Official KBS Stills from Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 8

I almost never do a post consisting of only official stills, since they are just window-dressing at the end of the day. Pretty pictures I can use to top a post or stare at longingly when I miss a drama. When it comes to Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!), the undercurrent of desire for information is all-consuming, so I continue to feed the beast. Presenting pretty spoilery but not very surprising plot stills from the upcoming episode 8 of M3. All I can say is – dang, Mae Ri is wearing a fur-rimmed over-sized patchwork quilt, and still looks cute. Girl has got “it”, what can I say.

While it hurts me to see Mae Ri and Jung In holding hands, I understand and appreciate that she needs to give this guy a chance. It’s not like Mu Gyul has declared his undying love for her so that she has something to fight for. She’s sacrificed her elaborate fake marriage scheme to keep him safe from the parents condemnation, and her kind and genuine heart could only lead her to giving Jung In a chance. However, I reckon a pair of handcuffs will unleash a set of mutual confessions…..  We’ll just have to wait and see.


Official KBS Stills from Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 8 — 43 Comments

  1. I got happy when I saw the Jung In/Mae Ri pictures. I’m for Jung In all the way.

    I understand a lot of people say Moo Gyul needs her more but Jung In seems to love her more (at least right now) and our girl should get the love. Maybe I’ll jump ship when Moo Gyul shows more caring towards our girl – or less need and more protective spirit.

  2. MaRi’s coat looks like it took a lot of work in creating it and it takes a lot of effort on my part to like it, hehe. But it still couldn’t cover up her cuteness. My motto – if you’re cute, you can wear anything.

  3. Wow nice pics thanks Ockoala! Jung In and Mary holding hands…..YAYYYY!!!!!! I’m going to find those dang handcuffs and bury them somewhere so no one can find them…..then JI and her can keep on holding hands forever. Her coat is so interesting and really fits her kooky personality to a T.

    • Hello Mayssenger, I am glad to see u again because havn’t seen ur comments a bit long.
      Yeah, I know how u feel now, once u mentioned about big headach to choose between MG & JI. After I watched epi 7 ( because I was watching slowly
      epi 1-7) yesterday, I will be happy if MG&Mary go together, also I want Mary to accept JI too. That is a first time I feel in Kdrama, between Main lead and 2nd lead, I prefer non of them lose.
      But I know that Mary can choose only one …..OHHH…..
      I don’t dare to see any of them suffer at the end…..
      M3 is start touching my heart now……….

  4. Oh god, believe it or not, since MMM started on November 8, i checked ockoala website like 50 times daily or more, it couldn’t be counted anymore! haha…

    soo thanks koala for bringing us the MMM goodies everyday ^_^.

  5. they all look kind of tired. I hope the filming is going okie.

    MGY looks cute in everything she wears and I mean “she”) not quite the dress. I don’t know if it is intentional, the dress looks a bit too big for her (the oversize-style is definitely there but the unfit-clothing is also definitely there as well). It’s almost looking like it’s so heavy for her to carry even. Has the collar been a bit smaller, the looks would have been a lot better! Hehe maybe the fur is removable 😀

    Thanks koala!!

    • Episode 8 is usually around the time live-shoots completely catch up, and everyone starts working around the clock.

      The cast that looked the most tired from shooting, IMHO, were (1) Boys Before Flowers, followed by (2) You’re Beautiful.

      I seriously worried about the health and well-being of both young casts. Knock on wood, but so far the M3 team looks tired but not completely exhausted yet.

      There were a couple of episodes of PK where I thought Kim Hyun Joong might keel over and pass out. Poor actors – dramas are notoriously laborious and time-sensitive.

  6. imo i can’t see her cuteness in that woolen.. fur.. mixture of clothing. If we could remove the fur, i would be ok with it, but well..
    looks like Jung In took a splash of color with that red suit.. copying MG’s color style now, are we? lol it really reminds me of MG hot pink shirt 😉

  7. awwww…..JI and MR holding hands and I love the background..such a lovely garden/woods…and the air so romantic…I’m so tormented between JI and MG…I hate to see JI heart broken when he truly start to find true love in MR but I want MR end up with MG….so can’t wait for ep 8….what will MG do to sort his heart toward MR…oh that handcuffs

  8. Jung In and MaeRi make an awesome couple, but so do Mu Gyul and Mae Ri!
    :] I rarely watch dramas where I support BOTH the pairings! 🙂
    Can’t wait for tonight ^^

  9. I can’t wait to see episode 8…I hope MG will confess his true feeling to MR…Handcuff them forever…

    I am sad to see MR holding hands with JI…In the photos above, is MG returning the money he loaned to MR as payment for the house rent?…

  10. many many thanks for the post. i’ve been refreshing ockoala wordpress com about hundreds time evry day only to look out for m3 goodies. keep ‘m coming ockoala, gomawooooo…..

  11. it’s already Monday over here at my side and about 3 plus more hours to airing of M3 korean time. So excited! Thanks for all the M3 goodies!

      • huhuhuhu good for you, you can watch it live!!! Me I need to wait for English sub for the site. But thanks to koala even without English sub I can still follow the story….thank you koala

      • Hehe actually I didn’t understand a word of what they were saying. This is my first time watching k-drama live. haha what MMM done to me…

  12. i always follow your blog cause you are simply amazing…………oh this drama make me go crazy every Tuesday and Wednesday cause I can only watch it in that day since I am not from Korea, I’m from Philippines but i love jang guen suk a lot super……

  13. Thanks a lot Ockoala, the more I am exciting about to watch epi 8, oftenly I visiting to your blog…….
    Your speedy news are amazing… I love it ….I wish I can sleep well tonight….

  14. Thanks Ockoala! These are a gem!

    “When it comes to Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!), the undercurrent of desire for information is all-consuming, so I continue to feed the beast. ”
    Ha ha ha! So true! The desire for information is indeed all-consuming that I am ridiculously ecstatic with tidbits such as these photos! It’s maddening and excruciating really to wait six days for the next episode (like I’m back to PK days again). So thank you so much for continuously feeding the so-called beast! Ha ha ha!

    I’m beginning to love Jung In. He looks prettier by the day. The poor guy needs to be loved or hugged at least… Jung In and Mae-ri even look good together! I most love the last photo with all those trees like shouting Merry (Mae Ri) Chritmas! So beautiful! Kumawo Ockoala!!!

  15. First of all, thanks for the recaps and your analysis, Koala. Besides from M3’s Facebook fan page, I also enjoy coming here acting as a silent observer and seeing how M3 fans sharing their thoughts.

    Okay, back to the topic. I am totally in Team Jung In after seeing how caring for Mae Ri he is the the past episodes. (I just started following this series three days ago, though) I can see through his eyes. Arghhh. Kim Jae Wook has done such an excellent job playing this role.

    I know that in the end Mae Ri will end up with MG. But I just can’t help but hope that the screenwriters may change their mind for making female lead and 2nd male lead end up together for once! MR and JI have so much childhood history/background. JI has opened his heart to MR already. His kiss was….*squeal*….full of love and passion.

  16. i never thought i woul be happy for monday to come. but I AM!!! yeah!!!! tonight i’m gonna watch m3!!! and meanwhile i can visit this site and watch all the goodies you give us!!! thank you
    Mu Gyul fighting!!!

  17. I can’t waiiiit! LoL I wanted to see what the outcome of that handcuff scene might be. <3

    It hurts me a lot too to see Jung In & Mae Ri holding hands… not that I don't want to give chance to Jung In but I don't want to see Mu Gyul sad. Although that could've spark some jealousy which will be a great plus. Haha!

  18. remember…MG hold her hand first….JI hold her wrist…. so MG won again.. LOL!
    so now the score is 2-1 to MG hehehehe…

    but with the story going like MR giving hopes to JI that they might possibly be together adds to the whole twist of this story…building it up….for the ultimate climax hehehehe

  19. am starting to hate this drama – poor Jung-in -the writer sure doesnt give much thoughts to his character -come on, give jung in a chance to show that he cares for mae-ri . jung-in deserves mae-ri more but all i see are scenes of Mae-ri and MK together. Now, that is SOOO NOT losing interest and definitely am not really looking forward to future episodes if this drama goes on like this –

    It is best if 2nd hero be together with the 1st heroin – like king takgu’s drama. I have always been a softie towards 2nd hero as most of the time, they deserve the 1st heroin more but the plot always doesnt do justice to the 2nd hero. I am sure many of you guys out there agree with me, right?

    Hails to Jung-In and Mae ri

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