In says that he thought Mae Ri didn’t wear her ring because of the 100 day arrangement, and not because she doesn’t have a wedding ring. Mae Ri’s friends take off, and Jung In immediately asks Mae Ri whether its true that she doesn’t have a wedding ring because they didn’t have time to get one. Mae Ri confirms, and then pretty much blows her story when she tells Jung In that they have a set of silver couple rings.

Mae Ri wonders what’s gotten into Jung In today, asking all sorts of confirmation questions about her relationship with Mu Gyul. Jung In honestly tells her that he didn’t intend to. Then Jung In asks Mae Ri point blank whether its indeed the case that she and Mu Gyul married for love? Mae Ri, unable to lie directly at Jung In with his sincere question, excuses herself and takes off.

It’s raining outside and Mae Ri forgot her umbrella at Jung In’s house in her haste to exit. She runs home in the rain. She calls Mu Gyul, and confesses that she really doesn’t want to keep lying anymore. She is outside his apartment when Seo Jun comes up to her. Seo Jun asks Mae Ri – who brought up getting married first? Mae Ri confesses that it was her. This pleases Seo Jun, who remarks that Mu Gyul would never ask someone to marry him first (oh lady, you better believe he’s going to be asking in the near future, my crystal ball says so, and it ain’t going to be you).

Seo Jun asks Mae Ri whether Mu Gyul was forced to get married, and Mae Ri honestly tells her that she has a reason that she can’t explain right now. Mae Ri kindly gets Mu Gyul off the hook for lying to Seo Jun, saying that she was the one who asked Mu Gyul to keep it a secret. Mae Ri excuses herself again and runs back into the rain rather than enter the apartment. Jung In watches her from the car, having brought her umbrella.

Mu Gyul comes back soaking wet, and Seo Jun follows him in. She’s there to apologize for calling him a bad luck guy earlier. Mu Gyul tells her to leave if she’s said what she came here to say. Seo Jun sits down, telling him she just got started. She spies the blue mittens, and takes Mu Gyul to task for lying to her about those as well, clearly it was made by a woman, by Mae Ri.

Seo Jun confesses that she just saw Mae Ri, and tells Mu Gyul that they both lie quite well. Seo Jun’s pride is hurt that Mu Gyul would reject her, since she pined for him for an entire year, yet he decided to marry Mae Ri. Seo Jun stands up to leave, and her tears come unbidden, as her heart really breaks for having feelings for a guy who doesn’t reciprocate it.

Mae Ri is at the bookstore when Jung In comes up to her. He asks whether coming to the bookstore is a good way to calm oneself down. She concurs, she comes when she needs some space, and she can hide herself away. He notes that she is reading poetry, and she explains that poetry is elegant and spare, explaining a lot with very little words.

They sit alongside a stack and read. Another customer comes by and asks Jung In to move so that she can grab a book he is blocking. Jung In scoots closer to Mae Ri. He leans over to read over her shoulder, and she notices and raises the book between them. Jung In is embarrassed and resumes his own reading.

Night has fallen, and Seo Jun and Mu Gyul are resting on the sofa. She reaches over and touches his forehead, asking him why he walked home in the rain. He’s going to be feeling sick all night. She asks him what Mae Ri means to him. Mu Gyul says that initially it was all just a joke, for fun. But now it’s not longer a joke. Mae Ri is like family to him. Seo Jun correctly remembers that Mu Gyul views family as a burden and a negative association.

Mu Gyul says that used to be how he saw family, until Mae Ri came into his life. When he sees Mae Ri, he realizes that this is what being in a family is like. Seo Jun says that the reason Mu Gyul can be with Mae Ri for over a month now must be because he doesn’t see Mae Ri as a woman, but as family. Mu Gyul corrects her – Mae Ri is a woman with intense loyalty. Seo Jun continues to push Mu Gyul – even if he sees Mae Ri as family, when he gets tired or bored with this relationship, he’ll still walk away. Isn’t that how he always handles things? She tells him not to feel bad, and leaves.

Jung In and Mae Ri are strolling in a market. Jung In confesses he’s only seen these places on TV, he’s never actually been to a real food market. Mae Ri buys dried dates from a halmoni, and offers one to Jung In. He declines because he doesn’t particularly like dates, but she persist and he reluctantly tries one. To no one’s surprise, he says its sweet and quite delicious. Mae Ri explains that a date tastes like sunshine, because it’s dried under the sun and has weather all the elements.

Seo Jun has dragged all the band mates out and is grilling them all on the how, where, whys of Mu Gyul and Mae Ri’s wedding. The band mates keep trying to end the conversation but she’s determined to get to the truth. Mae Ri and Jung In are eating a meal at a market stall, and Mae Ri asks Jung In what he meant back at the country estate when he told her that he sees devil daddy like a god?

Jung In explains that he was once kidnapped because of his father’s dealings in Japan, but his father saved him. To make him stronger, his father became harsher with him. But he sees his father as a protector who saved his life (rather than the loser who put his life at risk in the first place). Mae Ri thinks that his story is just like a drama. She asks whether he lost his memory because of the kidnapping, and he says that since he saw the picture of them as kids, he’s starting to have quite a few dreams with respect to his lost memories.

Mu Gyul is at home, burning up with fever. He calls his mom, who doesn’t answer despite Mu Gyul’s plea that she be there for him. He calls his Merry Christmas, and she yells at him for getting rained on during such a cold day. She tells him to wait for her, she’ll buy medicine and bring it to him. Mu Gyul waits outside for her, but since she’s slow in arriving, he takes off to buy medicine himself.

Jung In drives Mae Ri home, and walks over to open the car door for her with an umbrella ready to shield her from the rain. She’s about to take off when she rummages through her bag for something to give him. He pulls her closer to keep her under the umbrella shade, and they are aware of their proximity to each other. She brought socks for him at the market, socks which are warm and soft and will help him sleep.

Mae Ri thanks him for being so candid with her today, and sharing some of his emotional childhood trauma with her. She tells him that today, for the first time, she feels like Jung In has opened himself up and she can relate to him as a person. She tells him to not be so closed off all the time, and not to fear his father so much. She reminds him to wear the socks to bed. As she walks around, he calls her name and pulls her back into a kiss. And oh lord, was this a wonderful kiss. In the moment and very sincere. Jung In kisses her because the time they spent together really affected him.

It’s telling that Mae Ri neither draws away (isn’t in love with Mu Gyul, in that she would refuse a kiss from Jung In, especially since Jung In does affect her), nor does she close her eyes after the initial shock of the kiss (which would indicate her falling into the moment of the kiss). Jung In apologizes after the kiss, which is witnessed by Mu Gyul. He rushes up and punches Jung In, who really deserves it if he believes he is kissing a woman who is married and in love with another man. At this point, even Jung In doesn’t know what to believe.

Mu Gyul drags Mae Ri inside. She yells at him for always using his fists first, and he yells back at her for bringing Jung In to his place. She shows him the medicine she brought, to explain why Jung In is there. Mu Gyul starts coughing, and Mae Ri shuttles him into bed. He tells her to forget it, and she agrees, thinking he means to forget this argument tonight. She comes back with water, and he repeats again that they should just forget it. What follows is, thus far, the most meaningful sequence in the entire drama.

He goes further and tells her that they should forget this whole fake marriage thing. He tells her that he is exhausted and can’t continue. She asks him what he means. He tells her that he can’t differentiate between whether it’s his desire to win over Jung In, or he really likes Mae Ri, but this entire fake marriage is becoming too real to him now. And he can’t handle it anymore. He’s tired of it all. He tells her that they should just end it.

During this conversation, both of them start to tear up, but neither can see since Mu Gyul has his back to Mae Ri, and doesn’t turn to look at her. Jung In, who is standing at the top of the staircase, clearly has heard this entire conversation. Mae Ri thanks Mu Gyul for everything he has done for her. She says that she is tired, too. And she’s sorry for putting him through it all.

She turns and walks to the other room, where she pauses and tries to compose herself. But the tears continue to come, as she swallows her sadness at the end of her association with Mu Gyul. These are not tears resulting from the anguish of having to marry Jung In, since the end of her fake marriage only means she can’t postpone or avoid marrying Jung In now. These are the tears of someone who is being pushed away by the person they care about.

Mu Gyul finally turns to look at her, his face hidden beneath his scarf and his lustrous hair, but the tears glistening by his eyes. Mae Ri wipes away her tears and brings him a cold compress, telling him that she just wants to do something for him and then she’ll leave. He sits up and pushes her hand with the towel away, telling her that he doesn’t need it. She yells right back, a combination of frustration that he won’t let her help, and her raw emotions at losing Mu Gyul by her side, telling him that she KNOWS, their contract is over.

Her sunny disposition comes back up, and she tells him not to be angry, it’ll just make him sicker. She’ll make him some bean sprout soup to drink, and then she’ll leave. She cooks the soup, and coaxes him to sit up and eat something so that he can take the medicine and go back to sleep. She prepares the food, and Mu Gyul looks at her wearily, a combination of uncertainty and exhaustion. She feeds him, and he doesn’t push her away.

Seo Jun finally gets the youngest band mate to confess the truth to her about Mu Gyul and Mae Ri’s fake marriage. At the same time, devil daddy finds out that Mu Gyul revealed his marriage to Mae Ri in front of the entire office at the opening party. He turns his car around to pick up loser daddy as they head to Mu Gyul’s apartment. Jung In remains standing outside, understanding that Mae Ri and Mu Gyul are ending things inside

Seo Jun comes back to the apartment, but Jung In refuses to let her inside. Mu Gyul wakes up to see Mae Ri sleeping on the ground, with her head resting on the mattress. He pulls the covers over her, fixes her head, and smoothes her hair away from her face. The demonic duo of daddies arrive, and loser daddy confronts Mu Gyul for revealing to the world that his darling daughter is a married woman.

Okay, what follows is a scene where I want to strangle loser daddy – he accuses Mu Gyul of ruining his daughter, with no intention of being true to her. But this coming from the man who SOLD his daughter to pay his debts, I simply have no words for the extent of his hypocrisy. Seriously, I hope he gets eaten by an alligator at the end of the drama. He pushes Mu Gyul down, and sits down to cry and harp some more about his poor daughter.

Rather than explain that everything was at the behest of Mae Ri and it was a fake wedding, Mu Gyul simply takes all the yelling and pushing, and apologizes. Devil daddy yells at Mu Gyul for making things so difficult for everyone involved. How does he plan to resolve things now? Um, marry Mae Ri for real? Would that satisfy you two turd buckets? Please go walk off a cliff and never let me see you again.

Mae Ri starts to tear up at seeing Mu Gyul so misunderstood and abused, and tells them to stop yelling at him. She says that Mu Gyul has done nothing wrong, it was all her. She apologizes to Mu Gyul, who tells her to forget it, it doesn’t matter now. Mae Ri tells the dad’s that she and Mu Gyul never got married. Jung In and Seo Jun walk in right at the moment, and hear her confession. Mu Gyul’s eyes widen, and he calls out Mae Ri’s name, shocked that she would reveal it to everyone involved. Mae Ri, with her eyes rimmed with tears, is doing the right thing so that she and her problems will never burden Mu Gyul again.

Thoughts of Mine:

M3 appears to be doing its darndest to raise the stakes in each and every episode. I won’t even call today’s episode a game changer, which it is. It now feels redundant because every episode has been a game changer since Jung In decided to really pursue Mae Ri. This was way earlier than I expected for the cat to be let out of the bag. So now everyone who matters knows that Mae Ri and Mu Gyul are not really married.

I love it! This means that everything that happens between them from now on, it’s not for show at all, but because both of them want to be together. I always appreciate it when a plot device is tossed aside as soon as its served its useful function rather than remain as a crutch. This allows Mae Ri and Mu Gyul to make decisions independent of putting up appearances, and I bet money they both will struggle to understand why they can’t seem to let each other go.

Jung In’s kiss was objectively way better than Mu Gyul’s kiss, in every way. The kiss, the location, the impact on the person watching, the impetus, the prelude, the aftermath. Coming in second doesn’t mean you can’t make a bigger oomph. Too bad all that emotional buildup with Jung In was negated by the best and most raw scene between Mae Ri and Mu Gyul since the drama started. Omo, if you didn’t tear up during the sick bed scene, then you are made of stone. Poor Jung In, just as he’s about to make headway to Mae Ri, Mu Gyul again one ups him. By pushing Mae Ri away, Mu Gyul is actually doing the very thing that would make her assess his importance to her.

Jung In may make Mae Ri’s heart flutter and her mind consider him objectively as a possible romantic partner, but it’s Mu Gyul who makes Mae Ri’s heart break. You can see how much him being in pain hurts her. It’s not that she’s hurt by his rejection of her, but rather she’s hurt that her actions have put him in such an untenable position that he’s forced to lash out at her. When Mae Ri announces to the fathers that she’s not really married to Mu Gyul, it’s for his benefit so that he is no longer bothered by her mess.

Even though Mu Gyul earlier told her to end the contract, his refusal to reveal the truth when the fathers came to harass him is evidence enough for Mae Ri that he’s changed his mind. But she goes ahead anyways because she wants to stop burdening him. This was the clearest indication in my mind that Mae Ri loves Mu Gyul. Not that she is “in love” with him (which she is as well), but that she already cares for him enough to doom herself to marrying Jung In. It’s not yet the grand sacrificial gesture, but it’s one where Mae Ri has made a choice to release Mu Gyul and deal with her own situation by herself. Her backbone astounds me.

If I hear a single criticism of Mae Ri – be prepared to bring it, peeps. I love this girl. The moment she realizes and understands that her request that Mu Gyul pretend to be married to her has such emotional consequences on him, she immediately backs off and takes all the responsibility for her actions. She owes no one anything, yet she still sacrifices and puts her future on the line for those she loves.

She can tell Jung In’s dad to frag it and let her dad suffer the consequences, but she won’t because she loves her father. She can use how Mu Gyul feels about her (now that he’s confessed to being confused about whether he likes her) to bind him to the contract, but she won’t because she can see how much he’s hurting because of her. She can tell Jung In to shove it, but she will actually give him a chance to come into her heart because she can see he needs someone who loves him, and she will not bar that possibility from happening. I don’t think she’s sacrificing insomuch as she’s making conscious choices to find a solution that makes everyone happy, including herself.

I think Mu Gyul and Mae Ri need to be apart for them to realize how significant they have become to each other. Can Mu Gyul resume his life the way it was before Mae Ri ran him over with her car? Can Mae Ri transform her life the way it was meant to be before she made Mu Gyul pretend to be married to her? Not bloody likely. This is where I sell the oft-used but wholly plausible truth about love – the heart wants what the heart wants. I firmly believe that had Mae Ri not run into Mu Gyul first, she would absolutely be able to fall in love with Jung In. Too bad timing is everything.

If you asked me who needs Mae Ri more (not to mention who loves Mae Ri more), the answer is Mu Gyul. Jung In needs a friend, someone to encourage him to get over his ingrained fear of daddy dearest and be brave enough to tell his father off and go make something of his own so that he is not beholden to his daddy’s every ridiculous demand. While Jung In also needs his own woman who loves him, Mu Gyul doesn’t need a woman, he needs Wi Mae Ri, the one person capable of filling the void in his heart which prevents him from commiting himself to any relationship. I think there is still a lot of story to tell. To be together, Mae Ri and Mu Gyul have mountains to climb, in the form of three horrible excuses of a parent.

[Credit: all screencaps done by me! I learned to do it so I can get these recaps up faster for you guys.]


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  1. Oh gosh – this love triangle is driving me nuts! Of course GSeuk will win the lady but I wish Jae Wook would emerge the winner. Or they bring another Mae Ri and let everyone live happily ever after! I don’t wish to see the ending with Jae Wook in tears! Seriously, I love this drama so thanks Koala. I can’t wait to see the next episodes.

  2. Wow! What a recap! Thanks. Something to look forward to. I haven’t even gotten to ep6. Super slow Wi-fi at this hotel has been so unstable…

  3. Oh my god.I really love MR.she so independent but need help.she love everyone and always caring.this episode really makes my heart goes all way much emotion.somehow I do think so!MG needs MR more because MR fill the hole in his heart,someone that not love him for his looks.I want to say MG you are the one saying to end it but then angry for mary have to reveal the the point is turn where I think everyone got fair start except for soe jun because MG don’t even think of her anymore.I wonder how will MG deal with his heart and maeri.Yeah them being separate for litle time is good so that they will know how much their heart belongs to each other and need each other.thanx for recap.I hope episode 8 start with happy nyappy merry go round and Wan wan&nyaou comes back with more sweet moment.

  4. You’ve done it again. An amazing review! I’ve been a silent lurker from the first episode of M3! but after reading this review I couldn’t stay silent any longer. You were right you really write with your gut and you do it fantastically. While reading it I felt like re-living the episode again, hitting the same emotional strings. Javabeans used to write like this but lately she tries to write too “professionally” and since few months ago it’s fallen flat, like the reviews lost the excitement for the actual drama. However,with your reviews of M3!I feel it again.
    I don’t know what you imagine under the term “good writer” but for me it’s someone who is able to get the reader’s attention with his work which the person can connect to and that’s exactly what you do.
    Amazing job!!! Keep going!!!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful recap. It really helped me understand all that was going on. I really liked your insight into the drama as well.

  6. OCKOALA!!! you are DAEBAK!! sorry had to shout a bit… this recap was worth staying up for.. you made me laugh out loud a few times AND you’ve cleared a few suspicions I had in my head but couldn’t quite put a finger on eg abt why MR didn’t pull away from JI’s kiss.. ( which I agree was ‘woo-hoo’ compared to the MG one)

    I agree wholly abt MR’s feelings.. she’s feeling something for JI and possibly opening her heart to him but she loves MG.. when she berated him for getting drenched and was all anxious when she learnt he was ill and of course, blowing their cover so everyone can stop blaming MG….soo sweet

    I admit I did think it was rather self-centred of MR to make MG go along with her farce and then object to him signing the chance-in-a-lifetime contract, just so that she could keep their charade under wraps.. i must have missed it but she seemed to have changed her mind abt the contract and even offered to persuade MG to sign it these last 2 epis? when did the change of heart happen? However she has redeemed herself with tonight’s disclosure, so I forgive her…

    as for the parents.. ( you’re hilarious, what you said abt them).. of the 3, my pet hate would be loser daddy…i’m not even sure he really loves his daughter and is just upset that he is potentially losing his golden goose if she doesn’t marry JI.. all the histrionics and manhandling of poor MG.. tsk tsk

    Gosh.. I really loved this recap.. have gone and re-read it and am nodding vehemently with your assessments of the last few sceness.. only you have managed to put it so eloquently… I could go on but words fail me now..

    Thanks again.. I’m glad that I’ve found a witty and interesting blogger who loves this drama as much as I do.. Cheers

    • I think MR doing the marriage contract thing with Mu Gyul because of 2 reasons, first she really don’t like what her evil dad’s did to her, marrying her with someone she doesn’t even know. And second, she surely believe that there will be nothings happen between her and MG since he doesn’t even like her at the first place. That is why when MG confessed the confuseness feeling for MR, makes her think that she had complicated their relationship and I think she doesn’t want to make him feel that way because of her or because of the contract. I really likes MR, she is very straight and forward person, she is honest about her feeling towards everybody. When she hate it then she will tell it so, and when she like it she will tell it either. At least that is how she feel at the moment. I can’t wait for another recap of episode 8 and 9 next week.. I fall in love with this drama already, but I can not watch online here in Indonesia, so I will have to wait till the show is over and till the DVD release here, then I can watch.. thats why I really appreciate your blog Ockoala, thank you so much..

    • Totally agree with you that JI’s kiss was way better than MG and that Mary showed in that scene that she’s open to possibilities with JI. Honestly, I hope to see in the future JKS put some effort in his kissing scenes, I dont know if it’s just me, but I havent seen him giving a good kiss in any of his movies and dramas.

  7. “But at the end of episode 7, if anyone even thinks Jung In has a snowball’s hell in chance of getting Mae Ri to fall in love with him, I would like to sell you a goose that lays golden eggs.” LOL

    that made my day

    and i totally agree with you MR MG fighting ! did u see the episode 8 written preview…

  8. Thank you for the recaps! I’ve been coming to your site since the playful kiss days, but haven’t commented till now! I too LOVE M3. I get that there are flaws, but this just makes my HEART swell up. I like secret garden as well, but M3 definitely makes the week go by slower making me wait for it. Something about it just captivates me. Anyways just wanted to say I really appreciate you taking your time to recap and provide spoilers and written previews! You are an EXCELLENT writer!

  9. Daebak!

    “…you are made of stone”

    I will make sure I get teary eyed at that exact moment or else I fear the wrath of a eucalyptus’ branch being thrown in my direction by an angry koala.

  10. Hi everyone!

    Gosh, all these wonderful comments make me tear up. Really. I skipped lunch today to get this recap out, and learned how to take HD screencaps, so that this wonderful episode of M3 could have accompanying it the appropriate screen shots.

    I am glad so many lurkers de-lurked to share your thoughts with me, not just about my recap, but about this drama. I love hearing everyone’s opinion, whether same or completely different. I think M3 is a drama worth discussing, not because the story is so great or deep, but because the characters feel so real now to us that we care about their story.

    I can’t thank everyone individually who complimented me and enjoyed this recap, so I shall thank you all together. Your encouragement is like recap fuel. This recap was one of the hardest and most rewarding I have ever written. Right up there with my recap of PK episode 15. I could have kept writing, I have so much to say, but sometimes less is more, and I’m sure my thoughts will percolate its way into a future recap.

    Love, me.

    P.S. You guys can call me whatever you want, I really don’t care – so don’t worry about how to address me in a comment post.

    • Awww, koala, you skipped lunch??? You sacrifice so much for us! Thank you. ^^ And the screencaps are lovely. As are all your thoughts – I loved reading them. I agree 100%, particularly about the parents. Seriously, I think this group even beats out the infamous BB from City Hall in terms of loser~ness.

      • For sure this group beats out BB in terms of loserish-ness. BB was a megalomanic dictator, not a loser at all until he ran into his mini-me with a heart, Jo Gook.

        But in terms of being a lousy parent – BB continues to take the cake. I don’t think ANYONE can top BB. Madame Shin in Bad Guy came close, but ultimately she loved her real kids. BB was incapable of a shred of love or decency towards even his own kid! That was astonishing.

        But….I may just hate on Mae Ri and Jung In’s dads more. BB scared me, but he had no sway over Gookie once our guy realized what his daddy was made of. MR and JI are way to good to their respective lousy dads. Grrr.

  11. A HEAVY SIGH for this one…thanks for the recap. I’m always looking forward to your wonderful piece of work. Keep it up. I’m so loving this drama so much, I feel like I’m part of this. 😉

  12. Yay that’s really fast work! Thank you so much! Great recap! Really insightful esp on your assessment of Mae Ri…

    Can I say that I totally enjoyed the husbandy-wifey moments for this episode! I was going gaga over the MM couple’s little gestures and moments, like

    1. Mae Ri motioning to Mu-Gyul with her kimchified wrists saying under her breath “kwenchana” as Mu-Gyul was childing his mum for slave-driving Mae Ri over kimchi-making. (I replayed that so many times, so cute!!! and so natural too.)

    2. When Mu-Gyul was asking her if she was tired over kimchi and she was like ‘whatever’…squee!

    3. And when Mae Ri was feeding him beansprouts soup. They are just so natural it seems like they are so into the character and the moment that they’re not acting anymore.

    4. When she was scolding him over the phone for being sick, if I ever felt for Jung-In, I really felt bad for him then watching her get genuinely worried and nagging Mu-Gyul like a wifey would.

    I reveled in Mu-gyul’s expression when he saw the Jung In kiss. He was beyond upset, and not just angry jealous! He totally lost it.

  13. Hi Ockoala! Thanks again for making my day! Oh my goodness, I can hardly wait to watch this episode! Just reading this particular recap made my cry (whatever is wrong with me???)! Love yah to bits!

  14. Dearest ockoala, your soulful indepth ‘thoughts of mine’ really made me delurk to post. I have not read your recap as I am waiting for eng subs to enjoy M3 but your comments made my heart and my eyes all welled up. You have such a special gift (I really dunno how to put it) of understanding people, love and life and write from your heart and express it so beautifully.

    Its amazing that you have blogged for less than a year (if I am not mistaken) and your stats have reached 783,841! Well done ockoala and thanks for all your hard work. I wish I could pop over to see you in person in Taiwan but I think I have to wait for your next trip.

    • Simplesim-moni!

      Aww, thanks for delurking and letting me know you read my posts. I think you’ll really like M3, it’s got this sweetness and heart. Now that you mention it, I’ve been blogging for less than six months only. How quick time flies. I started back in June and we’re almost to December. It’s been quite a ride. 🙂

  15. thanks for the recap! i’m an avid follower of but in all honesty, i prefer the way you analyze the dramas over hers. i like how you include the subjective enjoyment of the series with the objective analysis of the devices without letting one overtake the other. i love M3 for the emotion, cuteness, and angst. of course, i love your recaps too! 🙂

  16. Despite all the flaws and the poor ratings, this show is definitely my drug of choice as of late. Its the first drama I have actually caved and watched the last three raw episodes for, knowing minimal Korean only. And I’m not fresh off the drama-addiction boat either. Maybe it has a lot to do with the three leads, but I am obsessed with MR x MK relationship together and absolutely love their personalities on their own.

    I have to wait to watch this episode subbed but have been refreshing your site constantly waiting for your recap. Once more, you have blown my mind, and I actually began crying reading your post. I will undoubtedly cry again, for the third time, when I see it tomorrow. But I just had to say I am so grateful to you and feel REALLY lucky to have such an articulate writer summarizing this fantastic show in your style.

    I look forward to episode 8 recap almost as much as the actual episode!

    Can’t wait to see where this series takes us now! Bring on the REAL love battle for Mae Ri!

  17. tengkyu tengkyu sooooo much!!!! I was searching the sumarry from ep 7 (since I can’t find with Eng subs in youtube yet) and I found yours.
    This is just my imagination, I wish that there are 2 Mae ri, one for Jun in and one for myu gul. Cause both of them need her=(

  18. Omo, what do I say about this episode that our lovely koala hasn’t already said better? I think this episode totally confirmed to me that what I said about MG and MR’s relationship and why they love each other — as ockoala says, “Mu Gyul doesn’t need a woman, he needs Wi Mae Ri, the one person capable of filling the void in his heart which prevents him from commiting himself to any relationship” — was right (I love that feeling! Yeeeesssss ^^). Poor Seo Joon is out of luck; it can’t be anyone other than MR, because no one else has that particular blend of personality traits and heart that fills all the poor holes in MG’s heart. I do agree that MR is different from MG, in that she could have been very happy with JI had she not met MG. One of the blessings of her personality is that she probably could have been happy with a lot of different people; but once she met MG, there’s no going back on the colossal amount of chemistry they have together. They’re soulmates. The term is perhaps overused, but this is one of the rare instances in a drama where I can actually see, actually believe that when the writer/s is trying to shove the idea down my throat. I can believe that the one one for MG is MR, because I can see how much they complement and need each other. And that, for me, is what makes a drama that connects with me emotionally. It’s why I loved BBF (please, no mocking) despite the trainwreck that it was plotwise; it’s why I’ll continue rewatching Coffee Prince until the Internet breaks; it’s why City Hall and SKKS were delightful. Still, even among those iconic couples of kdrama-dom, I still have to say that MG and MR blow them all out of the water.

    That being said, I do wish the writer/s had made Jung-in and Seo Joon more than just cardboard cutouts filling in the second lead roles. Nothing against their acting — in fact, KJW in particular is adding a depth to a character that otherwise would be pretty unrelateable. I just wish that for the sake of the actual plotline and the story tension that the second leads posed more of a threat. Especially Seo Joon — I mean, it’s a character point about MG that he’s never stayed with a girl longer than a month; hello, she must have known or figured this out. Why should she in particular be so bent out of shape that MG is “married” or in love with another girl? But that’s the writer/s’s fault, not the actresses. Too bad she hasn’t been given more to play with, because I was initially pretty impressed with her character. But I’m beginning to see JI’s character development deepen, and that makes me very happy.

    I won’t even get started on the parents. The hypocrisy of Mae-ri’s father (henceforth and forever to be known as ockoala has christened him, “loser daddy”) in the last scene made me so angry I couldn’t even fully process the implications of MR’s big announcement. And JI’s pathetic excuse for a parental unit practically makes me see red every time he makes his pronouncements that practically equate “success” with his willingness to love his son. Not to mention his creepy fixation with Mae-ri. I hope in the future MR totally calls him on the absolute crummy~ness of making your only child marry a total stranger for the sole purpose of salving your wounded pride, because I think she’s the only one he’ll ever listen to. (Loser daddy and devil daddy make me wonder about the sanity of MR’s mother — seriously? She couldn’t find anyone better? But then I guess we wouldn’t have a drama, and that would be sad.)

    Man, I don’t know if I’m going to make it to Monday alive. I might keel over from the stress of having to wait that long to see what happens next!

    • Ack. I hear you about Loser Daddy.

      Mae-Ri’s father can package it however he wants to but he’s essentially selling his daughter. I mean, he can’t even protest about the size of his clothes in front of JI’s dad, so what happens if Creepy Father-In-Law turned pyscho and decided to discipline her for “her own good”?

      Loser Daddy’s going to just say “It’s for your own good.” and go with it, ignoring the well-being of his own “beloved” daughter?

  19. Oh, and may I mention that I totally fell more head over heels in love with Mae-ri (if that’s possible) when she went to the bookstore. I totally, 100% understand what she means when she explained why to Jung-in. She is a girl after my own heart.

  20. I can’t help but de-lurk!! Ockoala, you’re awesome. I discovered your site when I was looking for PK recaps and its now in my “to visit daily bookmarks’ and I love the way you write. And from reading your recaps I gave M3 a go and I am seriously in love with it! Sure it has its flaws but what drama doesn’t?

    But funnily enough, despite those flaws, this is one drama that just touches the heart. And for me, when it comes to dramas, that’s what matters most – that it strikes a chord deep in you.

    I love you inject those little subjective insights. It makes me feel assured that you are indeed watching and ‘feeling’ what you are watching. I think that in a whole makes one reviewer/recapper a lot more credible. You write with your guts and your heart. I hope you do so for a looonng long time coz you’re making drama watching a whole lot more enjoyable.

  21. thanks for the swift recaps!

    Am totally with you on hearing criticism about Mae Ri; normally I dislike overtly cute or naive characters, but I think Moon plays Mae-Ri very well here; a character mixed in parts with sunny optimism but yet still realistic and self-aware. I’m on baidu too and some folks seem to be chiding her character as being indecisive between the two boys; but seriously? For a gal who has never had romance in her life, I think she’s handling her emotions very well. She doesn’t recognize her feelings for MG or JI (having never had such before) but she’s not jumping into it or letting herself get too carried away.

    Despite her seemingly “small woman” (小女人) stature at times, I think her quiet strength and endurance are undermined; she does stick up for herself or step up to the plate when the situation requires it, because really how much easier would it have been for her to simply go along with getting married to the wealthy and handsome JI and get on with her life?

    Perhaps on a personal level, the drama-obsessed Mae-Ri is against the marriage due to her hunger for a “true love” (probably also a remnant of her parents short but happy love story) but also recognizes how truly uncomfortable she is in the rich family- and seeks simple contentment and happiness versus material wants. (I don’t think of it as being just a mere “going for true love” romantic notion, marrying into a rich family can be torture especially with a status difference plus contrasting values in life.)

    • Amen to that! I would like to Mae-ri’s detractors do better in her situation. For someone so young she is very wise, emotionally as well as life-experience~wise. She might not be completely clued in to her own emotions, but let’s be honest: how many of us really are? Total emotional honesty is a very hard thing, and as you say, she has some excuse for not knowing that she’s in love with MG, as this is really her first time experiencing those emotions and feelings. I love have a huge girl-crush on MR, and admire her quite poise and self-possession, especially as it is scarce in kdrama heroines.

      • Oh my goodness, I should proof read next time: that should be “I have a huge girl-crush on MR, and admire her quiet poise and self-possession.” Yikes, two typos in one sentence.

  22. Koala, I began reading this blog for m3’s sake. i read and liked all the 6 past recaps, this one i love!!!! seriously, it made me feel all over again what i felt watching this epi (even if i didn’t understand what they said, i have to wait for subs) remembering what you said in recap 1 i’m only too thankful that you decided to continue recaping-
    this epi was wonderful indeed, it made me smile but it made me cry, i love the scene between maery and mu gyul, it feels so true, they are real persons to me, they haven’t discovered yet they love each other, but their love spreads over the show, so we can feel it too. i don’t think i could get some sleep tonight, i’m writing and i’m still crying with emotion
    i really don’t care if the plot has flaws or not, cause the characters make me forget everything else but them, maery and kang mu gyul are so meant for each other, and mgy and jgs i can’t imagine other actors for these roles, you made them alive
    I’m afraid I wrote too much (and sadly my english is no good) so mianhe
    to end this, koala when you said mu gyul doesn’t need a woman what he needs is maery, you made my day: thank you

  23. ockoala, thanks for the fast recaps. i am so obsessed with this drama that i watch it without subs, with hope to get excellent recaps (and amazingly, your recaps always seem to pop up right after i watch the raw videos). i agree with mint about your last paragraph, it was indeed amazing! thank you for taking your time (and even missing your lunch, poor thing!) just for us. know that it’s much, much appreciated.

  24. OMG! This was the best! In fact, this recap may be the one thing that spurs me on to watch this little sucker! And I can’t believe you skipped lunch! Go eat!!! (your recaps are super pretty though!)

    i wanna comment so much on this but i can’t on this computer, so i just wanna say that you made me cry with this…. i’m glad you decided to recap M3 as well, because every recapper has their own biases, and reading the M3 recaps on dramabeans with the more acerbic recappers (not that they’re not bitingly witty and funny) makes me wish that they could let me enjoy the show more, and judge it less.

    ps. whats the status on “That Love Comes”? I haven’t watched it yet, and might not yet but I’m curious as all get out!

  25. At this point I agree with you on the perspective of being the woman or the friend to the two rivals….but the result would somehow would pretty much depended on what actually transpired during their childhood days of MR and JI….

    And like Carol (one of the commenter) I do not really compare between recappers but love to read the different interpretation of the episodes as it brings different lights to the whole story…and for all you know recappers could be right with their hunches or could be let astray …. this could be the case, no? but definitely I am enjoying all the recaps and reviews and personal thoughts that you have done and it does shed some different wave of thought to it….

    keep it up and I will definitely be watching close and refresh your blog so that I can get my dose of anticipation….don’t mind the spoilers though….I’m willing to pretty much do anything (cyber) to know the end of M3…. I think the producers should try out having multiple endings to show…it would be interesting to see…..

  26. Thank you for the recap OCKOALA. I had watched episode 7 with chinese subs and I did not quite understand what I was watching, LOL! Your recap is a good one. With it, I won’t be so dependent on the English Subs. Jeongmal gamsahabnida.

  27. two thumbs Ockoala for this recap!! i loved it!! very insightful and full of thought. i actually love reading your recaps before watching the episode because it gives it more heart. 🙂 the way you write makes it all the more special. and i feel bad because you skipped lunch too, just to write this but you are really very good at spoiling people.. ( can’t get over the spoiling we got for PK! )

    i just love Mae Ri, for being the woman that she is, she does stand up for what she thinks is right and is a very loving daughter to her “loser daddy” ( seriously, can he be gone along with “devil daddy” and also “uncaring mommy”!! )

    Mu Gyul, the free spirited guy who is also suffering from the rejection that he went through ( uncaring mommy just passes him on to relatives neh!! ) and for not having somebody to take care of him..

    and Jung In, oh dear boy… your silence speaks volumes on how much you love your evil daddy and is craving for him to actually appreciate you.

    kaaaahh.. after writing these thoughts.. it’s really the parents who are making all three suffer!!!

    kidding aside, like Ockoala said.. there’s a lot more story to tell, the characters are really established now and i can’t wait to see how each of them would grow and develop emotionally in the story.


    i’ll never tire of these two guys always having a throwdown!! hehehehe. love the glares!!!

    • Poor Jung In….he got punched but to be fair, he did punch MG first….okay I’ve come to a momentous decision, kittykat: we’re halfway through the drama, and I’ve decided to go with Jung In all the way…no more wavering between MG and JI no siree….it’s really momentous cos it’s a SUICIDAL mission; my JI ship is headed for the abyss of despair; it’s going to break my poor heart and poor Jung In’s heart into smithereens, but like the steadfast tin soldier I shall stand true and straight and proud hahahahaha how’s that for loyalty huh ??

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! a gun salute for you chingu mayssenger….. the ever gallant JI soldier!!! HEP HEP… HOORAY!!!!!!! *suffering from lock jaw due to unstoppable laugh*

      • I’ll be playing a violin to accompany our ship.

        Although it seems like it’s actually going to be a MG/MR pairing, I’m going to hold only to my violin and hope the writers won’t make this a typical drama.

        Aigooo…gotta go swab my JI/MR ship’s deck now..LOL

  28. Im very much astound and overwhelmed by the event of the story. The sick bed scene made me cry like a baby LOL It was too emotional for me.

    Koala, thanks so much for such an amazing recaps. You’ve never failed to excite us with your reviews. I Should say you’re one of my fave “writer” 😉 By the way, it was so nice of you to even skipped lunch just to have the “recaps” done, really appreciate it. Thank you!

  29. Thank you very much for an excellent recap. Loved everyone of them as well as the previews. This is one drama that had hooked and reeled me in really good. None has succeeded so far. Kudos to the actors. Kudos to Ockoala as well for making an early entrance of recapping to allow us non-Korean speaking watchers to enjoy the show. Oh! what I would give to have those moments when love start to sparkle again.

  30. Before I begin ranting, congrats on figuring out how to screencap. Me like the HD screencaps.

    Anyways, so I adore you but there’s just one little, tiny comment where I would strongly beg to differ with you, Koala Unni — Haha, I just realized I sometimes call you Jie Jie and it totally depends on my mood. I’m feeling more Korean today. ^^” — and it’s this: ” I don’t think I’m a good writer (by any measure of quality)…”

    Yeah, um… what the bunny? Hahaha, random I know. (But you’re probably used to it by now.) I’m pretty sure everybody would adamantly agree with me in a choral unison and say that you’re one hell of a writer. In my humble opinion, I will add that perhaps you’re also one of the best drama bloggers out there on the net right now. I’m not saying this just because I’m your dongsaeng and your fan, but because your writing GETS to me. When you write, it’s like you have a Midas touch, where everything just turns into gold. You could be talking about the laws of physics or about the current political strife between TW & So. Ko. and it would somehow still end up sounding like a masterpiece. Your writing is pure art, and as a reader, I truly appreciate it. Your recaps are gems, I tell you! Anyhow, I digress.

    I’ve been more of a lurker when Mary recaps are posted but it’s time that I pitch in my two cents. I’m still not completely on the Mary bandwagon despite loving the Geun-Geun couple. They did up the ante for the past episodes but *shrugs* maybe it’s not my cup of tea at the moment? I still enjoy it because of The Cute yet the parents, as well as Seo Joon, causes me to break out in angry hives. I would like to throw a heapful of dung whenever they come on-screen. I get pissed off at Mae Ri’s dad not only because of his blatant hypocrisy but because he attempts to put on a facade of a worried father and acts all high-and-mighty, saying that the decisions he’s made are all for his daughter’s benefit when it’s clear that he’s the one currently reaping all the goods. What else? He’s still an immature father who needs to get his diaper changed by his daughter AND he doesn’t realize that. He gets angry at her for the most illogical reasons too. Oh, like he’s so much better for wanting to sell her off to pay off his own stinking debts. And he should really stop it with the “Mu Gyul is a womanizer who is just using you” antics because let’s be honest here, who’s the one that’s been freeloading off of his daughter’s contract marriage? I can’t wait for his freaking enlightenment, if that ever happens.

    For some inexplicable reason, I also didn’t tear up in this episode. My waterworks are clearly not working today. Somebody call a plumber for me! However, just because I didn’t tear up does not mean that I’m a stoic dodo lacking a functioning heart. My favorite scene in this episode was The Big Crying Scene, in which MGY proves that she is hiding a leaking faucet underneath those beautiful, large eyes. (See Cinderella’s sister in fast-forward motion for further proof.) There’s a reason why I love MGY & JGS — they breathe life into their characters, turning them into completely relatable people. In that scene, I love how it’s Mu Gyul in bed with a cold and Mary is the one providing him with emotional strength and physical nourishments. Like you said, she’s the one he needs right now. I may not be completely in love with this drama, but if someone else is gonna start talking smack about Mary, I’ll be next in line to defend her. How someone could dislike her sunny, sweet disposition is beyond me. Methinks it’s this same characteristic that makes her so appealing to both Mu Gyul and Jung In, not to mention the rest of us. Another standout scene? The ending, in which Mary confesses the marriage to Mu Gyul was a sham. That actually almost made me tear up more than the scene 5 minutes before it. I love how she ends up being so forthright in order to prevent further pain for the people involved. She’s responsible (unlike Daddy) and takes the next step in a relationship with Mu Gyul. In that scene, she confessed because she felt like it was the right thing to do. No but’s, no excuses. She puts herself in such a situation, without turning back to mull over the possible consequences of this type of a sacrifice. No cost is too great when it comes to love for her. And that, my friends, is why she’s awesome. I mean, how many heroines do we get that are like Mae Ri? Because for Mae Ri, if something or someone ends up hurting those that she cares for, then the game is over. Playtime is up. Now it’s time to mend those cuts and bruises.

    • Oh, my dodo mei-mei/dongsaeng – you are too sweet. And it appears you’re getting the cold that been swirling around me as well? I hope not, for your sake. Stay warm, you hear! 🙂

      Okay, the thing with M3 is – you’re either in it or your’re not, kinda like PK at this point. Because objectively it’s hit and miss in every episode. But like most dramas, the personal impact colors our engagement with the story. For example, I can venture a supposition that MGiaG is a better drama than PK and M3, but I watched a few eps of MGiaG and dropped it despite not hating anything and finding it cute and charming and mildly amusing. It just didn’t hook me.

      In the same regard, I find drama watching best when you handily concede that taste and quality may not go hand in hand, but what matters is whether you enjoyed it.

      As for what Mae Ri did in the final moment in ep 7 – I already loved her, but the heart and guts she showed just blew me away. I wasn’t surprised in the least, but I was floored by how much I really connected with her decision to release Mu Gyul from the maelstrom not of his doing.

      There are so many uncertain issues lingering in the air – how MG feels about her, how she feels about MG, what will happen to her, what will happen to her father. But the most important thing on her mind at that moment is concern for MG’s suffering, both physical (he’s sick and weak) and emotional (he’s exhausted and confused). She smiles and apologizes to him, and then takes the entire weight of the situation on her shoulders.

      Boy, that scene made my gut hurt.

  31. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your recapping this drama. Sure, this drama has its flaws, but it also has heart and it’s wonderful to read a recap that’s also born from the heart, mind and gut. So thank you ^.^

    What makes the drama for me is the Holiday couple. I love them to distraction… so much that it’s painful to have to wait 6 long days for the next fix.
    Which is also why the “let’s stop this”, “let me take care of you and then I’ll go”, and the last scene “I’m sorry, it’s all because of me” of this episode almost made me bawl my eyes out. I said almost because the tears couldn’t flow free at the end. I was too mad to the ‘fathers of the year” that the tears could only burn at the back of my throat as the episode ends… >.<
    So how about I'll help you… you get the loser daddy ready, and I'll supply the alligator… *I think there's still swamp here with big-teeth alligator around :P*

    And I couldn't agree more with that last paragraph. That's exactly how I feel too. Mu Gyul was surrounded with women, but none of them managed to slip past his guard all this time… because they're not Wi Mae-ri. He needs that one specific person. I can't wait to see how he would deal with a life without Mae-ri in ep 8. And how Mae-ri would fare with the loss of her Happy New Year.
    Monday, I need you to come fast, stat! please? (T.T)

  32. Ok random side note, some of you are probably going to hate me for this…

    But do people REALLY think Jung In (the actor? don’t know his real name) is attractive?! I never thought he was even in his coffee prince days. I remember scratching my head when I heard he’d be the second lead for this drama.

    I’m just purely curious. So many of you seem to think he’s SO hot and I’m puzzled. I don’t think he is. AT ALL. hahaha.

      • wow…………Kim Jae Wook (who plays Jung In), is just beautiful ……from his high sculptured cheek bones, to his model perfected bod……..OH… and to wrap it all up……he is a talented actor……in my opinion, what’s not to like……..but as I always say… each his own……..enjoy the series! 🙂

  33. ahhh.. just read that in the sick bed scene, MG’s tears were not scripted but JKS was so into it that he teared.. how awesome is that.. JKS and MGY are wonderful actors !!!

  34. Dear Ockoala,
    I must be quiet late to put my comment here. But I love to…
    I have been watching M3 slowly, but I read your recap on time …
    First time I see your Header and Current Koala Love are match… it is very nice. I like it.
    Thank for your details recap and thoughts of mine it made me feel I am watching real drama, because with M3 I read your recap first so far.
    But I really looking forward to watch epi8 because I want to see GJS’s explosion…..kekeke

    You skip your luch for this epi recap. Thanks for your great work.

    I have been busy today for working, reading PK epilogue BSJ’s diary 2 and watcing a bit of M3 and SG………

  35. thanks ockoala ,
    things are becoming serious by here , tell u the truth I’m still undecided about whom she has to choose .
    anyway eventhough I’m not loving the show the same way I loved PK or I’m loving secret garden but still M3 is really entertaining and I like watching it 🙂

  36. I thought the JI kiss was EPIC! and much much much better than the MG kiss. KJW … you can kiss me any day! *swoon and dies* 😛

  37. Thanks soo much for the detailed summary of the episodes, it’s as good as watching it since we’d have to wait for who knows when and from which sources..:). I don’t I can wait until the next episodes to come online. Frankly, I’m only able to watch till episode 5 only with english subtitles. so I guess I don’t need to see it. Looking forward to your blog. for next episode.

  38. Thanks, koala, for a fantastic recap as always.

    i didn’t think much of MR intially – just the normal average female lead, but the character analyses here really gave me insights into MR, n i must say i agree with all of them, n i love MR more for it.

    speaking of loved and hated characters, i actually don’t feel like throttling devil daddy and loser daddy. yup, they are not “good” fathers but they are not the worst this world has seen. i accept them as essential to plot development and giving the necessary pressure to the lead characters. and no matter how they treat their kids or demand from their kids, there is always this unbreakable bond between parents n children – they take care of their children in their own ways, n the kids take care of them too, so i’ve got nothing against JI and MR being nice to their devil daddy and loser daddy.

    the character that irks me to no end is Seo Jun (nothing against the actress). She loves MG? what a BIG joke – which woman will walk away from a man she loves and who is sick? She is a character who is blind to her own devious ways, capricious like MG’s mother and disloyal. She didn’t want to join the drama cast initially and changed her mind in 30 mins. She criticised that guy actor for wanting to back out of the drama, but due to her own feelings, now in Ep 8 she wants to quit the drama too.

    She “loves” MG, and claims to be a friend just to be near him, then what right does she have to be proprietary all over MG, even slapping him for not telling her that he got married? She has done NOTHING for MG, she absolutely has no claim over MG, but acts like she has, including grilling all his friends. She is even less than a friend. Kick her aside, MG!

    • my thoughts exactly on SJ!! leaving a sick person….she needs some lessons from Mary asap! i wanted to beat up the band members for even entertaining her questions….urggh strangle that drummer for being the weak link and finally telling…aish!! MG owes her nothing AND she just showed up yesterday after a year, why should he tell her everything. She wanted to be friends with a motive that is: her hope that they’ll start dating again. In her dreams!

  39. Dear ockoala
    Greetings from Singapore! Have been lurking around your blog for a while and enjoying your recaps on MSOAN.
    Just want to say I have been so touched by your insight in the recaps, and really, your recaps keep me going until the english subs are up.
    I’ve also read your reviews on thundie’s prattle, and reading your reviews / first impressions on some of the korean damas makes me realise I’ve got lots to catch up on korean dramas, my first being My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. And thanks to your reviews, I pretty much have drawn up a list to which drams to catch up on 🙂

  40. Love your previews, I always read them so I can understand what’s going on in the story and I enjoy your coments, they’re really funny. I’d like to know if you can tell me the name of that song that plays in the scene that MG is thinking about his moments with Mary. I havent found this song in the Ost. Thanks.

    • Hi Lucy,

      Everyone has been asking about that new song. I’ll let you know if I find the title. But that song is not in the OST, and neither is the new song that MG is composing for the Wonderful Day OST. Which leads me to surmise that M3 may release a part II of its OST.

    • oh goodness i’m wondering about that song too, they always play whenever they reminisce about something from one another, it has such a light, fluffy feel to it… love it!
      i’m guessing’ it’s Mae Ri’s Song since that’s the only word i somehow understand and catch every time they play it in the background kekeeke!

  41. This is the best recap EVARRR!!! I am really inarticulate in describing the dramas I watch and love.. but 언니.. 당신이 최고야!!! 고마워!!!

    All the while I was reading you’re recaps my smile gets bigger and bigger and I keep nodding my head as these words keep flashing my mind like a billboard sign “She’s right! That’s true!! I agree!! Poor Jung In! Awww MuGyul-ah~ I love MGY!!!!” over and over again..

    Thanks for the recaps! I especially love your comments on the drama beside the recap itself. You took the words out of my mouth and even brought insight to the scenes and moments that I missed which is even better!!! Love it!

  42. Hye ther.. Im still wating for the english subtitles for episode 7. i just couldnt wait. So in love with the characters..

    But my concern now is that MR will end up not choosing anyone.. Pfffffttttttt.. Hopefully it doesn’t end that way.. I mean, she has not shown deep interest in MG yet.. what do u think koala?

    Btw, excellent recap.. u made it really detailed!!! Good job!

  43. Thanks for the recaps. Man, you are fast. But I have to admit I’m stalking your page (read: coming back every chance I get) every night. And that’s saying something as I’m online for practically the whole night.

    Is it just me or has anybody else entertained the idea that maybe Jung-In is not really Devil Daddy’s biological son? And that Mae-ri is his real daughter? The weirdness of DD is creeping me out.

    Your alligator quip just made my day. You rock! =)

  44. whoa!!! too many comments. so what more can i say?!…. thank you so much ockoala for your usual amazing recap. without you, how could we understand watching m3 without sub?! btw… me likes your header 😀

  45. omo omo omo. i watch the raw one cutosy to magoo & i was on high-excitment throughout the entire show. i prob will re-watch it when there’s eng sub though.

    anyone got links with eng/chi sub?

    m3 rocks!!

    seo jun eyes are HUGE.

  46. i love your reviews ! you are making the story alot more exciting to watch since i haven’t watch it because im still at ep 3 ! recommended : to everyone who want to watch with english subs , try and visit . anyway keep writing good reviews , i’ll be coming back to read more ! :>

    p.s i have to agree with the devil daddy and loser daddy nicknames !

  47. OK, I know I am late to thr party and am 9,735th person to comment, but better late than never.

    Ockoala, this is such a brilliant brilliant recap!

    I hate the fathers so much. Both because they are objectively bad parents, but also because they manage to sway and control their children who still love them. Someone made City Hall comparison above and I agree – BB may have been soulless, but as JG didn’t get manipulated by him at all as soon as he figured it out, it bothered me less. (I wonder if the ages have to do something with it – M&M are close to being still kids and JG has close to 20 years on them). They don’t join the pantheon of truly horrifying parent figures (Mars, Bali, Handsome Siblings Nic Tse version, Giant etc) but they are up there.

    I really like Maeri, you’ll get no arguments from me here. She is not really my type (I like them a lot more assertive than she is with her loser father) but she is a lovely lovely person. And I just plain love Mugyul.

    I continue not to be too interested in JI and SJ but I don’t hate them either, which is a step up from the usual drama trope.

  48. Ockoala,

    In your opinion, do you think that MG is going to cut his hair for real, in the future as a way to prove his love for Mary, since the drama is giving too much emphasis to the fact that he loves his long hair? What do you think?

  49. Joining the ranks of the de-lurkers. Thanks so much for your write ups! I like to read them after I’ve watched the ep, although it’s hard to wait when sometimes you’ve gotten them written up before I’ve found a particular ep subbed!

    Despite my relentless hyping of it, none of my RL friends watch M3, so it’s great to have a place to read other people’s feelings on things. To be honest, M3 is the first K-drama I haven’t lost interest in after the first 2 eps or so, and from other people’s recaps I’ve read, I feel like my total ignorance of k-drama cliches and conventions is helping me love this series so intensely.

    I love the slowish pace and the slice of life aspect of M3, it really has been my happy place lately. So Ep 7 totally broke me. I actually had trouble watching it. Like my security blanket which had kept me warm and happy suddenly had dead puppies in it. Or something.

    But on the other hand, it definitely made me realize just how attached I’ve become all the characters, because it hurt me so much to see them all hurting. And how hard I’m shipping Mae-Ri and Mo-Kyul. I felt just as bereft as she did when he said they had to end the fake marriage!

    I wish those stupid fathers would realize that they’re making their children miserable trying to follow their own selfish ends. I don’t know who’s worse, Mae-Ri’s dad, who seems to have deluded himself into thinking he’s doing this for Mae-Ri’s sake, or JI’s who doesn’t seem to care as long as he has Mae Ri as his daughter in law.

    Speaking of the marriage plot, I did NOT expect the reveal on that to come so soon…
    Oh man how am I ever going to wait until ep 8???

    Sorry to get all tl;dr in your comments!! I hope you don’t mind!

  50. I think Mary is like mother to MG who expect good food to be served on table.

    MG is lack of mother love and finding from Mary.

    He is not the type that will responsible for girl friend, love, care and provide them with happy life.

    He needs a girl that entertain him so that he is happy to enjoy writing music and singing.

    Most important the girl can serve him food and nurse him like a mother do.

  51. Well! Mg needs a lady like mother served him good food and nurse him like mother.

    Mary need needs a mother that hug, kiss and sleep with her.

    Well! MG has long and girlish, he is like mother to Mary who hug, kiss and sleep with her.

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