Mary Stayed Out All Night Update and Associated Musings

Man, I feel it’s the Playful Kiss days all over again. This time with a whole new group of friends to spazz with (including some PKissers who’ve found a new drama plaything). Bringing you a Mary Stayed Out All Night update. Nothing terribly spazz-worthy – it’s a slow news day, which only means the cast and crew are knee deep in filming.

First off, some spoilery pictures of Mu Gyul and Mae Ri. It’s hard to spot them, but Mu Gyul’s van is a dead giveaway that our OTP is nearby. Apparently these BTS shots were taken on Nami Island, where M3 is currently filming.

Speculation abounds that our cutie pies are taking that four day, three night getaway which Jung In earlier agreed to. I’m not so sure. Unless they find a way to continue the 100 day arrangement even knowing that Mae Ri and Mu Gyul are not officially married, there would be no reason for that trip to happen.

I doubt they are eloping. Too early for that. My guess is that the drama production has taken them to Nami Island, and since both are still involved in the drama, that brings them there. But I really don’t know.

Random association:

So I was staring at emo Jung In when I was taking screenshots, and my brain could not let go of this niggling sensation that I was missing some startling epiphany. Until later in the night, when I suddenly put two and two together. Remember how I wrote that I wanted to see Kim Jae Wook and Jang Geun Seok change roles and clothes once? Kim Jae Wook would suit the indie rocker look to the T, and Jang Geun Seok as a cold, repressed rich dude was something I would love to see.

When I saw emo Jung In with the bangs covering half his face, I realized that Jang Geun Seok has in fact played the cold, repressed rich dude before! O. M. G. Jung In is simply Prince Chang Hwe’s modern incarnation, replete with childhood trauma, first love that falls in love with someone else (a rebel/outsider type of character) while he is away in Japan (China for the Princey), polite indifference to our heroine in the beginning, slowly melted by her cheerful ways. Take a look, peeps, and tell me if emo Jung In isn’t the carbon copy of emo Prince Chang Hwe, with the same hair and less guyliner.

If anyone is curious, go check out Hong Gil Dong, which was Jang Geun Seok’s last time playing a second lead role. Sigh, HGD, it just may be my favorite Hong Sister’s drama (and just recently dropped off my Top 10 list). For the first ten episodes of You’re Beautiful, I thought YB would win out, but the last half was a huge disappointment for me. Whereas HGD got better, IMO. And no, I don’t want to debate the ending of HGD. But if Jung In pulls a Chang Hwe in M3, he and I are going to cross swords. HGD probably has one of the best episode endings in any drama EVAR, so I simply must post the pics here. It would take me too long to explain the whys and huhs, but trust me, it was an amazing moment.

Gil Dong, Yi Nok, and Chang Hwe – I will always remember that scene in the marketplace. I think I scream, cried, cheered, and seethed all at the same time. Never did I feel so many conflicting emotions all at once. Sigh, time has mellowed me out, and while I haven’t forgiven Chang Hwe, I have long accepted that Gil Dong bears equal responsibility for the rocks fall down ending in HGD. Reminder to Jang Geun Seok – make a sageuk again!

Jang Geun Seok as Prince Chang Hwe in Hong Gil Dong:


More musings from a koala:

How hot is this upcoming scene from M3 episode 8 going to be? Let me see – face-to-face, both of them angry and upset as all hell but they can’t fully articulate why, stuck between a wall and a hard place, handcuffed, he’s got her arm pined against the wall. Yup, the steam factor will be through the roof. Thank you K-drama gods.

I have been a good koala this year, haven’t I? Have I not brought peace and joy recaps and previews to my brethren the dramaverse over? So you will keep giving me the good stuffs in M3, right? I am almost too invested in this drama for me to survive a second half collapse, which has happened all too frequently in dramas I watch that I dare not get my hopes up.

Going back to episode 7 for a minute to discuss Jung In, who I really haven’t given him his due partially because the writer’s have been shafting him until recently as well. For all intents and purposes, I like Jung In, and I love Kim Jae Wook (for those of you who don’t understand the appeal of Kim Jae Wook, I highly suggest you watch Bad Guy, where he stole the show as a second lead from none other than Kim Nam Gil). But what happened in that apartment in episode 7 has got to weigh heavily on him.

Now that Jung In knows the other marriage is a fake, all the male posturing and shit that Mu Gyul has been pulling in front of Jung In recently must make it clear to him that Mu Gyul likes Mae Ri. There is no other reason at all. It was all emotion and instinct driving Mu Gyul, especially that last punch in the rain when he caught Jung In kissing Mae Ri. This means Jung In knows that he really has a rival, regardless of whether there is a marriage or not.

The marriage was always just a plot device, but the emotional connection that has developed between Mae Ri and Mu Gyul is real. Jung In has to confront it in the future, moreso when Mae Ri realizes that she loves Mu Gyul. Will Jung In back down in the face of two people who he really knows loves each other, or will he forge on with fulfilling his father’s sick wish. This is the moment when a second lead wins my undying appreciation or joins the trash pile of forgettable characters. I actually think there is no way our OTP can be together unless Jung In helps them.

Right now, I believe that Jung In genuinely cares about Mae Ri. He may even be attracted to her as a woman. Her warmth and sincerity touches him, and that is so very poignant to see. This wounded and closed off man, opening himself up and having it reciprocated, I loved watching that. But one has to have blinders on to see that Jung In has no discernable effect on Mae Ri other than mild discomfort in his presence as a man, and her natural empathy for his emotional scars. Whereas Mu Gyul and Mae Ri push each other’s buttons so well – their emotional ups and downs ebbing and flowing depending on the situation they weather together.

Which is why Mu Gyul pushing Mae Ri away privately, and Mae Ri letting Mu Gyul go publicly, was so painful for me to watch. It’s what a person does when the shit hits the fan that reveals their true character. Mu Gyul was willing to be berated for the sake of Mae Ri rather than reveal the truth of the fake marriage which he previously had intended to end, and Mae Ri revealed the truth of the fake marriage which she had so painstakingly constructed for the sake of Mu Gyul. They are like two flip sides of a coin, emotions which so clearly articulate but one undeniable fact – somewhere along the way, they developed a genuine concern for each other. They care more about the other person than themselves, and that is what love is.


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  1. Koala, you leave me speechless once more. Well done yet again.
    I’m in terrible pain waiting for episode 8 and 9. Thanks to you though I think I’ll be able to cope. 🙂 TY!!

  2. I think Kim Jae Wook would have fit the indie rocker role to the T also especially since it’s totally his real life story. Okay not totally but extremely similar. Kim Jae Wook use to be in an indie group and he was approached by a majory record label who wanted to put him in a idol group but he said “No”. He’s still in an indie group now. In real life, he is actually living as Mu Gyul.

  3. Thank you again for putting into words what I am thinking. I read a blog that was kind of negative to this drama and its actors and I got angry. So I waited for something from you and now I am better.
    1. Moon Geun Young, in my opinion, is a top notch actress. She has me believing Mae Ri is real and I care what happens to her. She is beautiful.
    2.I like Rock and Roll and the indie world. Jang Keun Suk has me believing he is MG.

    This is a great story.

  4. I hope they up the ante with Jung-in. I’d love to see KJW get the chance to really show off his magic. As much as I unequivocally love and adore the Geun-Geuns and savor every moment they have together…I want a little KJW in on the action, too. That kiss was hot, and they weren’t even really kissing. *brain bursts into flame contemplating what would happen if they really kissed*

  5. Thank you for the recaps! Now to watch episodes 6 & 7. Had to get SG episodes in first! This is nuts, what has PK done to me?!

    I have to admit that I wasn’t all that excited with episodes 1-4. I found your recaps to be way more exciting and funny than the episodes themselves. But I found myself grinning like an idiot through most of episode 5!

    It’s like you said about connecting with the characters somehow. For the first four episodes, I didn’t really see Mu Gyul as a man. I could never in a million years like a guy like that…starting with the apartment decor that looks like the opening credits for Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Ugh.

    The OTP has wormed their way into my heart though, and I want to see them happy. Away from those crack ass parents! Mu Gyul’s crankiness is fun and Mae Ri reminds me of good friends of mine. Living simple, happy lives without all the nonsense of brand names and looking cute all the time. I feel that Mae Ri’s character has way more indie cred than Mu Gyul’s.

    As for Jung In, he’s my main squeeze, again that connection thing. NO ONE can guilt trip me like my mother. Rationally, I know that she isn’t always right. Emotionally it’s so hard to be a disappointment. However, my mom is actually quite proud even if I have pretty much always done the opposite of what she wanted since I was 19. I guess I want to see Jung In get to the point where he can stand up to his dad and prove himself. I have no interest in his character’s love life, really. And I don’t care if he ends up alone, least not yet.

    And, of course, there’s the cheekbones. Can’t forget those.

  6. Ockoala – thank you for a great recap as usual. 🙂 I found this interview of our beloved Min Min.

    I’m still missing Hyunmin. Just in case anybody misses them to. This is what she has to said and she did mentioned Jung In. 🙂

    Since your partner/costar is Kim Hyun Joong, do you feel pressure?

    “When I was young, I have learned dancing, I just started acting thinking that it might be useful/helpful for dancing. Anyway … “, if tell by emotion, like a late autumn day, when walking on the famous street full of falling golden/yellow leaves, I suddenly caught/saw it. Like in the drama Playful Kiss, when Oh Ha Ni, with those lovely smiling eyes, jump out playfully and said, “Nice to meet you (Happy to meet you).”

    As a girl with excellent high school achievement, personal goal and good results/achievements are preparations for her to take the first step (she was accepted to study at the Korea University of Arts in acting).

    “Actually, I’m quite lucky (laughs), study/learning also brings happiness, when I first started acting, I feel that this job is right for me. Until now I’ve achieve pretty good results. When first appeared in the drama Bad Guy, I was loved by many and considered as the second Yoon Eun Hye, and recently I even collaborated/worked with Kim Hyun Joong.”

    Indeed, Bad Guy can be considered as a successful shot, opening the way for a new actress to enter the world of entertainment. Then, with Playful Kiss, she has successfully emerged as a leading actress. In fact, for Jung So Min, Playful Kiss is a gift.

    “When I first heard I was chosen, I was really surprised … I know there are many candidates … The director has think highly of me, hahaha … So, to reach/to fulfill/to repay everyone’s expectations, I have tried all my best.”

    As a costar of Kim Hyun Joong, who is not only famous in Korea but recently has also become a Hallyu star (became famous) throughout Asia, do you feel a lot of pressure?

    “I just want to do my best as an actress. Kim Hyun Joong has helped me a lot throughout the filming process. Maybe he doesn’t want me to feel too much pressure/stress. After completing 16 episodes, I still feel sorry/regretful about some things, but with the Youtube special, that feeling has disappeared.”

    Although the TV version of Playful Kiss doesn’t receive high ratings, but the special edition on Youtube, after the first episode has received 360,000 views, and after the 2nd day, all around the world has receiced a total of over 520,000 views.

    For many actors, it’s hard for them to forget/leave (escape) their characters after the drama is over, especially for new actors taking on leading roles for the first time. Jung So Min said Oh Ha Ni is really special character for her. When saying goodbye Oh Ha Ni, how does Jung So Min feels?

    “Yes … To me, Hani is a very special character. So I need more time (to adjust when filming is over), now I still feel familiar/close to Oh Ha Ni. There’s still a feeling that we will continue filming (filming will continue) tomorrow… During the time we film together, even Kim Hyun Joong said that he’s used to calling me Oh Ha Ni, so when he called me Jung So Min it feels a little unfamiliar (different/not used to it). Anyway it has ended, how to say goodbye to Oh Ha Ni will take time and will sadden me (give me a headache) for a while,” she shares her sympathy and feelings about this. Feelings of regret and sadness had clearly shown in her. Clearly, Oh Ha Ni will forever be a shadow/character that can never be easily erased/forgotten for Jung So Min.

    Not long ago during the press conference for the Youtube special edition, you have received many compliments about your dress (style), when you read the news, how do you feel about it?

    “To everyone who compliment me, I’m very grateful, I also have that side to me? A very new feeling (laughter)”

    Now is the time to select your next project, have you select any good project?

    “I had just finished the drama, I want to take a little break. About the new role I still haven’t consider any yet … (laughs). Recently, I have been watching/following the drama “Mary stay out all night” of Kim Jae Wook, a cast member from Bad Guy, I think that the drama will succeed. I will continue to watch it. I had just seen the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind”, it is excellent, the acting has also deeply impressed me. Hopefully I can act like Kate Winslet, have both soft and cool qualities, but also can pull people in.”

    Who are your idols?

    “I don’t have any special idols. No matter who the senior actors (sunbaes) are, if I can learn from them, I’m not going to set any limits for myself.”

    When looking at this new actress talk about her own progress, her future plans, or about her image, we can see that she, an actress with strong expression, clearly show her stand/point of view, to the audience/others, how should I say this … I have the feeling that in the future she will become a big star. Isn’t it enough evidence for us to love/care for Jung So Min now?

      • U R Welcome. 🙂

        I just cannot completely move away from PK just yet. :)).

        Been looking at KHJ news about going to Singapore and cannot wait until the news about our Hyunmin trip to Taiwan on Dec 26th.

    • thanks kate for sharing updates on dear min min. she’s a love! ditto, i’m still somewhat stranded in PK wonderland. i’m homesick and frequents ockoala’s pk playground — my happy place. i did venture out and have been watching MSOAL and SG. the leads in both dramas have been my favorites for some time, way before i stumbled into the hold of KHJ & JSM. i’m enjoying MSOAL but i swear SG is casting its spell on me!

    • Thanks Kate.
      I am glad that still seeing some of our PK friends are around here.
      I love JSM form PK. I am still visiting KHJ fans blog and I read that interview u repost.
      I miss PK, HJ&SM couple and same time our joyful PK moments at Ockoala’s playground.
      I feel sad for JSM some comments about her were so means and blashing her alot.
      But I am sure that she is a big girl and she receives or she may feels a lots of love from her PK fans including us.
      I am very glad that all of us here love her so much and willing to support her future career.
      Same as u, I am waiting for PK promotion time. Hopefully to see HJ&SM together again…..
      Thanks again Kate for reposting this and hope to see you around in this playground.

      • I miss PK and KHJ badly. YT has some new vids of him in Singapore and it’s HILARIOUS hearing some of the strange questions posed to him.

        Q: What do you look for in a girlfriend, do you go for looks?
        HJ: What else is there to look for?

        MC: I….I sooo want to touch his face actually….cos it looks so smooooth I want to try…… (btw MC’s a GUY)
        HJ: *stunned into silence….smiles awkwardly*
        MC (sniggering coyly): I’ll do it laterrrrr…..

        I can guess poor HJ’s thoughts here: Omg…HELPPPP!!!!I need to get outta here quick!!!!”

  7. I’m all caught up with M3. Well, sorta. I’ve watched up to ep 5 so I skipped part of this article, but OMG how cute it this drama? I’m SO torn about the OTP, my friend. I adoooooore Mu-gyul/Mae-ri, but I don’t want Jung in to be left alone. :/// Can’t they form a happy family together?

    And yes, yes, JGS in HGD! Fuuuu, now I feel like finishing that drama which I dropped because…wait, why? There was a sensible reason why I did that but huh, I don’t remember anymore. THE POWER OF JGS, SEE IT, FEEL IT, LET ME SHOW IT TO YOU! *g*

    Incidentally, yesterday I started PK. Better late, than never, huh? It’s absolutely adorable.

    • SERE!!!!

      Okay, housekeeping stufts first:

      PK = adorable through the roof, exasperating and choppy at times, but ultimately the sweet outweighs the sour.

      HGD = uh, maybe you dropped it for the sake of your own tear ducts? I dunno, never has a drama been so polar opposites from first episode to last, and yet I loved it all. JB’s recaps for HGD might be my absolute favorite recap she did for ANY drama, even better than for SOAM or QSS. Yes, JGS as Prince Chang Hwe, man, so many of my friends hated his emo-ness and the hell he wrought. I actually secretly adored him bc he was….well, emo JGS in disguise is all. Heh. HGD isn’t even my favorite KJH role (though he KILLED it in episodes 19-21), my fave KJH role is hands down BSGS. If you had 48 hrs in a day, I would encourage you to finish HGD. I can still hear that last refrain…..

      Now that we’re done with the oldies – M3~ Episode 7 I have now watched, in its entirety (skipping all devil parent scenes), 6 times. Yup, it’s that awesome an episode. You MUST catch up so we can spazz live next week. I shit you not, if episode 8 is anything like episode 7, watch out for that recap imma going to churn out.

      • Re: PK. Dude, I kid you not, I’ve watched 6 eps and I started this thing yesterday. It’s 6 am, I haven’t gone to sleep YET and I’m debating whether to start ep 7 now. Fail? Win? You tell me. I just know that all the parts I HATED about ISWAK/TKA (the repetitiveness, the ridiculous amount of Mary Sue, etc) simply aren’t there in PK and I’m all o/ I knew that if ISWAK/TKA were reduced to 20 eps tops, I’d LOVE it and there you go, I have proof now.

        HGD, *sighs* I will. You guys are bad for my health, baaad. XD I may have dropped it for the slapstick comedy, which I just don’t like or if I can stand it, I need to take it in very small doses. I think they lost me right about ep 6-7? I know the pee-soaked candy kind of contributed to the decision. It certainly didn’t help witnessing the fallout from the finale. What? I was young, naive and maybe HGD was a liiiiiitttlle to much to handle for a newbie? I do love KJW and you already know about my noona crush on JGS so…*sighs again* I’ll finish it.

        RE: M3 But I feel like I’m betraying WISHS2 and the people I know that are part of that group? But…but…6 times? SIX? OMO OMO OMO! *bites nails, torn* Oh hey, so you like M3 more than SG? Just wondering

    • I don’t know whether to hug you or tuck you into bed. I can and cannot believe you marathoned PK all night. I would if I didn’t watch it live, TBH, but I need my Sere sweetie to be well-rested. My vote is to NOT watch ep 7. Ep 6 is the perfect episode to end on anyways. 7 transitions into college and a whole new bag of tricks and treats for our OTP.

      Yup, what I’ve been saying all along. PK is ISWAK/TKA without all the filler and headdesking stuff. Except…’s also ISWAK/TKA without Ariel and Joe, who had that special connection that even JSM and KHJ do not have. But at the end of the day, my love for PK totally overwhelms how I feel about ISWAK/TKA.

      HGD – I can’t believe you watched the ending as a newb. Totally not cool for anyone not to warn you beforehand. HGD to me is like two dramas put together. The first half is like the ridiculousness of a BBF with poop and pee and zombies and emo JGS wearing guyliner. The second half is Damo….and an even more emo JSG wearing guyliner.

      The dichotomy is enough to give any drama watcher the shakes. I firmly believe one Hong sister wrote up to episode 14, and the other Hong sister took over starting there and ended it with a grand flourish at episode.

      M3 v. SG – hard one to call. Objectively SG is the MUCH better drama. But I cannot lie and pretend that M3 isn’t gripping me much harder. That’s subjectivity for ya. I think M3 keeps getting better. As is SG, but SG at 20 eps is a much longer haul, and KES throws out the big guns in the second half anyways. Right now SG is all fun and games. And M3 has taken a turn for the serious and angtsy, and I slurp that stuff up and ask for more,

      • See I KNOW that objectively SG is supposed to be the much better drama. Don’t get me wrong, I tune in during the weekends to watch it… But it just doesn’t CAPTURE me as M3 does. I find myself waiting VERY impatiently for Monday to arrive just so I can see another episode of M3. Who the hell impatiently waits for MONDAY to arrive?! That’s the dreaded start of the week, but knowing that an episode of M3 is waiting for me as soon as I get home for work, helps soften the blow. The acting between the two main leads are PHENOMENAL and my heart is just invested in this drama that I actually CARE about what happens to the two leads. Koala, you’ve said before that if the drama could prove that Jung In deserves the girl, you could still possibly jump ship right? (or has your opinion changed?) Cause for me, I think I’d literally curl up and die if Mu Gyul doesn’t get Mae Ri. He NEEDS her. Although I think you’ve might have already decided that it’s MG that needs MR since the last episode?

        Anyways. Thank you for the update and associated musings. I LOVE hearing about your thoughts and opinions! I’d write more but I’m delaying on a research paper that is due for my grad program in….oh….t-6 hours. CRAP!

        See now that I’ve delurked myself, I may have to continue to stay and play.

      • Welllllll, I didn’t marathon PK all night. Just 3 eps + 2 eps of M3. I started watching PK the day before and btw, I went to bed right after leaving my previous comment. I figure 6am was a little too late. ^^’ I’m going to watch more PK tonight. >_>

        That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. *high-fives* I’m so glad we agree on this. I felt the odd man out because while I do Arien/Joe a lot and can’t deny their chemistry on screen, the ISWAK/TKA wasn’t exactly a favorite. I knew I’d love it if it was cut down some…I mean, that kind of storyline works well in manga form, but if you keep repeating the same storyline, Mary Sueing left and right in the process, I get boooored, which is why I fast-forwarded through most of TKA cos I.Just.Couldn’t.Take.It.Anymore.

        Anyway, MinMin is awesomesauce. I couldn’t believe when people said she looked liek YEH (I watched Bad Guy, the whole thing, and I couldn’t see it), but omg, I see the resemblance now.

        Re: HGD. No, no, I haven’t watched the finale yet. I’m spoiled…was spoiled back then and I know I’m not going to like it. Still, I’ll finish it, promise. Cos it sounds good, all things considered.

        M3 vs SG. I’m still waiting for the subs of ep 3-4 for SG so I can’t judge yet (5 eps of M3 vs 2 of SG? Sounds unfair), but yeah, that sounds about my first impressions. The fact that we’re getting two good dramas at the same time is oh so great, don’t you think?

  8. Hello ockoala, I learn of your recaps from Playful Kiss times and i couldn’t stop lurking here whenever i feel ’empty’ and needed some new juice. This is one of the BEST place so far and i gotta tell you, you did a marvelous job on recapping M3. The reason why is that i do not understand hangul and your recaps are like confetti cannon that helps me see all the colours and what to celebrate about in each episode! *no kidding!*

    And sharing your thoughts with your readers (a.k.a me) makes me feel that i’m are not alone in spazzing over the drama more than we should have like a teenager experiencing their first love. Oh the sweetness~ hehehee…

    Thanks a lot Ockoala~ I am forever grateful! <3 m3!

  9. Now that you mentioned it…
    Chang Hwe is the only time I have 2nd lead syndrome… ^.^ Well, actually not really, since I loved Gil Dong too (the reason I watched HGD is because of Kang Ji Hwan actually, fresh after I watched Geum-soon) and I had a hard time picking which sides I want to be on. And I remember clearly that market scene. OMG, I was shouting and squeeing at the same time ;P

    The thing is, I can connect with Chang Hwe, but not with Jung In. I have trouble respecting a 28-y.o guy who’s so meek in front of his father. He couldn’t even say his mind in front of him, and what I heard was always “yes, aboji”. Maybe it’s because I have different dynamics with my parents, but… *sigh* I hope he’s growing some backbone when faced with his father soon, so I can start liking this character…

    And here’s seconding your motion: Keun Suk a, please don the wig (and not the M3 wig please) and do saeguk again.

  10. Gah! It really is a shame that finals week comes just as M3 is finally getting really good, but such is life, I suppose. At least I’ll get to marathon a good four episodes after all the cramming and paper-writing is good and done 🙂

    Also, a request–I’m heading out to India and then to Dubai for a cousin’s engagement in a few weeks and I need 1-2 dramas to occupy me while I’m airborne. Which ones would you all recommend?

    • Return of Iljimae if you like historical dramas. Oh My Lady if you like sweet fluffy nothing (and a sizzling Choi Siwon, who no joke took off his shirt four times in one episode, I think). Time Between Dog and Wolf for spy/thriller thrills. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry because hey, who doesn’t love watching Bummie? ^^

  11. I do agree,at the end of preview ep8 where they both in alley,wonder what did MG said to MR that make her repeat MG words of MR must not like this ep leave me clueless of what will happen next and we still got half way to go which is long way to go for our side I’m rooting for JI,he’s not like other 2nd lead,only as pity guy,I want him to be happy but I want my OTP be more happy.I knew this drama will bring my emotions up and down from the first I say the my 3fave actor in it and the story although start with easy weasy plot but litle by litle it becomes more heavy..major reason because JGS,MGY and KJW have a stunning act that brings more awesomeness in this story,don’t you think so?

  12. ockoala… thank u so much for this article of JI!

    i’ve seen coffee prince but didn’t take notice of KWJ coz i was too engrossed with YEH then. then i watched BG coz of JSM and it’s then that i got hooked with KWJ. because of him, i watched antique bakery and been wanting to see more of him thus led me to watching this drama. i love JGS and MGY as well, but since the beginning am for JI/MR ship (having a second lead syndrome again ^^keke) knowing there’s a slim chance of it. but all my hopes went kaput after watching ep 7 having been able to see that MG & MR now falling for each other and my heart bleeds for JI coz he’s starting to fall for her too. *sigh* for a long time, i had thought too that MG & MR would make it through JI’s help. and i believe that JI would do it coz as what he said to MR….. “BOKU GA IRU…. i will protect you always.”

  13. HI Ockoala!

    Ever since I discovered this site of yours (through Playful Kiss), a single day never passed without me visiting it. Checking your site has been part of my daily tasks. I’m so thankful for someone like you, who devote much of your time to entertain, inform and update Korean-drama lovers all over the wolrd of the recaps, synopsis, updates, previews and the like. I’m totally dependent on these types of blogs to keep me sated with my fixtures and addiction, since I have no access to watch the videos uploaded in our office.
    I like your writing; I become so hook because of your recaps. Your works make the drama more meaningful and appealing to those curious and already attached.
    Honestly, I’m so addicted with MSOAN that I’m always hoping that it’s Monday and Tuesday already; I sometimes find time is taking so slow because I can’t wait for me to read your recaps and see the next episodes. There are times I have to remind myself that this should be taken in moderation otherwise if they feed me all I might not get a grip of myself because of its impending finale and I’ll dread the day the drama would end.
    I couldn’t care less if this drama lacks substance but this drama got me from day 1 even before it piloted; maybe due to Jang Geun Suk’s acting ability ever since I saw his YB drama, I became a fan of him and his manly and wonderful voice.
    I can only thank you so much for your devotion, hopefully your love for this drama won’t waver even if the upcoming episodes won’t meet most of our expectation.
    I also hope that Korean viewers will see what we see in this drama and appreciate the fun it brings to us, so that the actors and the whole cast and crew wouldn’t be disheartened by the rating results and thereby work hard and give more to this drama to make MSOAN a productive one.
    Again, I’m so grateful to you. Great job! Keep it up.

  14. you’re so articulate ockoala…such wise and deep and very true breakdown of the story. thank you so so much for sharing it!

  15. Hi, koala, repeating the fact that i enjoy your recaps very much and just last night when you mentioned you started blogging in June 2010, i was thinking how much I would love it if you had recapped my all-time favourite HGD. Since HGD is an oldie, i dropped my dream of recaps and was just thinking to myself, how nice if you wrote about your thoughts on HGD.

    So imagine my surprise n delight when I see you writing abt HGD today!
    Talk about a dream come true! : p
    Do u want to do a review of HGD? Ha~ : p

    The first few Eps of HGD was quite slow as I didn’t really appreciate the antics of Gil Dong and Yi Nok, but it got so exciting from Ep 4 or 5 onwards that I stayed up nights to finish it. And of course, my true love JGS was so good as Chang Hwe, and I can never get over the fact that he acted like this at the tender age of 20 : D
    It was a wow, he really pulled at my heartstrings ….

    And as for that trapped-in-an-alley scene in M3 Ep 8, i’m really dying to find out what will happen – the way they look at each other, and perhaps confronting their feelings finally… i hope it leads to another real kiss!

    And yes, goody good koala, i’m sure Santa Claus will bring u lots of presents this year : )

  16. I just wanted to say that your posts are a pleasure to read (probably because I usually agree with you heehee). I’m also a Holiday Couple fan and truly cannot understand how people can ship anyone but them! They make kimchee together!!! What more can you ask for? Seriously though- I agree with your assessment that JI needs someone to love but MG needs Maeri.

  17. Ahhhh, Chang hui~~~ I love JKS to death, and Chang-hui is one of his best roles; but I can’t watch it again. It’s just so painful to watch his emotional torture on screen. I cried LOADS in that last scene with her in the tent. That shot where he was sitting on his throne, all alone, with his hair-up, knowing the effects of his orders was basically masochistic paradise ( from Chang-hui’s point of view^^). I agree with the other person who commented that she was invested in Chang-hui as opposed to KJW’s Jung-In. I wish the Hong sisters would make a spin-off about Chang-hui someday–like, will he able to find redemption or will he end up crazy-batshit like his brother. Anyway, JKS in HGD exemplified how good JKS is as an actor. What’s great about him is that there’s no one role which he plays as type. Like Mugyul is Mugyul, Taekyung is Taekyung and JKS is as dorky as hell in real life^_~…and I can’t believe how great his willpower is in losing all that weight which he gained post YAB !!!

    I love Kim Hyun Joong too; so I refrained from voting in that Yahoo award thingy. In an alternate universe, I’d like to see JKS as Junpyo against Jihoo sunbae:) Hopefully, sometime in the future they could come out in a project together–even though, OBVIOUSLY, JKS would be at an advantage…

    M3 is what makes my life worth living these days:)

    • “I love JKS to death, and Chang-hui is one of his best roles; but I can’t watch it again. It’s just so painful to watch his emotional torture on screen”

      – My feelings exactly! as contradictory as it sounds, despite HGD being a fantastic plot and me loving Chang Hwe, i don’t dare to replay the 24 Eps and re-live all the raw emotion all over again … sigh …. one day when i feel up to it, i’ll go back and skim the Eps for the scenes i like ….

      • You guys are making my quite keen on starting HGD…but it sounds emotionally painful…?

        Ockoala’s video had me squeeing everytime JGS spoke. He has such a nice voice! I totally agree, JGS, do a sageuk again soon!!

        Thanks Ockoala for the mid-week (the world revolves around monday now) update!! so happy to see MSOAN related stuff!:)

  18. Thanks Ockoala for creating M3 update and Associate Musings.
    I like to read your Random Association……
    I remember that once u wrote about change roles & clothes of KJW & JGS …..
    Same as you, I love to see JGS in the style of cold rich MR.PERFECT man. I have less hope in this drama likely to see him in that….

  19. I’m so glad you posted this!!!
    it makes me easy to wait for monday, i’m aching to know whats going to happen in 8!!!! this alley scene is exciting!!! i need a kiss end!!!
    omg, i’m really craving for any news, comment or anything about m3, this drama is so addictive
    i haven’t seen HGD it’s in my list but i hadn’t time and i was afraid i’ll suffer because of sukkie, but now i decide to watch it next. thank you for your impressions
    love this site!!!!

  20. Love your blog!

    Ok Koala, I have to disagree with you on your Nami assessment though. My gut feeling is that MG and MR really DID elope. And Nami would be the “honeymoon”.

    I think that eloping would be the only way for them to put the skids on the wedding with JI. Essentially, it puts them back into the 100 day contract if they do. And somehow I think that MG will discover that he doesn’t want to lose his new “family” and this would be the way to do it — by making the fake marriage a real one. It also would realign the story with the manhwa again and buy them some time as they sort their feelings out.

    • jellybeaniebaby

      Can I eat you? Do you come in coconut flavor? Hhhmm, make sure I don’t get my hands on you.

      On a non-threatening to eat jelly bean baby note – I would DIE if the Nami trip was an elopement. Both love it (squeee) and hate it (they are not ready to elope for real). And if its an elopement for the sake of staving off her engagement to JI, then…..I don’t know how I feel about that. I really hate more plot devices to delay the inevitable. But like you said, these two need more time to figure out how they feel and how they will resolve the impasse. Someone, I think they’ve got to find a way to take the 100 day arrangement further. Don’t ask me how, but MG and MR need more time.

      • Maybe they elope just because they know there is something there and they want to explore it because if they don’t, there will not be another chance…

        I’m still curious if that was a tear on MG’s chin in the alley. Thoughts?

        And NO, you may not eat me, tasty as I may be LOL!

  21. really good recap,, love to see it every week, usually i watch the drama first and review it from ur recap… keep up the work

  22. Due to the ending, watching HGD has never even entered my mind as a possibility.

    Until today.

    No!!! M3, what have you done to me!!

  23. Ockoala, Shiro and Haru – so TOTALLY agree with you guys on JGS as Chang hui in HGD. Have you ever come across any one who rewatched the entire HGD on only the Chang hui and Yi nok parts, completely oblivious of the first male lead actor? Yes, it is I. Love JGS not just because of his warm smile but because of his passion for acting. His ability to deliver on every role that he has played since Hwang Zhen Yi proves that he spends much thought on chosing the right script and crafting the characters undertaken. Jung In acting in M3 really couldn’t compare with Chang hui. While Chang hui was calm and collected on the outside, we could always feel the intensity of that special warm and tender place in his heart that he has placed Yi nok. He did every thing he possibly could in the interest of Yi nok including attempting to preserve her happiness by not letting her know her real birth identity even though it would have been a great help to his plan to regain the throne.
    The market and last tent scenes really made me feel for Chang hui. In the end I almost felt that Yi nok does not deserve Chang hui. She does not know how much he has to rein in his own desires to let her have the life/choices she wants. I wished the Hong sisters could create another intelligent and punky lady to love and be loved by Chang hui, helping him to become a good king that he is and with integrity intact.

    Back to M3, waiting for mondays and tuesdays to come by is absolute torment. Why is everyone feeling sorry for Jung In? He is just the rich guy trying to gain his father’s approval at every turn including marrying any girl that makes dad happy. If his dad says to marry someone else right now instead of Mary, he wouldn’t be any more indifferent. Sorry JI supporters, my personal feel is that the acting is pretty dead pan even right up till now. Can’t see any charisma or intense emotions lurking beneath the facade.

    MG/JGS is the underdog here. He makes me worry and rooting for him all the time. Imagine being borne out of wedlock, with no father, thrown around by relatives and nicknamed “unfortunate” like some kind of unwanted, lost baggage with an irresponsible mother who is never around, preferring to hang around her boyfriends rather than her own sweet son? How could MG from such a background have confidence that he could provide a “family” for anyone? That is why he dates but never wants to fall in love or get married. Its commendable that he could still grow up to be such a warm, kind and respectful person: 1) he could have gotten rich and famous long ago because so many people wanted to sign MG alone without the rest of the band but he chose to carry his team mates. 2) just one day after knowing Mary and having slept over the night they were both drunk, he came back the next day with money and a carton of instant noodles because he knew she was in need (albeit under the excuse of renting her place to stay). This despite the fact that MG himself was penniless after paying penalties to the management contract. 3) invited Mary to dinner with his band after knowing that she was running away from home. 4) agreeing to help Mary in the fake marriage even though his life moto was to”never marry” and it had nothing to do with him really, simply because MG could empathize with her struggle to live her life and make her own choices. 5) never argue, retaliate or speak disrepectfully to Mary’s dad even when he humiliated MG by offering money, shook, pushed and scolded MG – basically treating MG like scum and low life compared to “princely” Jung In. 6)loving his mother, accepting all her shortcomings and jumping in to help her upteen times in trouble. How can anyone not see MG’s strengths? He is not the irresponsible loofer, he supports everyone around him given his limited resources. I am thinking how is MG going to stand up against Jung In’s dad to protect and hold on to his love with Mary eventually.

    Further testament to JGS’s much thought into acting: In ep 7, MG cries (understand this was not written in the script) in what look similar to a break up with Mary because she has crossed the safety guard he has placed around his heart. In ep 1 when one ex-girlfriend slapped him and when SJ asked for reconcilation, MG simply showed a cool expressionless face. The tears serve to differentiate Mary from all the other girls with regards to MG, in that she has really penetrated his defence mechanism.

    Mary is a great character, portrayed superbly by GMY. Mary and MG do need each other and they are the reason why I am so desperating awaiting every episode of M3.
    With MG, Mary could live the life she chooses. With Jung In, she has to live a life of obedience.

    Thank you ockoala, you are such an excellent writer! Your thoughts are expressed so vividly.

    • Stayinguplate,

      Agree wholly with your assessment of MG’s character.. How could anyone think he is in any way inferior to JI? He is a fiercely loyal character ( to his bandmates, airhead mom) despite his crap childhood and upbringing.. the very quality that MR deems as most impt.. that’s why they are meant to be..

      To be fair.. the script has not shown us JI’s redeeming qualities as yet ( looks and money aside).. so we’ll see

    • I just wanted to say, Stayinguplate, that I loved reading this post! Mugyul is doing pretty well as a person even if you don’t take into account his less-than-ideal upbringing, but if you take into account how he had to grow up, it’s a minor miracle he’s nice.

      Plus, if Maeri hooked up with JI, she’d be the one who had to do all the work – she’d have to cheer him up, do this do that. With Mugyul, they both have fun, and their interactions are effortless.

    • You mean it was not in the script that MG cries????

      i was already swooning and going all gooey inside watching the secret tears that Mary could not see…

      This makes me feel for him even MORE!

    • That’s exactly why I’m so taken with Mu Gyul the character too (of course, Jang Keun Suk portraying him also did wonder to help me being in the state I am now lolz) He might not be able to dress Mary in pink fur suit, but he would be able to give her what she claimed she wants the most: a normal life. Plus, she could be herself with him, hobo-fashion included.

  24. I love this post!

    HGD is by far my favorite Hong Sisters’ drama and in my Top 10, so any resemblance, however trifling, makes me happy 🙂

    I continue not to be too interested in JI (I like him just fine, I am just not invested in him), but I rarely pay attention to second leads (Bad Guy being a huge exception).

    Watching Mary makes me cold – seeing them all huddled in those jackets.

    • Watching this drama, I’ve taken to donning bohemian sweaters and boots and big scarves this winter. Thank the lord So Cal is frippin freezing these days, otherwise I’d turn into a poser dressing for style rather than weather. Normally my style is NYC law firm casual for work, jeans and Juicy for weekends. My God, what has M3 done to me!!!

      JI – I am surprised how many JI-Mae Ri shippers there are out there? Seriously, this coming from me, who loves KJW to pieces, but cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can ship his character other than a wounded woobie who needs a friend in Mae Ri.

      This is where I really have to extol drama fans to ship the character, not ship the actor. It’s all about the character and performance, peeps. Once you start crowing about loving so and so because you love the actor, without regard for where the story is headed and where the natural development lies, then the ship becomes untenable and just a broken record.

      I’ve shipped my share of second leads, including KJW in Bad Guy, where he was breathtakingly jawdroppingly exquisitely wounded and sexy. But JI in M3 is…..kinda just there. Which reminds me, I need to do a second lead post soon.

      • I would love a second lead post!

        It’s pretty freezing where I am so the long skirts, sweaters, jackets, and scarves come in handy (not a pants person). But watching M3 makes me feel even colder than I would otherwise 🙂

        I ventured into soompi’s M3 thread and from my (admittedly cursory) look around, it seemed the majority of the posters were JI/Maeri shippers which I find confusing. KJW is gorgeous, can act his socks off (if Bad Guy is anything to go buy), and seems like a cool guy in real life, but his JI character just doesn’t have much going. It really reminds of me Jung Il Woo in My Fair Lady (though MFL was a bad drama and M3 isn’t). Gorgeous guy, blew me away with his acting in Return of Iljimae, but was basically pretty and bland scenery as secondary lead in MFL. Much as I loved him in ROI, he wasn’t given much to do in MFL and so I couldn’t fall for him. The same goes for KJW here – he blew me away in Bad Guy (and oh, how I shipped him with Han Ga In, don’t even get me started), but he really isn’t allowed to do anything much here except for being ornamental.

      • Soompi is about 90% JI-MR shippers. I pop by to post my recaps, and am flabbergasted. There is no flame war going on (yet – oh god, please don’t let it devolve into a flame war), but the JI shippers are much more vocal than the OTP shippers. Except for me. Heh. I think my recap pen gives enough M&M the world over.

        The comparison to JIW going from ROI to MFL is brilliantly spot-on! That’s exactly it. Or like UTW going from Mawang to QSD (wasted!), or like KNG going from QSD to BG (Gun Wook was a unfinished character from the get-go). I’ve learned to ship the character and try my best to not let my love for a certain actor color my view of the natural flow of the story.

        Our M&M is going on a trip to Nami Island. *dies a little* If they stay handcuffed for longer than an episode, I will die even more.

      • Yes, exactly.
        KJW is one gorgeous guy, there’s no denying it. And I was thrilled when he was cast as Jung In, because finally I can see him on the screen again.
        But Jung In the character really didn’t do much for me. I don’t dislike him, but I’m not even a little bit taken with him either. And when some shippers saying they love Jung In because oh-he’s-so-hot, his character credibility just get lower in my eyes… ;P
        (now, I understand if one said she loves KJW because he’s so hot, because he really is! :P)

        Seems like I can’t leave your blog alone, dear Koala… always checking this several times a day lolz… (yes, obsessive much ^^;; )

      • seoncd lead post, please.

        though logicaly agree of all what you wrote about JI, stupidly still in JI Mae Ri boat….. hhh… a real sucker for rich poor relationship.

      • I like JI, he’s hot alright, but i can’t get how anyone can ship for him, when M-MG are so perfect together!!! they belong to each other, they’re not 2 persons to me but 1, i can’t separated them!!!! and it’s not because i love jgs (i really love him, he’s my fav) cause for the first time ever he’s not jgs playing a wonderful character, he IS mu gyul!!!! (plus he is hot too, and has a lovely voice, smile, and the way he ask maeri if she likes him…. no words)

  25. Dear Coala, didn’t you said in the written preview Mary would visit her mother’s grave? I think that is why they went to Nami…. Also I don’t see Jung-in leaving Mary and Mu-gyul stay any close anymore, not when he wants the girls, and know they are nothing to each other and he is her legal husband… so let’s see^^

  26. ockoala.. you have done it again.. 🙂 Awesome job on this. I also have the youtube video you have on here of Hong Gil Dong. An may I say I love the story line on Hong Gil Dong. It made me cry to the very end. The details.. The characters.. O! M! F! G! But to get the DVD set of this show was worth it. Now I can watch it when every I want to. The only thing about the DVD set is the english Subtitles… it just don’t have that same feel and excitement as it did on the ones online subtitles. But I don’t care.. Because I get to watch it and full in the subtitles that I have read from the online shows. Guess WHAT!!! I still cry at the end of the series. For those that have not seen Hong Gil Dong!!!! Shame on you. 🙂 (just kidding) Believe me it’s worth watching the whole series. It was sooooo awesome that I went out an order the DVD set. XD

    But thank you ockoala. Awesome job on this. I always look forward to reading your reports.

    Also can’t wait for Monday and Tuesday. XD

  27. HALLELUJAH!! Thank you for this wonderful post! I love this drama!! ^^ ALthough I am not blind or in denial that this drama has major flaws and no where near perfect.. but the sum is greater than all its parts!!! M3! M3! M3!

  28. I’ve come out of my post-SKKS and Thanksgiving haze… and I’m smitten by M3. I know most of focus on M3 has been the crazy parents and the current and previous loves (or love-nots). I found the drama-within-a-drama parts fun too, with some of that tension in the beginning with the evil manager. But I really want to know about that picture with MR and JI when they were little… will we get back to that part of the story and find out what happened?!

  29. This drama has infected me so bad that I am currently knitting a scarf, inspired by all Mary’s wonderful cozy scarfs. I don’t knit and it’s not the prettiest thing in the world but I am trying. I have fallen in love with this drama, even though SG I agree is objectively better. I love this one so much I can’t even get into SG and I think normally I would be all about that drama. I really wish I hadn’t started this drama though, it’s ridiculous how much it is taking over my life. I mean really I do have a life outside of this drama, thank goodness for places like this where I can at least find some relief for the painful waiting!

  30. i get your addiction, but i’m slowly losing steam for this show 🙁 the only reason why i’m still watching is cos of the AWESOME acting chops and chemistry of the leads. but but but reading post of yours (haven’t watched ep 7 yet) i’ll keep my hopes up a lil that i won’t outgrow this one just yet! and that HGD musings? hahaha love it 🙂

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