Some Mary Happiness Before the Storm

KBS released official stills from episode 10 of Mary Stayed Out All Night, and these are way too adorbs and heartwarming not to share. Does anyone out there care if every single character in M3, other than Mae Ri and Mu Gyul, got swallowed up by a giant sink hole in Seoul, and we spend the rest of the 7 episodes of M3 watching M&M snuggle, cuddle, get drunk, knit mittens, make music, read books, make kimchee, and even bicker, together? No, I didn’t think so. I’m actually quite curious what the new writer will try to do with the existing direction the original writer took. Undo it right away? Or keep it but choose a different solution for everyone’s woes?

I know some folks find the romance in M3 rather young for their tastes, and I both understand but disagree with that assessment. In many ways, Mu Gyul and Mae Ri are both way too old for their age, and way too innocent. Both are falling in love, real love (with the good and the bad), for the first time. And while their characters are very dramatically-constructed, i.e. we’re not running into either of them on the street corner anytime soon, their love story feels very real and believable.

It’s just my perception, of course, and hardly the gospel on this subject matter. But one reason I’m in it to win it with M3 is solely because I really feel this urge to protect the lovely burgeoning romance between these two kids starved for attention, affection, and a responsible parental figure their entire lives. Together, I can believe they can escape their horrific parents and make a happy future together.


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  1. hell no! especially seo joon, banish her for good!!
    i agree with you, m3 is not for young viewer since the lead are 24yrs even though mae rie looks (acts) too young than her age, too innocent i think. a 24yr-old have her handphone taken away by her dad? c’mon, i myself is quite a rebel in my 15yrs.

  2. oh I do!!! I want beside MG&MR swallowed in the bottom of the earth and we never see them again and the rest of 7 episode full of lovey dovey, cute fight with sweet make up…ahhhh why can’t they just make our wish come true…I guess this is a cure before the pain comes…I’m so afraid to watch episode 10..

  3. Hehe, I must be so far gone that I’m actually surfing around for updates to MSOAN during my lunch break. At this point, even I’m wondering if MR/MG are the only sane / positive / happy characters left in the show. The rest of the characters seem to be spiralling towards the psychotic, clingy, bitchy or whiny.

    • I do too…I was like checking her for information that maybe maybe what we afraid might happen is just a rumor, MG&MR will only suffer few minutes in this episode and they back being comforting and loving couple again because they found a console in each other present.

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the next three episodes bring the drama back on track.
    I just watched Baby and Me with Jang Guen Suk and I think I now love him even MORE in the short time that I’ve “known” him:P
    I can’t even describe how obsessive I’ve become with this drama. And it’s so true that I would GLADLY watch the two of them be cute for the remaining episodes and be completely happy.
    So, thank you so much for doing the recaps and previews and those extra goodies that keep me going through the week as I wait for subtitled episodes:)

  5. Omo.

    I think I just died of the cute. These two HAVE to be together and all cute and snuggly like this or there is no justice in the world. Puh-lease, Seo Joon, you have nothing to offer Mu-gyul, just back away while you still have some shred of dignity left.

    Oh wait, you just lost that by kissing a man who doesn’t really care that much about you and stood there like a dead fish.

  6. I think the last two episodes of M3 took me for too much of a head spin. I went on a “You’re Beautiful” marathon over the weekend (first time watching it). And that took me for a different head spin. Although now I finally know what the fuss about the pig-rabbit is (and would not mind having one). =) Ok, back to waiting for more M3 and hoping for more cute than angst.

  7. beautiful adorable pics!! i don’t care if all the other characters go down the drain as long as we get more of these :)) no, seriously, i just care that they give these two characters a happy ending together… (regardless of what the other characters would morph into with the new writer hehehe) just because they deserve to be loved and be happy as in right now hehehe…. so that we can have more of beautiful MR and MG moments…it’s Christmas so we deserve those too hehehehe

  8. I just voted for them as Best Couple in Beanie Awards. Kinda bummed out they aren’t in the lead (not even close); can’t people see the love? They truly are each other’s One And Only <3

  9. as far as the story goes i like expecting some sting and here it wont fall deep if there is no hurting and grieving in the midst of them…the writter is good…ill be patient waiting for more episodes…by the way i like this story…i cant wait to get my copy…Go JGS….

  10. Just wanted to say I agree with your assessment of their love. The relationship isn’t too young, it’s accurate; and, I hope that the new writer doesn’t change the style and tone of it, or of any part of the drama.

    Even though the character Myu Gyul has more experience than Mae Ri when it comes to dating, dating someone versus deciding whether or not you want to/could spend the rest of your life (or even a couple of years) with them is a big decision. M&M have fundamentally different views on how to approach life in general, not to mention different desires when it comes to life choice – things like family. With these personality considerations and real world concerns (i.e. money – she wants to study literature and he’s a musician), Mae Ri’s father’s objections against the relationship have a real-world basis that resonates with the 20-something (maybe even 30-something) year old viewers who are trying to survive, love, and live in this current economy.

    Even if you don’t have a father who’s a swindler, aren’t caught in a love triangle, or have never been a party to a love contract, the difficulty of balancing love, career, dreams, and a desire for security (financial, emotional, or both) is something that everyone deals with; and, the universality of M&M is why it was already an international hit almost from episode 1.

    I hope the production company doesn’t think M3 is so popular due to the prettiness; pretty only gets you so far, and there is an abundance of photos for the four main leads online (particularly the two males) if pretty was all the audience wanted.

  11. “Does anyone out there care if every single character in M3, other than Mae Ri and Mu Gyul, got swallowed up by a giant sink hole in Seoul, and we spend the rest of the 7 episodes of M3 watching M&M snuggle, cuddle, get drunk, knit mittens, make music, read books, make kimchee, and even bicker, together?”

    This question is hillarious! Haha, and you’re right, I won’t care if they all sinking in the giant sinkhole as long as I can see M&M together doing all those things you said 😛

    • Yes, today is the day they aired 2 eps (10 and 11), to make up for the week they had to pre-empt episode 6. Episode 12 airs tomorrow, and then the drama will be back on schedule and conclude in 2 weeks.

  12. How adorable are those pictures? <3
    I agree with everything you've said here. I feel so fiercely protective of these two and I just want endless cuteness and to get rid of anyone who might get in the way of them being happy. (They have enough issues, esp Moo-Gyul, to make things difficult without any outside help, anyway.)

    It stuck me that they remind me a lot of the two main characters from the J-drama 'Tatta Hitotsu no Koi', lovers experiencing their first love against a lot of outside opposition. In terms of their romantic experience, I feel like Mae-Ri and Moo-Gyul are on par with the 19/20 year old Hiroto and Nao.

  13. Okoala, thanks so much for all the news and updates on M3. I’m mostly a lurker, but I really wanted to let you know how much your posts, recaps, and overall enthusiasm for the M3 fandom has made me smile. This show is perpetually underrated, which is a shame since it’s just so cute and fun (whether in spite of the cheesy cliches and awesome cast or because of them), so it’s great to have found a site just as enamored with Ma Ri and Mu Gyul as I am. 🙂

    Btw… Mu Gyul’s Mom? Wow….. just wow. Did the chemicals they used to create that frizzy perm of hers fry her brain or something? Right now her, Yul’s crazy throne-obsessed mom in Goong, and Gu Jun Pyo’s manipulative Evil-In-Designer-Heels mom from Boys Over Flowers are all pretty much a tie for my “Crappiest KDrama Mom of The Decade” award.

  14. Ah, I have a nit to pick about the last/second to the last scene of episode ten..

    Why did it look like Jung In totally wanted to “eat” (can’t think of a better term…hehe) Moo Gyul when Moo Gyul said they live like they were married for real? I mean, for a second there, the look on his face was so…suggestive…or is it just my naughty imagination? And then there’s also their very very suggestive “bed scene” all adds up somehow..hmm?

    Well, there, thank you for letting me rant here, I know you’ll probably be the ones who’ll be able to understand…gomaewo! 🙂

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